How To Check How Long You’ve Been Following Someone On Twitch?

How To Check How Long You’ve Been Following Someone On Twitch

Following a streamer is a way to show your support. Beside, with the innumerable channels on Twitch, this helps you keep track of your favorite ones, akin to bookmarks on web browsers.

Imagine you have to manually search for a channel anytime you want to see it live. That would be arduous, especially when you stumble upon channels that are difficult to memorize.

How to check how long you’ve been following someone on Twitch?

This is another question that might pop into your head.

Learning about your history with a channel says a lot about your loyalty. It could help you reminisce about the time you discovered it for the first time.

As we know, some followers are lucky that they grew up with a channel before its rise to prominence.

Tutorial: How to check how long you’ve been following someone on Twitch

  1. Fire up your web browser. It could be any browser because we’re not going to run a CPU-intensive program that puts a leaner one at an advantage. Moreover, there are no limitations on the device. You can use a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop computer.
  2. Copy and paste into the address bar, or simply click on the active link. Hit the enter key. This will take you to the checker page.

twitch, how long following command
  1. The image above is a snapshot of the website. In brief, it’s a browser-based tool that can answer how long an account has become a channel’s follower. You can get data for any username as long as you know it and the channel it follows. There’s also a message there saying that a follow date will be erased when an account unfollows a channel. Basically, if one decides to follow, unfollow, and then follow it back, the date will be the latest one.
  2. There are two fields, namely “Username” and “Channel”. In the first one, you insert your username or another that you want to check. In the second one, you type in the name of the channel.
  3. Once the fields have both entries, you can proceed with hitting the ‘Check Date’ button.

There’s another tool you can use called Twitch Following.

  1. Click the link to load it on your web browser.
  2. The homepage is very simple with a black background taking up most of the space. There’s also a huge ‘Enter a Name to See Who They’re Following’ text right in the middle. The field below is where you should input your username. Unlike the previous tool, this doesn’t require a channel. It will automatically scan for channels that a username follows along with their follow dates.
twitch follow age
  1. We’ll try to type in “tectone” this time, which is a famous figure on Twitch. The result is shown in the picture. As you can see, the “Follow Dates” are right there below the thumbnails. Each time you click on a thumbnail, a new tab will open, taking you to the Twitch page of the username.

Wrap up

Following someone on Twitch is free and a nice gesture of support.

Over time, your follow count might blow up, and you’re curious to know when you started following all these channels.

If that’s what you’re dealing with right now, you’ve come to the right place. You can try the methods covered in this article to find the answer.

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