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The Best PSP Emulator in 2021 (and still excellent for 2022)

Emulation has become a hot topic in recent years because many people find the idea of playing classic games exciting. Some games due to circumstances are no longer available for…

Emulation has become a hot topic in recent years because many people find the idea of playing classic games exciting.

Some games due to circumstances are no longer available for us to play. But with emulation, we can do that. Some of the older consoles have been discontinued and the ones we bought years ago may have been broken.

Thankfully, emulation makes it possible to bring back the games that we can no longer get from official manufacturers. Emulation didn’t burst onto the scene without controversy. Many people are still conflicted about the legality of the practice. Some argue that it’s okay as long as you already own the original game or hardware.

If you’ve found that the games you used to play that were fun back then have remained fun even to this day, then you might enjoy what we offer on our retro game store.

But the thing is many people who use emulators might not have the original products in the first place.

What is a PSP emulator? It’s not different from a NES emulator or another. It is a device or software that enables one computer system to mimic another system.

In this case, a PSP emulator refers to a device or program that allows you to run PSP games on a device that’s not a PSP console.

Modern Smartphones have high specs that they don’t have a problem running PSP games with the right software.

So, what are the best PSP emulators? We’ll compile some that people know and use.

The Best PSP Emulators in 2021 (still great for 2022)


As one of the most popular PSP emulators, most people should’ve heard about this especially those who’ve been curious about emulation for a while. This works for different platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Android. If you want to port favorite PSP games onto your Android device, this might help.

So, why has it become a people’s favorite? First, it’s easy to use. Novices especially prefer software that they can use without breaking a sweat. Second, it also has an intuitive and pretty interface. And most importantly, the compatibility goes beyond popular titles. One of the reasons people like it is because it’s compatible with so many games.

Let’s talk about the UI first. If you’ve never used an emulator before, it won’t take long to figure out about the user interface. It has a straightforward design and easy to navigate. Even when you use it on a PC, it shouldn’t be a problem because there isn’t much difference when it’s run on this platform.

Keep in mind that a computer and a Smartphone are two different devices. A program designed for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. But this program eliminates that obstacle. You should be able to operate it on any device as long as you understand the basics. The amount of adjustable settings is another thing that makes it stand out.

This is especially useful if you want to use it to play games with more intense graphics. On the contrary, if your device is on the lower end specs-wise, running a game is still feasible.

2. Retro Arch

Although it made the list of the best PSP emulators, it serves a greater purpose. You can use it to emulate older consoles as well. It’s not surprising that people are looking for a way to play classic games on newer consoles. Nostalgia is clearly the driving force behind the idea because many people grew up playing those games.

In fact, some have become classics, so it’s not easy to throw away the thoughts of being able to play them again. With all the pros, it turns out that Retro Arch takes more skill to operate. This is one thing that keeps people from using it. They’d rather opt for software that doesn’t require much skill even if it doesn’t have complex features.

However, we’re sure you can use it eventually with practice. Just follow the instructions on how to navigate through the folders where the games belong. It’s also important to choose the right settings or else it would lead to crashing. Another aspect of this emulator you may find confusing is the UI. For starters, it’s not as neatly-arranged as that on the PPSSPP.

But again, it’s just a matter of practice. The more you use it, the more you’ll get accustomed to the layout. So, who is this for? Retro Arch is perfect for those wanting a one-stop solution for emulation. It does exceptionally well in terms of platform support, but it does come with a few caveats. Setup can be daunting for novices and there is a good amount of tweaks here and there to make it work properly.

3. Rocket

This is created mostly for PSP. If you’ve been using PPSSPP for quite some time, you might think this is a redesigned version of the emulator. From the interface to the way it works would remind you of the emulator. It can still be an alternative if you have no luck with PPSSPP.

In general, this makes a good choice if you’re at the initial stage of learning about emulation. Aside from the fact that it comes with a clean UI, it’s also quite easy to use. As for compatibility, there’s a lot of room for improvement, but it’s decent nonetheless. If we’re talking about downsides, it’s easy to criticize the lack of effort to stray from PPSPP.

4. PSPlay

There are quite a lot of emulators if you’re willing to search around. This is another to add to your collection. It’s available for download on Android. Just open the Google Play Store and then type in the name of the app and you’ll find it in the results. Install and learn to operate it. As an emulator, this app comes in handy.

There are awesome features that you’ll need for running PSP games on your device. The first that we like is the good performance. It also allows for automatic rendering capacity. And if you’re curious about the control, it will be displayed on the screen for easy gameplay.

