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Spectra: 8-Bit Retro-Style Racing Game

The gaming industry seems to have a strange love affair with an 8-bit era. Just look at all the indie games you can find on Steam that use a retro…

The gaming industry seems to have a strange love affair with an 8-bit era.

Just look at all the indie games you can find on Steam that use a retro style or the number of retro-style games currently in development.

One that has recently caught our attention, although it was published in 2015, is Spectra.

Spectra is an 8-bit type game that’s well worth checking out for fans of the genre.

The game, which was published by Mastertronic, was developed by Gateway Interactive and Chipzel (The artist behind the Super Hexagon music).

What exactly is Spectra Game?

Spectra is a fast-paced retro-style racing game that will get your pulse beating and put your skills to the test like no other.

It’s a retro-style racing game set in deep space that has you twisting and turning to dodge the hazards that might send your spacecraft flying off the course and into the abyss.

Your aim is to gather as many points as possible until the music stops, which usually takes three to four minutes.

The Gameplay

Spectra only has one game mode in which you race against the clock on a randomly created course.

Players must maneuver past obstacles and gain points while driving as stylishly as possible while remaining on the road.

The gaming mechanism is straightforward yet extremely addicting!

The player must move from left to right to avoid obstacles. The gaming pace rises as the player goes through the stages requiring more sophisticated skills.

Is it possible to play Spectra on a handheld console?

Well, unfortunately, it’s not possible.

You can only play Spectra on the Xbox console, unless there is a powerful handheld emulator that can emulate Xbox games, which we are not aware of at the time of writing.

The Spectra game includes ten unique music tracks used to create generative levels on Xbox, allowing you to play the game in Full HD on Xbox One.

After completing all 10 tracks, a hardcore mode is unlocked. The hardcore mode has the same tracks and music as the standard mode, but with quicker speeds and more obstacles to dodge.

Does it worth a play?

  • Pros: An easy-to-learn yet difficult-to-master vintage racing game with many achievements to unlock. Thanks to Chipzel, an electronic music artist famous for using chiptunes sounds of the 80s-90s throwback style gaming noises, the soundtrack is great. Especially for fans of classic games like Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, or Donkey Kong.
  • Cons: There aren’t many tracks or a range of them.

Spectra Review – Wrap Up

Spectra is worth checking out if you’re searching for a basic indie game with a retro gaming flair.

To support the high adrenaline action of gameplay, Chipzel presents a soundtrack of driving chiptune compositions that nod to legendary themes from iconic Gameboy and arcade games.

Chipzel’s work is upbeat and definitely influenced by modern electronic and dance music. Still, it is also incredibly melodic, elements that span her record to date.

For fans of her songs, this game allows them to create a Chipzel track while racing and collecting coins.

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