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Rare SNES Games: Have You Ever Play Them?

Classic games have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, but it doesn’t keep some titles from being hard to come by. The SNES or Super Nintendo Entertainment System…

Classic games have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, but it doesn’t keep some titles from being hard to come by. The SNES or Super Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the most memorable consoles ever, so it makes sense that many of its games have become true classics.

If you’re a fan who also happens to be a collector of older games, the following rare SNES games make awesome collectibles. Why should you look for rare items knowing that they may cost top dollar? Well, nothing really off limits for a collector.

For a loyal fan, spending big bucks on rare items isn’t unheard of. Keep in mind that rare items cost a lot because people still want them, but at the same time they are available in limited quantities. We have to compete with others to make them our own.

Such games can also make a good investment. You never know how much they’ll be valued in the coming years. Assuming that they haven’t decreased in popularity, the prices should only increase.

Let’s take a look at some rare games released on the Super Nintendo.

Rare SNES Games That You (Probably) Didn’t Know Existed

1. Mega Man X3

image credit: youtube

Despite taking cues from the former releases, this game still comes with new interesting features. For example, it allows you to play as Zero. However, it has a few noticeable caveats. The most prominent one is probably Zero didn’t get armor upgrades.

The good news is these problems are addressed in the next installment of the series. Another interesting thing about the game is the amount of hidden items. One the one hand, it’s good, but for those who have a habit of collecting items to completion, this can be frustrating.

Who doesn’t want to see upgrades? But less is more sometimes. Dr. Light will also pamper you with a bunch of useful items. There are sub tanks, heart tanks, and much more. The thing is the player is only allowed to use one at a time, but overall, the game is magnificent.

As for the ride armors, instead of being items that pop up every now and then, they now become collectible items. There are 4 available, but it should start with the Chimaera. By the way, these armors are highly effective, but they last quite short.

2. Final Fight Guy

image credit: youtube

Final Fight Guy plays like other beat-em-up side-scrolling platformers at that time, but there are things that make it unique. This game was released on the SNES, based on the game with a similar title, Final Fight.

The protagonist was Mike Haggar. He had impeccable martial art skills and used them to fight against the enemies. In terms of gameplay, it was largely built upon the previous game, so you’ll spot many similarities. This 1991 game was renowned for its incorporation of awesome combos and special moves.

The enemies were also challenging to take down. It came to the point where it was acknowledged by many as one of the coolest games released that year. Despite having many good parts, fans still had a few things to complain about.

First, it only offered one-player mode. Second, they performed censorship on the female enemies. Third, there were lag issues at times. Considering the game hasn’t changed much from the previous one, you probably find it less challenging especially if you have mastered FF.

On the bright side, being a copy of the predecessor means it would remain a top-rated game, so it still deserves all the praise.

3. Rendering Ranger R2

image credit: youtube

Rendering Ranger R2 is another blast from the past you should get your hands on. Well, it’s not an easy game to obtain, so we can’t blame you if you can’t find a way to play it. Surprisingly, many haven’t heard of this game yet, but it’s still a well-crafted game nonetheless. The game is simply stunning from the settings to the gameplay.

The graphics quality is also incredible for the period or release. Rendering Ranger was a creation of Rainbow Arts, which also created Turrican. Hence, don’t be surprised if you notice similarities between the two. The game is divided into two parts. The first one is side-scrolling action played by a human character.

The second one is space-shooting action. On this part, you pilot a space shooter and shoot down enemies found along the way. The character is equipped with a number of weapons that have distinct firing patterns, one of which is the spear that fires shots in different directions. Switching weapons is important since each one cause a different amount of damage.

4. Iron Commando

image credit: youtube

This also deserves a mention in the list of the rare SNES games because it takes effort and money to get it. As with Final Fight Guy, this also belongs to the beat-em-up genre, so you’ll see a few things in common. What’s special about this game is the player is given many weapons that he can he use at will.

There are machine guns, knives, rifles, and even bats. None of these are bizarre. Well, once you notice the chainsaw, you may make up your mind. All these weapons make it look like gaming in an easy mode, but in reality, the game is tough to beat. What makes it difficult is the enemies are ready to swarm around if you fail to knock them down quickly.

The impact of damage is another thing that increases its difficulty, like hitting an enemy 3 times in a row barely sucks their health meter. If you think that any of the weapons would come to the rescue, they don’t do much, either. Difficulty aside, we can’t deny that this is a great game in its genre.

5. Aero Fighters

image credit: youtube

For those wanting a rare SNES game, Aero Fighters can also be an option. One of the reasons behind its rarity is it was produced in limited quantities, so only some are lucky to own and play it. There are several differences between the Japanese and North American versions. The Japanese version has another loop that the player goes through once he has completed it once.

Meanwhile, the North American version skips it for a return to the title screen. For the version with two loops, each one is ended differently. These separate parts are merged into one for the release in America.