5. DamonPS2 Pro

Not all emulators are available for free. Some are premium, but it’s not a bad idea to pay as long as it comes with useful features that will help for its operation. You can get this one for $10, not exactly a high price. We’re sure you can afford it, too.

After installation, you’ll get the chance to access all the advance features it has. It has is a simple GUI, which means this will be great for those who started learning about using such software. Other features that further increase its value is Neon power support, high resolution, to name a few.

Actually, the best thing about this emulator is that the developer didn’t seem to create and leave it. They honestly care about the performance of the software by rolling out updates regularly. In other words, it’s worth every penny.

6. PSP Emulator Pro

There are emulators for experts, and there are emulators for novices. If you’re new to this, PSP Emulator Pro is the right choice. First of all, it’s free, which would quickly boost its appeal. It has the ability to display HD visuals and at the same time also feels simple.

As far as features are concerned, there are a lot added to the program. It allows you to compete with anyone for the last competition. Heck, you can share the fun with friends by showing PlayStation sports they like. Bluetooth connection is also available. Whether you want to team up with a friend or be in a competition with them, this app will be great either way.

7. Rapid PSP Emulator

Don’t expect every emulator to give you the speed and ease of use. The truth is many emulators feel like unfinished products that need further improvements. Thinking that everything will run smoothly is a mistake you should never make.

At least if you want such convenience, take some effort like be willing to spend money because quality products often require you to pay. That’s not to say that the free ones are bad. You just have to be more realistic. Some free sources are good, though. All you have to do is research and have an experience with it.

This emulator is good because it doesn’t feel slow or buggy. It has high compatibility with a lot of PSP games. On top of that, it also supports the game controllers.

If you don’t like the idea of using on-screen controls and want to touch real buttons, you can try to pair it with your controller. Add it to the fact that it supports multiple formats like ROM and CSO, the software is like a total package, so don’t miss it.

FAQs – PSP Emulators

1. What’s required to install a PSP emulator?

There are 2 primary components. The first one is an emulator, and the second one is games. You’ll need to obtain them from different sources because. Make sure the games are in .CSO or .ISO formats because these are compatible with PSP.

2. What operating systems do they support?

In general, these emulators are available for different operating systems. Those with popular OS like Android and Windows are lucky because there are a lot of emulators that work for them. Just read the description attributed to the software to find out what operating systems it supports.

3. Are emulators free?

Some are free, some are paid. Whether you want to test out with a free product or go for premium one, it’s all up to you. Paid programs are more likely to have features that are not present in others. However, this shouldn’t be the only consideration in choosing an emulator.

It should match your skills, too. If you’re new to emulation, better start with a simple one. This way, you can understand how the system works and upgrade to a more complex later if necessary.

4. Can you use a PSP emulator to run games from other consoles?

There could be compatibility issues when you try to pair emulators with games not meant for them. Even if the games are released by the same company, they may not work for all emulators.

To avoid this, please choose the right emulator for the game you want to play. If it’s a NES game, look for a NES emulator. If it’s a PSP game, use a PSP emulator.

Final Thoughts on Picking The Best PSP Emulator

The best PSP emulators give us the luxury of playing classic PSP games without the need to downgrade the specs of your device. It’s the concept for any emulation, anyway. To think you can play a NES game on a new computer was too good to be true, but here we are now, there are many ways to play classic games that used to be released on older consoles.

We’re sure many people would love to indulge in nostalgia with games they played in childhood. Emulators allow you to play these classic titles on various platforms. Android is definitely one of the top searches because this operating system is run on millions of people’s Smartphones.

There are also people looking for emulators for their Windows computers. Both options are available, so don’t worry. All you have to do is find the right software. If you want one for your Android, look it up on the Play Store. If you need one for the Windows, go find an emulator that’s compatible. And then find games in rar or zip formats.

Mind you, these games wouldn’t automatically run on a device after you’ve downloaded them. You need to take some additional steps, like extracting them. The ISO formats are what will play on PSP simulators, so extraction is necessary. Take PPSSPP for an example. This emulator supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux.

Let’s say you want to run it on your computer. You have to download it first and install. And then, you must download games you wish to play. As said before, format converting is needed to make them playable. If they’re still compressed in zip, convert them to ISO files.

Connect your controller and then adjust some settings to make the games compatible with your PC. If your PC has high specs, it should be able to handle all kinds of games. But if not, some setting changes need to be made.

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