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6 Best Gaming Lights for Walls [2022]

Just as how you rush to choose high-quality hardware and peripherals, you should also do the same to the lighting in your gaming room. While it may seem trivial, lighting…

Just as how you rush to choose high-quality hardware and peripherals, you should also do the same to the lighting in your gaming room. While it may seem trivial, lighting can make or break the atmosphere.

Choosing the wrong types of lights can ruin the whole mood. If you’re someone who cares about aesthetics, it will bug you when the room has a bad light arrangement. It can have some sources of illumination.

For example, you can add a table lamp, install lights under the desk or behind the monitor. You can also install recessed and wall lights. We’ll be talking about wall lights.

Why does a wall need a light fixture in the first place? There are many reasons for that.

First, a light provides illumination, so you can see things clearly. Not everyone likes to play in a bright environment, though. Some would rather play in the dark, but this can be strenuous to the eye.

Instead of making the room completely dark, there should be one or two sources of light to ease the tension in your eyes. This is when a wall lamp comes to the rescue.

What are the best gaming lights for walls? Let’s discover below.

The Best Gaming Lights for Walls in 2022

1. LUMINOSIA Hexagon Lights Modular, Touch-Sensitive and Remote-Controlled RGB Lighting

With such an interesting configuration, this light will undoubtedly create an inviting atmosphere in your gaming room. Each one takes on a hexagonal shape, so filling up the surrounding spaces is like solving a puzzle. You can add as many lights as possible. Of course, more lights will translate to better illumination. If you want to keep the room low-key dark, there’s no need to add too many units.

Setup is easy, but in case you plan on using 10 lights at once, better connect it to a USB power source. Coming with the package is 6 lights, a USB cable measuring 1,5 m, 6 USB boards, adhesive pads, and more.

Though the quality is good as evidenced by the high rating, the company strives to check each unit prior to shipping to the warehouse. That’s to ensure that customers get fully functional products with no defects. Besides, it prides itself in providing good customer support. Feel free to contact them if you have problems down the road.

2. LED Lightning Shape Neon for Room

Neon lights really have that wow factor, especially when seen in the dark. If you like how these lights appear, consider adding one to your gaming room. This one looks stunning, and it also exudes warmth and comfort. Not only that, the design makes it more fascinating. There’s no object or phenomenon that describes light better than lightning because the flash of blue-white color is iconic.

Do you find the room a bit boring? Then spruce it up with this product. It will instantly become a centerpiece in the room because all attention will be on it when the lights are out. There are two ways to power it. First, you can use 3 AA batteries, which unfortunately aren’t included in the package. Or you can also switch to the USB power supply.

This light is low in power consumption, so you can use it long enough before needing to recharge. Speaking of the size, it wouldn’t take much of the wall space as it only measures 18.7 x 29.5 x 2.2 cm.

3. Lemonbest Modern 5W Triangle LED Wall Sconce, Indoor, Hallway

A wall sconce would also make a good addition to the room because it’s versatile. This one is even more appropriate for a gaming setup thanks to the dazzling colors. The triangular shape is another thing that elevates its charm. For the price, the light fixture has a lot to offer.

First, it offers awesome durability because the housing is made of aluminum alloy. There’s no need to worry about how long it’s gonna last. Just keep up the upkeep, it won’t show signs of wear and tear too soon. The light projected is also cool. It uses lights in different colors placed side by side. And when they emit light together, a formation of multiple triangles will be seen on the wall.

That would add drama to the room. Besides, the device operates on 5 watts of power. In other words, it’s low in energy consumption. Even if you keep it on all night, it won’t run up your electric bill. Good things aside, this light is supposed to stay indoors. Don’t install it in an area where there are frequent splashes of water because it’s not waterproof.

4. LIGHTESS Indoor Wall Sconce with Remote for Hallway Theater Studio

Judging by the physical traits, this reminds us of the previous product. Well, both are the same type of lights. They are classified as wall sconces. Only the difference is this product lights up above and under areas equally unlike the former that appears significantly brighter on the top section.

If you need a bit more light in the room, this can be an alternative. It comes with a remote controller to switch between color themes and brightness levels. There are 16 presets included along with 4 flashing modes. The whole unit measures 12.6×4.92×1.38 inches. Do you have a spacious gaming room? If so, this will definitely do wonders.

You don’t have to install multiple lights there. Just one is enough to illuminate the whole room. As for the colors, they consist of blue, red, and green. Meanwhile, the housing looks exquisite. Just look at that fascinating pattern all over its body. On top of that, it’s also sturdy because aluminum alloy makes up this part. For the record, this light isn’t battery-powered. It needs to be connected to a power outlet.

5. Govee Smart LED Strip Lights, Work with Alexa and Google Assistant

Strip lights are commonly installed onto the back of monitors, but since they can attach to about any surface, you can also install one on the wall. There are many benefits of using this light compared to other models.

