new super mario bros 2 wallpaper

New Super Mario Bros 2 Wallpaper

We’ve been seeing Mario in 3D form for years now, but the New Super Mario Bros series was among the first to include this Mario as the main character. If…

We’ve been seeing Mario in 3D form for years now, but the New Super Mario Bros series was among the first to include this Mario as the main character.

If you wonder how a 3D Mario would look over a 2D background, then play this series.

Today we’ll be talking about New Super Mario Bros. 2. The word New indicates that this game is not the old side-scrolling platformer that made its debut on the NES although it has similar elements in terms of gameplay.

New Bros. 2 was released for another system, the Nintendo 3DS in august, 2012. Prior to this, the game had already made its way to the international market, including Australia, Europe, and Japan.

For those unaware, games that play like NSMBS2 are classified as 2.5D games. If you’ve heard the term but are unsure about the meaning, please read the explanation down below.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Backgrounds

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The term 2.5D is used to describe games that combine 2D and 3D technologies. In regard to New Super Mario Bros. 2, this game has characters rendered in 3D. Event other elements like the coins also have 3D quality to them.

However, it doesn’t play exactly like a true 3D game where movements in any direction are possible. Instead, Mario moves sideways like he did in his early years.

Basically, the gameplay gives you a fixed 2D perspective although everything is 3D. You have no control over the camera angle. All you have to do is play the character and the camera will follow him automatically.

Is bringing back the 2D adventure a big deal?

Looking at the sales, it seems that fans really appreciated the idea. The first installment to the series has raked in over 30 million copies, close to the record-breaking 40 million sales that the original made.

That’s very impressive because both games were 2 decades apart.

You’d think that the series would be on a steady decline in sales for losing its novelty. But this game proved that the fans were here to stay.

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It’s not up for debate how this game received rave reviews from fans. Many of us loved the original Mario, so to experience that again with improved graphics would be a great experience.

We have some New Super Mario Bros. wallpapers here. Now back to the game, although it reminds you of the earlier titles, Mario returns another objective. The Mushroom World is adorned with copious amounts of gold coins.

As you continue with the journey, you can gather as many coins as possible. For the record, all these coins are abandoned by the gold enemies. And the gold pipes that you encounter along the way will take you to caverns that contain even more coins.

Collecting them has always been an essential part of a Mario game, but in this specifically, there are fun surprises awaiting.

Moreover, there’s a mode called Coin Rush Mode where the goal is to get all the coins.

You can also invite friends to join in and see who’s the best at sweeping all these shiny items.

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NSMB2 is a follow-up to new Super Mario Bros., but despite that, it feels as if you play New Super Mario Bros. on the Wii. There are many highlights in this game.

First, the graphics are stunning. Mario’s movement is smooth, while the enemies are depicted in top-tier quality. The controls for the main character are also precise.

Are you a fan of the Raccoon Mario?

Well, that unique form of him makes a comeback in this game. The Mega Mushroom also shows up again after not included in NSMB Wii. Another special item introduced here is the gold flower. It’s actually a level-up version of the fire flower.

Of course, being the special item it is, the flower comes with a unique ability. It can put an end to a boss’ life with just several hits. Additionally, the soundtrack is super catchy, too.

If you’ve always been a sucker for music in video games, you’re going to love this one. New music plays as you enter a different world.

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When it comes to New Super Mario Bros. 2 wallpapers, there are some amazing pics to find. Even the gameplay can generate incredible images because the game is rendered in3D.

This is not the same as the early installments in terms of graphics. This game is a big departure from the 8-bit graphics which became an integral part of classic Mario games.

It’s not to say that classic Mario games were lacking. They are just not up to par in graphics quality, but there’s no denying that these retro games have amazing gameplays. At the end of the day, they set the standard for all Mario games that we have today. Without the success of the original Mario, the NSMB series probably wouldn’t see the light of day.

If you’re on the lookout for creative images referencing this game, we’d show some on this article. You don’t need to rely on fanart pictures, anyway. As said before, the walkthrough would make cool wallpapers.

All you have to do is a screengrab app to help you turn the gameplay into still images. This game has so many landscapes. Each one looks marvelous and makes a nice background for your desktop PC.

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Final Thoughts – New Super Mario Bros Gallery

One thing about this game is that it has a lot of replay value. It’s a combination of several factors. Aside from the fact that it’s a homage to early Mario games, the new elements also add a lot to the fun.

Time flies fast when you help Mario collect all the coins. It takes about 6 hours to complete all levels, not really long considering the game is quite easy.

Yes, many fans said that the game was easy to beat.

Keep in mind that it puts more emphasis on coin collection, so it probably has to do with how the difficulty is approached. You can get further into the game without losing too many lives.

Having said that, there are points where the difficulty increases. Hence, you still have to be careful or else, you’ll have to start all over again.

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