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[2022] The 9 Best Twitch Analytics Tools for Every Streamer

Analytics is an essential tool that provides us with data that we can evaluate and use to achieve bigger milestones. It’s a key element of business strategy; no wonder its…

Analytics is an essential tool that provides us with data that we can evaluate and use to achieve bigger milestones.

It’s a key element of business strategy; no wonder its application is widespread across industries.

For Twitch, in particular, analytics can help assess a channel’s performance.

Has it done well or does it need further improvement?

There are multiple types of data that comprise analytics, such as viewers, followers, live views, subscriptions, and so on.

They can give you insights into your channel’s viewership trends. It’s actually easy to access this data.

As long as you have set up a channel and have streamed on it for a while, data will be collected and can be viewed on your dashboard.

Beside the default tool Twitch generously offers to streamers, third-party analytics are also available.

Unlike the inbuilt analytics that grant access to your own data, these tools also gather information from other channels.

In other words, you can view other streamers’ stats and use them to seek a competitive edge.

Here are some of the best Twitch analytics tools.

The Best Analytics Tools for Twitch Streamers

1. SullyGnome

SullyGnome compiles data from every channel on Twitch. You can retrieve stats on streamers, games, and teams.

Just use the search feature to gather data from any of the aforesaid categories.

The homepage welcomes you with the most-watched channels, games, and an overview of Twitch’s analytics. Meanwhile, if you want to go deeper into historical data for a channel, just navigate to its own page.

SullyGnome is also terrific for identifying trending games.

As we know, popular games come and go. By knowing what games are sought after by people, you can get on the hype train and play them in your streams.

How do you know if a game is currently a hit with the masses?

Well, numbers usually don’t lie. Streamers that play trending games may get a major influx of traffic.

To gage a game’s popularity, try to compare it to less popular ones. You may notice a big disparity in concurrent viewers.

Moreover, this tool also includes graphs that can illustrate relationships between variables.

2. TwitchTracker

TwitchTracker has a simple layout. The homepage isn’t convoluted with complex information. Instead, it displays an overview of the top streams of the week, top channels, and other popular lists.

If you want a more detailed report, click on any entry. It will take you to a page filled with information about that specific entry, which could be a game or a channel.

Beside direct links from the homepage, you can also look for specific channels using the search feature.

There are no suggestions as you’re typing in a keyword, but relevant channels will show up when it fails to find a matching result.

A channel’s analytics page has stats like hours streamed, average viewers, followers gained, and more.

Next to each set of data is an up or down arrow, which suggests an increase or a decrease over the previous timeframe.

There are more metrics to discover when you scroll thru the page.

Make sure you don’t miss the tabs aligned with the ‘Overview’ tab because they contain essential pieces of information.

3. Twitch Dashboard Analytics

This should be the first thing to try because it offers thorough insights into your own channel. It’s added right to your dashboard, so there’s no need to visit a third-party site to check stats.

It compiles a wide range of data points, all of which are necessary to measure your channel’s growth.

The metrics are more comprehensive than what you can come by in other tools. It even delivers a recap of your revenue, including subs and bits.

Other than that, the analytics come in handy to track the sources of viewers. Viewers can come from any platform, so it’s paramount to know how they discover your stream.

Another reason why this has become the gold standard for metrics tracking is that Twitch uses it for handpicking affiliates and partners.

If you want to take part in the programs, the channel should register steady growth. Thus, studying the information provided on the page helps big time.

4. Streamlabs / StreamElements Reports

Both services offer a unique way to present Twitch stats by sending reports right to your email.

They share similar types of information, such as chatters involved in the stream, messages sent during the conversation, and the time viewers spent on your channel.

If you constantly receive donations from third parties, either service can include them in the report.

The best part is that there’s almost no delay between the end of a stream and the report’s delivery.

It also includes a snapshot that depicts how a stream does. Since both tools have things in common, you can choose only one.

Streamlabs is especially great for keeping tabs on the monetary gain you get from your live streaming venture.

As for StreamElements, it helps draw a comparison between the current stream and the last one you had.

5. TwitchMetrics

Many of the entries on the homepage of TwitchMetrics will remind you of those of other trackers like SullyGnome.

That makes sense because the site also lists out the most watched and fastest growing channels.

Clicking on one will take you to a page filled with in-depth metrics about the channel. There’s a section stating its rankings in specific categories.

In terms of data presentation, the page summarizes info like viewership trends, 90-day growth, stream history, and more.

This tool is primarily focused on streamers that play one game. There’s a distinction between this group and those who play various games on a regular basis.

It also records game activity, which can disclose recently-played games along with their viewers.

Analyzing this data will help you understand games that are popular with viewers at the moment.

6. SocialBlade

SocialBlade is an all-around tool to track all kinds of statistics.

This platform gathers information from a variety of websites and lets visitors access its database.

You don’t have to register an account to use the service. However, if you want special perks, premium plans are available.

