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Where to Put LED Lights? Terrific ideas for extraordinary people.

LED lights have a new favorite because they offer many benefits compared to other variants. The most striking feature of an LED light is the warm glow. Actually, this is…

LED lights have a new favorite because they offer many benefits compared to other variants. The most striking feature of an LED light is the warm glow. Actually, this is the case with lights that adopt this technology. LED lights emit bright light, but at the same time manage to stay cool during operation. If you need lights to accentuate your gaming room and other areas in the house, they make a great pick.

LED light strips are easy to install because they come with an adhesive that you can peel off easily prior to use. People also refer to them as ribbon lights for an obvious reason, because they do resemble ribbons. From the appearance, light strips can be categorized as decorative lights.

But can they be used as a primary source of illumination? It depends on what you’re looking for and if the light is bright enough. Some can put out a good amount of light to help see things clearly. Others are designed mainly for decorative purposes, so the light emitted is rather low and soft. These models are more suitable for adding a touch of elegance to space or an object.

For example, when it runs behind the back of a monitor, it may offer tranquility especially when it’s a shade of blue or another calming color.

By the way, where to put LED lights? There are many places, but let’s learn about the benefits first.

Why should I get LED strip lights?

1. Durable

One of the biggest appeals of LED lights is the longer lifespan. They last considerably longer than the average light bulb. Once installed, you can use them for up to 50,000 hours. This puts them way ahead of their incandescent counterparts.

2. Low cost

Low cost isn’t the same as cheap. LED lights typically cost more, but the amount you pay in advance will pay off in the long run because they are more long-lasting. Using LED lights requires less frequent replacement. This applies to all LED lights, not just the strip variants.

Besides, LED lights also consume less electrical power, which contributes to efficiency. Basically, if you want to ensure the lights don’t run up your monthly bill, replacing sources of illumination in the house with LEDs is a good idea.

3. Eco-friendly

In an age where concerns over the use of eco-friendly materials are growing, using LED lights is a great decision because they are considered eco-friendly. It comes down to the fact that LEDs have a long lifespan. With normal bulbs, you may need to replace them every few years.

LEDs, on the other hand, are more resistant to breakage, so you don’t need to replace them too often. This results in a decrease in the production of bulbs, which then translates to fewer waste products. Remember that the manufacturing of a product involves a long process through which wastes are produced. For this reason, it’s only logical to say that LEDs do help the conservation of nature.

4. Versatile

LED strip lights are versatile because they work for any space. Whether you want to install them underneath the gaming desk, behind the monitor, cabinet, etc, you can do it effortlessly. Strip lights are thin, so they can sneak into the tiniest crevices. The unobtrusive appearance is what makes them adored by many.

You can add them to any part of the house without fear that they may ruin the existing décor. Besides, they are also easily detachable. When you’re bored of the lights and want a new atmosphere, just remove them from the surfaces they were applied to.

5. Awesome colors

Another reason to use these lights is that they come in attractive colors. White isn’t the only color they can emit. There are other ones, such as red, blue, green, and more. All you have to do is read the product description so that you know what colors a light strip can project.

6. Easy operation

In some products, there’s a remote controller included. That’s to adjust elements of the light, such as power on / off, lighting modes, colors, lighting speeds, and more. The arrangement of buttons varies across different products. A remote normally operate on batteries, which may or may not come with the package. If these aren’t included, you need to buy them separately or else, the device won’t work.

7. Easy installation

To figure out the installation, just read the manual. It’s either in the box or specified on the description page. It usually follows these steps. First, you need to clean the surface where the strip will be installed. It’s easier for the adhesive to stick when the surface is free of dirt and debris. Next, peel off the protective coating. This will expose the adhesive tape.

Make sure to assess the area because you want to place it correctly on the first try. Press down the strip to attach it firmly. And then, you need to plug it into a proper outlet. This requirement is different for each product, so take time to read the description. That’s it, and now you can enjoy the splendid view.

8. Dimmable

While this feature isn’t exclusive to strip lights, this is something that we need to appreciate. Light intensity is directly related to power consumption, and it’s also linked to the ambiance.

To evoke a soothing atmosphere in a room, it can be achieved by dimming the light. It’s also easier for us to sleep with lights out although some are the opposite. That said, this feature still offers extra customization to the user.

LED Strip Lights Ideas

1. Under the bed


Just as shown in the pic, this placement can add a touch of sophistication to your bed. Install one to envelop the under of the bed. The light will come through and give the room a whimsical flair.

2. Top portion of the wall


This placement can also add a unique twist to the room. You may have been familiar with other placements, but if you want to try something new, this can be an option. It can complement the bed lamp or be a standalone source of light. For the full effect, turn it on right before bed.

3. Under the sofa


We think your sofa would also look more exquisite with this light. It will lend the furniture piece its enchanting glow. Installation is easy as it doesn’t require you to climb up the ladder like when installing it on the wall.

4. On the back of the monitor


This is another common placement for LED light strips. Gaming with lights out is straining for the eyes because they need to constantly shift focus due to changes in the light intensity of the screen. To lessen that effect, installing a light on the back of the monitor can be a solution.

5. On the dressing table


Do you have a dressing table in the bedroom? If so, then add a wonderful glow to it by running a light strip alongside the edge just like in this pic. We know it’s more convenient to do makeup or hair under bright light, but LED strips vary in brightness level. You can opt for one that emits sufficient light if needed.

6. Under the ceiling


This placement is a bit high off the ground, which makes the installation a bit intricate. The LED light strip on this picture is mounted under the ceiling encircling the recessed lights. Both make a perfect combination to be honest.

7. Around the door


An LED light can be used to accentuate an object, especially in the dark. As we know, the door is typically the least interesting element in a room, but with this light around the edge, it will instantly turn into a focal point. Just turn off the light to see the beauty.

8. In the staircase


This is another nice placement of led light strips. Have you given enough attention to this part of the house? The staircase also needs the same treatment as other areas except if it’s not the most highly visited area. Well, it needs illumination, too. And you can put your own spin on it. This type of light is a good idea because it looks when it lines up the edges of the structure.

9. In the kitchen


If you’re looking for an application of an LED light in the kitchen, just look at the image. It can be mounted underneath the cabinet, or you can also use it to spice up the floor area. This pic illustrates that, anyway.

10. In the bathroom


The bathroom is the space where you unwind and shake the stress away. For this reason, it needs to be set up in a way that brings comfort and coziness. LED light strips can help with that. Install some surrounding the bathtub or another area.

Final Thoughts

Deciding on a placement for an LED light can be tricky given that it plays a role in altering the existing décor big time. While the installation is easy, you’d want it to be perfect once the installation is finished.

There are many areas that can get this type of illumination, some have been mentioned before. As you can see, they are effective to elevate the atmosphere in a room.

If you still don’t know where to put LED lights, just scroll back one and read once again.

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