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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild iPhone Wallpaper

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the latest installments to the Zelda franchise. The game immerses you in an open-air adventure. Nintendo put serious effort…

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the latest installments to the Zelda franchise. The game immerses you in an open-air adventure. Nintendo put serious effort into the development of this game and fortunately, all they did for the project has paid off.

The new title has seen a major success, selling over 20 million copies since release. The game debuted almost 2 decades after the Ocarina of Time, another Zelda game released for the Nintendo 64.

The game set a good precedent as to what an open world design should be presented especially when 3D technology comes into play. Many tried to imitate, but failed big time.

Only few that could take notes from what made the game lovable and great.

But even so, they were unable to recreate the magic of this game.

Some of The Best Breath of The Wild Iphone Wallpapers

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Ocarina of Time proved to be a favorite among Zelda lovers. As a matter of fact, it was the best selling title in the franchise at that time. Fast forward to today, Breath of the Wild is ready to pick up where it left off. Although it’s not the direct continuation of the game, they are similar in a number of ways.

Many said that if it wasn’t for the Ocarina of Time, we won’t see open-world games like we see today. Open world turns out to be a common concept in modern video games.

But who would’ve thought that this particular Zelda game has been keeping the idea alive throughout the years?

Having said that, we’ll not be talking about Ocarina of Time today, but another masterpiece named Breath of the Wild. If you end up being a fan after playing the game, you can consider getting The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild wallpapers.

That’s a way to appreciate this amazing game besides playing it on your Switch, of course.

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The game starts with Link getting up from a very long sleep with no memory of what had happened prior to this point. Now that he doesn’t remember anything, he can do anything as he pleases in the land of Hyrule.

The beginning reminds you of that of a typical adventure game. However, it strays from the rest with its survival elements which directly impact all items that obtained throughout the adventure. Once you’ve played the game for an hour, you’ll gain access to a variety of items and power necessary to solve puzzles along the way.

As said before, this game is about open-world exploration, so a lot of your time will be spent on traversing the world of Hyrule. The story gives the game a somber atmosphere, probably the darkest the land has ever been since Ocarina of Time.

Well, the mysterious aura surrounding the place is what makes the game entertaining.

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Link is given mythical power in the form of a Sheikah Slate. It’s an ancient tool with a form factor resembling a handheld device. It has the ability to activate similar technology that you’ll come across throughout the journey. Link found it in the Shrine of Resurrection.

There’s a voice that told him to take the item with him because it would help him a lot. The Slate can serve as a map to display the different areas of Hyrule. It also displays other essential information, like a temperature meter and a clock. Magical things happen as you progress further into the game. Link can magically transform water into blocks ice upon which he can step and walk.

He’ll also gain an ability to demolish metal items and stop time in order to steer clear of problems. Learning how to use these skills determines how you complete the trials. Meanwhile, the dungeons for the most part are travel points where you can go into to contemplate in case you have unresolved problems.

You have to complete them and earn orbs, which positively affect your health meter. It will be harder for the enemies to defeat you once you grow stronger after absorbing them.

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The landscapes are also breathtaking and they’ve become an inspiration for artworks associated with the game. If you want to collect The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the World wallpapers, don’t be surprised that many are focused on the landscapes instead of the characters.

Apparently, the intent of the creator was for anyone to experience the ultimate freedom while wandering around the playfield. The openness and vastness of the area help so much because it quenches your thirst for exploration.

As you stare at the horizon, you’ll get a glimpse of things you can do, which are compelling enough that you want to have a closer look. There could be intriguing objects in the vicinity that you want to see up close. They are presented in a way that sparks curiosity. Like when you see a hill, you’d probably be divided between climbing it and exploring the slope.

The same goes for the map, which will get your brain working as it’s not filled with markers. Well, it’s only natural for Breath of the Wild because the game was set in an era where such technology didn’t exist.

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Final Thoughts – Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Backgrounds

It’s nothing short of impressive how Zelda keeps reinventing itself after all these years. It seems as though the creative people behind the franchise were always challenged to bring something new to the table. And it shows in the latest installment to the franchise.

Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. Although there are many open-world games out there, it tries to distance itself from the rest by depicting the world in a unique way.

As we know, a map full of markers is not a new concept. This rings true for those who like to play open-world games. Breath of the Wild is different because it takes a different approach. It’s open to countless possibilities and you’re the one in charge of discovering them.

The objectives can be done in a different order than anyone else. In other words, what the creator did was come up with a playground. Regarding the exploration, it all comes down to you.

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