Another difference lies in the ending. In the Japanese version, the player may come across to two bad endings if one of the bosses manages to break free. None of these are present in the North American version, anyway.

6. Pocky & Rocky 2

image credit: youtube

For such an entertaining game, it’s sad to see that it goes under the radar of many people. It’s easily one of the most well-crafted games ever for the platform. There are a few things that changed on the new Pocky. Instead of a life bar, on this game your life depends on the hit count. The main character can only survive two hits before it’s over.

But don’t worry, a special armor to increase the life meter is available. You can use it to endure up to 4 hits. Although some of the old mechanics are missing, you’re given new options, like a partner system. Just right after entering the game, you can pick one of the following 3, Little Ninja, Bomber Bob, and Rocky.

The character will stay by your side throughout the game, increasing the damage done to the enemies. The partner doesn’t only work independently. Although it attacks enemies on its own, you can also try to access its special skills by pressing the A button.

This game is full of action. The new partner system makes it even better. You can now hit the enemies nonstop with extra help from the accompanying character.

7. Metal Warriors

image credit: youtube

If you want to add another rare SNES game to your collection, you can consider this one. It offers a side-scrolling experience and 2-player mode. Each mech is equipped with a different list of weapons. When it comes to stages, they are large especially when you put its contemporaries into perspective.

Throughout the game, you’ll get through some different locations, all of which are pleasant to look at. Your job is to take over a mech that’s not occupied yet. These available mechs are easily recognizable from the gray color. A mech is what makes you feel powerful. Outside it, you’re just a regular guy that has a jetpack on his body.

Without the gigantic armor, the player can only survive 10 hits, but when the damage is done by mech-sized weapons, the impact would be bigger. Mechs are incredibly tough that you can’t even do anything to them with a rifle.

As said before, each mech comes equipped with different weapons and unique way to attack, which really add more fun to the game.

8. Hagane

image credit: youtube

Hagane is a hidden gem that many are yet to discover because it was an exclusive release. The main character of this game is a ninja that’s encased in a cyborg body. He was on a mission to fight back the Koma because the clan had tried to destroy the Fuma before. The main weapon that you’ll use throughout the game is a sword.

There’s also a chain that you can use to destroy the enemies. This weapon in particular serves different functions. Aside from causing medium-range damage, it can also turn into shuriken. The multifunctional aspect of this weapon makes it look like it will be a great addition to the arsenal, but you may find it a bit sluggish to cause serious impact.

If you want to use the bombs, we’ll let you know that they follow an arc trajectory. They are effective when you use them right. If you need to defeat the enemies fast, the main weapon is the perfect choice along with the shuriken. Overall, this game isn’t only scarce, but it’s also exciting to play.

FAQs – Rarest Super Nintendo Games

What SNES games are worth money?

Nearly all rare SNES games are worth the money. The demand for them is still there, yet the products are available in limited numbers, so that’s what drives up the prices.

There are a few others that are considered rare for this platform besides the ones already mentioned. You can look them up online. Apart from rare cartridges, the ones that got famous from the system are also valuable for money.

The SNES has spawned some of the best retro games, such as the Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past, Super Mario World, and Chrono Trigger. All these games are touted as instant classics, so you should play them, too.

What is the most expensive Super Nintendo game?

When it comes to prices, many of the rare SNES games will make the cuts. Rendering Ranger R2, for instance, costs about $500 to $2200. There’s also Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartidge that costs between $1200 and $2500. This doesn’t just apply to SNES games, though.

Rare items typically cost more than the ones that had a time to rise to fame. Some rare games had a short production run or made in limited numbers, so not many people really got to experience them. This is what causes their prices to skyrocket.

Many wouldn’t mind paying a large sum for these games, but since they are no longer produced, their prices will keep increasing given that there aren’t many in circulation.

Why is Mega Man X3 so rare?

It was fueled by the limited production run. As said before, many games are rare because not many were made in the first place.

So when they started to rise in popularity again due to nostalgia, the prices will increase exponentially. Another reason behind the rarity is the lack of support of the console during its release.

How much is a Super Nintendo worth today?

You can get a SNES for about $60 nowadays. That was for a used one since it’s no longer in production. It could be higher if the condition is better. Keep in mind that used SNES consoles vary in condition.

Some are relatively in good shape because the previous owners probably took good care of the them or they just didn’t play that much. How expensive is an expensive SNES? It could go as high as $150 per unit.

Final Thoughts

The SNES isn’t just about the popular titles like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country. There are many that you may have not heard before but actually exist. These are known as rare SNES games.

As the name suggests, rare games aren’t easy to obtain. Even the ones that used to hit everyone’s shelves are also elusive these days. That’s mainly because the games have long been discontinued. So what we see today only the ones that were made years ago and remain in good shape.

Getting rare SNES games require determination. Not only should you take time to find them, but you should also be prepared to dig deeper into your pocket.

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