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Best Selfie Stick with Tripod: Reviews and Buying Guide [2022]

Taking a selfie doesn’t take much effort. All you have to do is open the camera app and switch to the front camera. However, the average selfie can only fit…

Taking a selfie doesn’t take much effort. All you have to do is open the camera app and switch to the front camera. However, the average selfie can only fit two or 3 people in a single frame, and that’s because you can only extend your arm so much to capture a wider view.

A selfie stick can come in handy because it works like an extension that allows the camera to take a picture from a longer distance. This way, there’s no need to ask someone else to hold it. This is an important piece of kit you can carry wherever you go because it’s useful and practical. It easily fits in the bag thanks to its compact size.

Are you looking for the best selfie stick with a tripod? We’ll include some in this review.

By the way, you heard that right, a selfie stick can double as a tripod although they often come as separate pieces. Just make sure a product covers both functionalities before buying. Here are some that you can consider.

The Best Selfie Sticks With Tripod in 2022

1. Extendable Selfie Stick Tripod with Detachable Wireless Remote and Tripod Stand

For those wanting a cheap selfie stick to take group photos, this can be an option. Selfie sticks come in a broad range of prices. This one costs less than $15, such a bargain if you don’t plan on big bucks on this item. For the price, you’ll get a unit that can extend up to 34 inches. It’s also easily foldable, making it ideal for traveling.

As the title says, it can also transform into a tripod. Luckily, it already has a wireless remote included, so it’s hassle-free to take a pic in this form. Another plus of this product is it supports various Smartphones. Other than that, the precise positioning also allows you to adjust the range in no time.

Overall, this product is satisfactory as evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive reviews. Consumers seem to be happy because it gets the job done despite the low price. By the way, the head can do a 190-degree turn, so it’s easy to point at any angle. And to lock it, please use the adjustable knob. The manufacturer also claims that it’s corrosion-resistant, which helps with use in damp environments.

2. UBeesize 51″ Extendable Tripod Stand with Bluetooth

This has the ‘best-seller’ highlight right on the product page. For something with such a prestigious title, it has to offer more value compared to similar products in its niche. First off, this selfie stick is affordable. It also boasts incredible stability, which is important to take quality stills. Regardless of the autofocus performance, this still helps produce clear shots with no motion blur.

Another thing that stands out is the extendable length where it can reach a maximum of 51 inches. It allows you to fit even more people in the frame. The neck rotates as far as 180°, while the head can move at a 360° angle. This combination gives you the ultimate freedom to adjust to any selfie scenario. Don’t worry about having it too far because there’s a Bluetooth remote to help capture wide shots, which covers a radius of 30 feet.

In terms of compatibility, it’s claimed to work with most Smartphones, but you can read the listing to be more specific.

3. ATUMTEK Selfie Stick Tripod 40.5″, with Wireless Remote for iPhone and Samsung

Some selfie sticks are difficult to tell apart because they mostly come in black. If you need a different color, consider this white one. The stick is made of a high-quality alloy to ensure durability and sturdiness. Meanwhile, the nickel-plated surface lends it a glossy appearance. It’s not quite as long as the previous product, but 40 inches aren’t what we’d consider short. It’s long enough to accommodate a lot of people in a group selfie.

The flexibility is also outstanding with the bracket featuring a 180-degree tilt function and holder being rotatable for up to 360 degrees. As usual, a Bluetooth remote comes with the package. It acts as a remote shutter with a control distance of 33 feet. It works like a charm when your Smartphone isn’t within reach.

Meanwhile, the battery capacity is 120mAh, which is said to last over 20,000 pictures. Just whip out your phone, turn on the remote and find it on the list of devices in Settings. That’s it, it will activate the shutter anytime the assigned button is pressed down. It’s Android 4.4 and iOS 5.1-compatible, so make sure your Smartphone has either one installed.