While it may not go into details about Twitch tracking, it’s an awesome tool for those who want to monitor growth across social media sites.

Remember that Twitch isn’t the only platform to grow your audience.

There’s also Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and others where you can promote your brand to raise awareness around your brand.

As far as Twitch analytics go, it shows daily follower and view gains.

Data is updated on a daily basis, so you’d know what dates your streams performed remarkably, which may be attributed to the games played.

7. Twitch Strike

It’s hard to keep tabs on trending games with all the titles out there.

Word of mouth does work like magic to discover popular games, but analytics takes the guesswork out of knowing what’s currently popular because it uses recorded data to recognize trending games.

Twitch Strike truly excels in this area because it provides game suggestions on an hourly basis. This way, you can figure out what’s on top of everyone’s heads right now.

Popular games are usually omnipresent and create a massive buzz. They’re hard to escape, especially when you keep up to date with game news.

By knowing what games become the talk of the town, featuring them on your broadcasts may help attract curious viewers.

Furthermore, this tool also has a forum where you can have your say on anything and connect with like-minded gamers.

8. TwitchStats

This tool has a mechanism to guess a high-profile streamer’s subs.

It may not give a precise estimate, but at least it doesn’t come up with random numbers.

The website has a nifty layout with conspicuous fonts. It provides rankings of streamers, teams, and games.

Although it lacks the graphs present in some of the previous tools, it still displays overviews of channels.

If you want more comprehensive reports with charts thrown in for good measure, the previous tools might be more compelling to you.

That being said, it still gets the job done for quick tracking.

You can view various sets of data, including best streamers, time streamed, most followed games, best teams, new teams, and more.

9. R1CH’s Twitch Analyzer

The last on this list isn’t a regular Twitch analytics tool, but more of a stream analyzer.

Viewers may notice performance issues if a stream is not set up properly. That’s why you need to optimize it in order to provide a better experience for viewers.

What this tool does is detect any issues that may be impacting your stream, such as unstable bitrates, dropped frames, and so on.

However, for it to initiate the scanning process, you need to go live. It can be used to check other channels as well.

Just insert the channel you want to examine in the search box and click “GO”.

As long as it’s online, you’ll be able to obtain a report of the stream’s performance.

A green tick next to a variable indicates that no problem was found, while a red X sign shows that something needs to be corrected.

The tool also records your stream details, such as the resolution, frame rate, stream uptime, and more.

Is there a Twitch analytics app?

Nearly all of Twitch’s analytics tools are browser-based, which is a good thing if you’re already dealing with strenuous tasks on your PC.

We’ve rounded up some of the worth-checking analytics in this article.

What is Sully Gnome?

It’s a tool that collects data from Twitch channels, games, and teams and makes the database accessible to everyone.

Just go to the website (the link is included above), and search for any channel or game that has the historical data you’re intrigued about.

What is TwitchStrike?

It’s another good analytics tool for Twitch.

To figure out how it compares to others, scroll back up to read the explanation of it or watch the video.

How do you get 3 Twitch viewers on average?

Securing three average viewers for each stream increases the likelihood of being approved as a Twitch affiliate. But for someone who’s just starting out, it can be an uphill battle.

Despite the rocky start, you should be confident that some of the viewers will be devoted to your channel if you put in an effort to please them.

By the way, the games you play have a major influence on the visibility of your channel.

Playing trending games with the hope of attracting organic viewers sounds good on paper, but may be bad in practice because your stream will be drowned out by bigger channels that play the same games. Instead, try out less popular titles.

As your channel grows, you can add in more popular titles because playing them when you already have a solid following will bring different results. It’s also important to have a personality to set you apart from other streamers.

Last but not least, watch well-known streamers, not to copy their games, but to learn how they carry themselves to make their streams more entertaining.

Do lurkers count as viewers on Twitch?

Yes, not every viewer on the platform is a frequent user or has the desire to register an account.

Some are fine with being silent viewers who only see how the stream unfolds without taking part in the chat or using the interactive features.

At the end of the day, they are still real people who bring in views for Twitch, so they should count as viewers.

What is a hate raid?

It’s an orchestrated attempt fueled by hate to attack someone on Twitch.

It’s a form of bullying that often targets people from minority groups.

Aggression is clearly unacceptable, so we should all do our part to take a stand against it.

Conclusion: Best Twitch Analytics Tools

Twitch analytics gives us a detailed report of the factors that influence your channel’s performance. If the channel gives you a new income stream, then studying its analytics is important.

Use the stats to figure out the behavior of followers and subscribers so that you can create a more engaging environment for them.

We know it’s impossible to please everyone, but at least how you should organize it to cater to a large portion of your fan base.

If they get what they want, chances are they will stick around longer. And with the influx of new viewers, your following will only grow.

In the event that you need reports on other channels, the best Twitch analytics tools in this review will help you gain an understanding of streamers with stellar metrics.

Take note of their live streaming habits, verbal communication skills, games they play, and so on. And apply them to your broadcast as they may help you grow followers.

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