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Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link iPhone Wallpaper

There are many Zelda games that have been released up until today, but Zelda II distances itself from the rest in the way it’s played. Instead of sticking with the…

There are many Zelda games that have been released up until today, but Zelda II distances itself from the rest in the way it’s played. Instead of sticking with the overhead view of the original, this game takes on a side-platforming design, which wasn’t a rarity back then.

But for the franchise, it’s quite an innovation. Adventure of Link was released for the NES. It revolves around the protagonist named Link who has since become the mascot of the series. And he also appeared as the main character in the new installment, Breath of the Wild.

The premise is similar to the first game. Link was on quest to save Princes Zelda, but it wasn’t the same princess despite the same name. She was actually another member of the royal family.

In terms of gameplay, it didn’t stick out at the time of its release since side-scrolling games were everywhere in the 80s.

But what made it special was it took a major departure from the original. It becomes apparent when you compare it to other games released after. Many tout it as the hardest Zelda game to beat in the franchise.

Despite the mixed reception, this game wasn’t a failure commercially. The sales figure was lower than the original Zelda, but comparable to the forthcoming installments until Ocarina of Time came along.

Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link iPhone Wallpaper

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Unlike Breath of the Wild, Zelda 2 the Adventure of Link iPhone wallpapers are usually in 2D. Well, the game was part of the Nintendo Entertainment System, an old console from the third generation of consoles.

As we know, 8-bit graphics were the standard in that era. While the graphics were nothing to write home about, games of the days gone by relied on a good storyline and gameplay. That’s no exception with the Adventure of Link. This game had a few changes compared to the predecessor.

The decision to adopt the side-scrolling design had affected the game tremendously. For example, it changed the perspective for elements in the game, including the temples, dungeons, etc. There were also changes in mechanics.

Actions native to side-scrolling games like jumping were added to the sequel. Additionally, the sword fight also became more intense. You can see how Link deliberately used the shield to protect himself against damage caused by the enemies.

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image credit: youtube.com
image credit: youtube.com

Furthermore, the term ‘black sheep’ is also attributed to the game. If you’ve heard people use the word when describing a Zelda game, it has to be Zelda II. Many people still call it the hardest Zelda game to beat. See, graphics quality has nothing to do with difficulty.

If the developer has decided to up the difficulty levels, you’ll struggle no matter what. As for the Adventure of Link, the difficulty stems from the fact that it’s easy to get lost through the end of the game.

That’s because nearly all upgrades Link can have are necessary to progress further. Some are very difficult to come by, which in turn, lower your chances of beating the game.

Perhaps, that’s how the game got the bad rep. It’s not objectively bad, but when the worst dwarfed the good and left a bad taste in your mouth, it’s easy to ignore the rest.

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If this game doesn’t live up to your expectations, you’d be more surprised to find that it’s among the top-rated games released for the NES. To be fair, though, we shouldn’t let the bad aspects of the game cloud our judgment.

Despite the controversy surrounding the game, Zelda 2 shines as far as RPG action is concerned. It really stands out in terms of mechanics. There’s a sense of fluidity when Link moves and tries to defeat the enemies.

His sword is short, so to deal damage to the opponents, he needs to get closer to them. The responsive controls make the experience even better. Anytime you sense danger, you can run away quickly.

Moreover, as a side-scrolling platformer, jumping becomes an important action assigned to the character. You’ll need to do it occasionally to attack or avoid damage.

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Besides the design, another interesting part of Zelda II is the experience-based system. For every enemy Link has successfully taken down, he will earn points. They accumulate until a milestone is reached, which causes the character to level up.

You have the freedom to choose how he levels up, like you can boost his life or damage impact on enemies. Life increase isn’t a strange concept in a Zelda game. In fact, it’s present in most titles.

What’s unique to the Adventure of Link is it uses experience points while in others, it is a given as long as you keep playing the game.

What happens when Link’s health drops down to zero in Zelda II?

That’s not a cause for concern because he’ll respawn right at the beginning of the same room. It’s only game over if he loses 3 times in a row.

Once all lives are gone, you’ll have to start all over again from the earliest point.

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If you wonder if Zelda 2 the Adventure of Link iPhone wallpapers have amazing visuals, no, they don’t. There’s nothing groundbreaking about 8-bit graphics.

Most of us play retro games not for their stunning graphics, but to bask in nostalgia as they are what we grew up with. By the way, there are 2 types of wallpapers, in-game captures and fan artwork. In-game captures look exactly like what appears in the game.

If these are the wallpapers you’re referring to, then the visuals aren’t special. You can still use them as backgrounds on your iPhone, though. Fan artwork is totally different. These are the type of wallpapers that draw inspiration from a game, but don’t exactly follow the original visual depiction.

In other words, they give off similar vibes despite not looking identical. Fanart pics make great wallpapers because they have eye-catching designs. If you have a hard time finding fan artwork of an older game, collect in-game captures, instead.

The good news is you don’t have to rely on third-party sources for that. There are many apps that can help you take screenshots of game walkthroughs.

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