First, it doesn’t take up much space, which keeps clutter to a minimum. Second, the brightness isn’t too bad. If you just need some illumination to lessen the effects of glare from the monitor, this can help. It can be controlled using Alexa or Google Assistant. Just say something, they will respond when they get your command.

The level of customization is also terrific. Apart from light adjustment, you can also set a timer on it. For something billed as a strip light, the luminance produced is pretty good. It’s bright enough that you can see things in the room clearly. The strip stretches 16.4 feet long, which can cover a broad area. And then, installation is easy because all the essential items like an adhesive, an ETL listed adapter, and clips are included.

6. Galaxy Star Night Light Projector, FITFORT Rechargeable with Remote Control for Kids and Adults

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘wall lamp’? It’s probably a lamp hanging from a wall. This product doesn’t exactly work that way, but the light can be projected all over the walls because it’s a light projector.

Is there anything special about it? After seeing the pattern projected by this device, you can’t say it’s not special because it looks strikingly different than the typical bulb or sconce. As you turn it on, a picture of stars and moons will be displayed throughout the room. The color schemes are equally magnificent. You can choose between mono, bi, and tri-color combinations.

The light show feels alive thanks to the breathing effects. And in case you want a more laidback spectacle, just enable the static mode. Overall, we recommend this because it conjures up warmth and romance. You can get lost in the beauty and art for 4 hours straight as it’s powered by a 1800mAh battery. Speaking of the size, the dimensions are 5.6 × 5.3 × 2.5 inches. It’s quite compact actually and allows for easy storage.

How to choose the best gaming lights for wall

1. Brightness

This should be the first consideration. Lumen, nit, watt, all these terms can be used to describe the brightness of a device. The first two are more definite because they’re directly linked to luminance. Watt can also be used, but it’s tricky with the advent of energy-saving lights in recent years. It’s still useful, though.

2. Colors

Some lights come in solid colors, while others project a bunch of colors. They are mostly associated with aesthetics, so the decision is all yours. You can choose any color that you think will fit in the room. It could be green, blue, red, or a combination of some.

3. Installation

Please find out how light should be installed on the wall. Does it hang from the wall, or do you need to apply the included adhesive? It’s important because it may alter how the wall looks after use. The worst scenario is it may leave unsightly marks on the wall, something that you must want to avoid.

4. Design

Wall lamps are quite diverse in design. Some take on interesting shapes, like honeycombs, lightning, strips, clouds, etc. Choose one that goes well with the rest of the decor. Or you can also take a cue from your favorite shapes.

Top Gaming Lights for Wall FAQs

Is LED good for gaming?

It depends on what LED the question is asking. LED is used in many applications. Besides lights, it’s also used in monitors. If we specifically talk about monitors, then the answer is yes. LED TVs have their own advantages compared to LCD ones.

That’s because they use a lot of backlights to shorten the response time. They are also more energy-efficient, not to mention that they have superb contrast and awesome color reproduction.

Should I game with lights on or off?

From a health standpoint, you should definitely play with lights on. When the room is completely dark, it means the only source of light is the monitor. This would put a strain on your eyes because they try to adjust focus all the time.

Remember that the amount of light emitted from the screen always changes, which becomes more apparent when the lights are out. The constant overuse will eventually tire the eyes out, which could manifest as pain and headaches.

What is the best lighting for gaming?

It’s not the type that matters, but the intensity. Whatever you pick for the room, make sure it’s bright enough to reduce strain in your eyes. As for the model, just choose as you please. There are many models available. You can opt for an LED or a fluorescent lamp.

Do LED lights ruin your walls?

Most of the damage is probably attributed to the installation. Some lights require a permanent placement and driving screws into the wall. But when done correctly, they wouldn’t mess up with how the wall appears because they are attached neatly.

LED strips, on the other hand, use adhesive to make them stick. This could be a concern because it may leave traces. If this is your concern, test it out on another area you don’t mind looking a mess after application. If nothing happens after a day or two, then it shouldn’t ruin the wall, either.

Are LED light strips safe for walls?

LED lights are in no way unsafe for use, but you probably mean safe in the sense that it wouldn’t cause any major change to the wall. We’ve explained it before. It really depends on the adhesive.

The best way to find out its impact on a surface is by applying, and then waiting for a day or two. If the surface remains clean, it should be okay to be used in other areas.

What color is best for gaming?

We all have different tastes in colors, so there’s no such thing as the best color when it comes to visuals. But barring aesthetics, colors that appear bright like yellow, green, and white would be appropriate for the room.

Final Thoughts

Having a great gaming setup with powerful PCs and stylish peripherals could be the only thing you care about. But other items you add to the room may affect your mood as well. The lighting is a good example of that.

Certain lights add a cozy and peaceful ambiance to the room, while others have the opposite effect. That’s why you need to consider light fixtures carefully. They can be installed in any part of the room, but the wall needs one for decorative purposes.

If you’re on the lookout for a wall light, get inspiration from the best gaming lights for a wall we’ve included in this review.

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