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The Legend of Zelda iPhone Wallpaper

The Zelda franchise is one of the prominent releases in Nintendo’s history. This game defines the brand and has been ported onto different systems. If you’re a fan, you may…

The Zelda franchise is one of the prominent releases in Nintendo’s history.

This game defines the brand and has been ported onto different systems. If you’re a fan, you may wonder if it’s considered an RPG game or not. It plays like one, but doesn’t have characteristics to be called one, so it’s either yes or no depending on how you see it.

One of the things that evoke the RPG vibes is the setting. It took place in the land of Hyrule, a fantasy place that is also adopted by many RPG titles.

Another important aspect of the game is the storyline. Zelda deviated from others in the way it was played. Instead of following a linear design the player has to go through, you can wander around to complete tasks and bring the missing pieces together.

Zelda Wallpaper Phone

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On another note, the weaponry in this game can also be leveled up. What makes it not work like a typical RPG title is the lack of level-up options for the main character. It’s not just the arsenal that gets beefed up in RPG titles, but also the character.

In Zelda, however, this option is pretty much nonexistent. The thing is Zelda was never claimed to be an RPG, but an adventure game, instead.

Regardless of the genre, there’s no denying that the Legend of Zelda is an essential part of video game evolution. It has been with us since the graphics were still blocky, and now they have been enhanced to fit the modern day consoles.

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What is the best game in the Zelda franchise?

It’s hard to pick with so many options available, but how can we forget the game that started it all aka the Legend of Zelda?

While the game may lag behind in graphics compared to newer installments, many of us grew up with it. Thus, whenever you want to relive childhood memories of this classic game, you’ll be instantly reminded of it.

Is it still relevant today?

Zelda the franchise is still alive, but this particular version has to some extent not aged gracefully. If you’ve been playing a lot of modern games, you might feel that this Zelda game has fallen out of style.

That’s not a problem, though. Remembering Zelda in its heyday doesn’t mean you have to play it again. After all, you probably had beaten the game multiple times in the past.

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Downloading the Legend of Zelda iPhone wallpaper is a good idea. All it takes is a simple search on your web browser. Just type in the name of the game along with the platform it was released on, you’ll get many relevant results.

The original Zelda intrigues our sense of exploration. If you haven’t actually played it because you were born when it’s already past its prime, you can consider playing it on an emulator.

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Another Zelda game that deserves a high placement on this list is the Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past. This proves that graphics quality isn’t the only thing that determines game quality.

A Link to the Past wasn’t released at a time when graphics were advanced. For the record, it was released for the SNES. We all know the typical graphics associated with this system. They weren’t bad per se, but graphics have improved dramatically since.

What makes it special despite being a blast from the past?

There are many things to mention, but this game was a return to form after it tried to explore new things in Zelda II: the Adventure of Link. The game was back to its overhead view and it also introduced new elements.

For example, Link could make diagonal movement, while arrows were considered as a separate item.

Another memorable addition to the game is the character could run by wearing the Pegasus boots. Besides, it also marked the debut for parallel worlds, namely the light and dark worlds.

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If you need current-looking wallpapers, focus your search on the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is one of the latest installments to the franchise. It’s fairly new considering it made an appearance on the Switch in 2017.

What do you expect from a Zelda game released this decade?

Well, to say that it’s a good game is an understatement. Many go as far as saying it’s the best game in the series.

Does it really deserve that level of praise?

One thing that makes a Zelda game good is the nostalgic factor and it’s present in this game. The new Zelda game stays true to its roots, like using a non-linear design. You’re free to roam around the world, solve problems that occur during journey in a number of ways.

Furthermore, there’s an option to create various items. Basically, this game retains elements that made us fell in love while taking complexity to a whole new level.

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Zelda iPhone Wallpapers: Final Thoughts

You may or may not agree with this rundown since there are so many games besides the ones already mentioned. If you like a Link between Worlds, you can also look up images on the basis of this game. Some say that it’s an improvement over a Link to the Past especially in the dungeon design.

The game also has items well spread out. And then, there’s the Wind Waker where the open world is done properly, not to mention that it also has a good story and new extras.

By the way, you might be surprised to see all Zelda games that have been released over the years especially if you’re more of a casual fan. They all vary in graphics quality because these games span across decades.

But, as said before, having good graphics doesn’t give one an advantage over other games in terms of quality as there are many factors that come into play. If graphics were everything, older games would stand no chance up against newer games, but it turns out that many people still adore the old gems to this day.

Whatever you like from the franchise, you can draw inspiration from it to collect background images for your iPhone.

There are countless Legend of Zelda iPhone wallpapers out there, so take your time.

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