4. Fugetek 51″ Professional Selfie Stick & Tripod

For starters, this selfie stick measures 51-inches long. It’s an ideal length to keep it compact while giving you the necessary extension to take groufie (a group selfie). It comes with a quick-lock mechanism, and the rubber handle provides a comfortable handgrip. Price-wise, this product is competitive. It’s neither too expensive nor cheap which makes you wonder about the quality.

One thing that stands out about this selfie stick is the remote Bluetooth, which works up 100 ft away. It’s simple to use. A press on the button will trigger the shutter function on your Smartphone. It can be used on both iOS and Android devices. The best part is it can last for up to 300 hours in standby mode.

Moreover, the tripod form also offers some benefits. The bottom is non-skid, so it should be able to handle any surface and weight of a Smartphone. The stick is made of aluminum known for its lightweight, strength, and corrosion resistance.

5. Andobil 62” All-in-One Tripod for iPhone with Bluetooth Remote for iPhone, Samsung, and Camera GoPro

Besides the amazing length, the ad also states that this selfie stick is 30 times stronger than similar products in the market. If the price is anything to go by, it doesn’t seem to be an exaggeration. It’s by no means super expensive, but it costs considerably more than other selfie sticks.

The whole thing measures 61 inches when fully extended, which also becomes its key feature. The neck’s and head’s ranges of motion provide endless tilting options. Both can be rotated up to 180° and 360° respectively.

It also boasts wide compatibility with various Smartphones. On top of that, it comes equipped with a wireless remote which can be your assistant for distant selfies. In terms of compatibility, it works with some Apple and Android devices, along with Go Pro. Please check out the link to discover all the supported devices.

Picking a Good Selfie Stick with a Tripod

1. Quality

This should come first because quality determines how sturdy the construction is. You can gather information about quality by reading reviews written for a particular product. It’s easy to find them on marketplaces because they are accessible to everyone.

2. Price

This is also a good indicator of quality. Price and quality go hand-in-hand most of the time, so to find out if a product fits your definition of quality, it needs to be on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Well, companies don’t randomly slap a hefty price tag on a product. There has to be extensive research and effort put into the development, which eventually affects the sale price.

3. Length

The maximum length will dictate how far you can extend the selfie stick. Fortunately, this information is usually included in the description and becomes an important selling point. Some products can go beyond 50 inches in length. You can opt for one to take larger group selfies.

4. Bluetooth remote

This is also important given that its main function is to activate the shutter function on a Smartphone. It allows you to take a pic from a distance without asking someone to hit the shutter button.

Best Selfie Stick with Tripod FAQs

Can a tripod be used as selfie stick?

Yes, but the three-legged supporting stand feels too bulky to hold comfortably. It’s better to look for a selfie-stick with a tripod as added functionality. It’s shaped differently from conventional tripods but can provide stability to take a wide photo.

Can you use a selfie stick for video?

Of course, just clamp your Smartphone right into the holder, extend the pole, and then hit the record button. Make sure to switch to the front camera or else, your face won’t show up on the screen.

Can selfie stick damage your phone?

If you refer to damage to any internal component, this sounds like a reach as the remote connects via Bluetooth connectivity. Mind you, it only acts as a shutter, so it shouldn’t have any major impact on the system of your device.

What is the best selfie stick for Samsung?

A quick read through the product’s description will tell you if a selfie stick suits your Smartphone or not. This information is stated clearly there. But to be safe, consider one made for all phones.

Top Selfie Sticks with Tripod Conclusion

The front camera on high-end Smartphones is getting more advanced. It’s such a waste to not make the most of it to take quality selfies. The problem is the range can be quite limited when you rely on your arm to take a photo, not to mention that it’s hard to fit many people in a frame.

But don’t worry, a selfie stick can take care of it. It’s like an extension pole that gives you the extra range to take a group selfie. If you’re looking for the best selfie stick with a tripod, you can consider the one mentioned in this article.

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