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Best GBC Emulator for PSP (PlayStation Portable) in 2022

The GBC was released as a follow-up to the original Game Boy. Design-wise, it’s closer to the original than to the Advance model. Many emulators sold today take on the…

The GBC was released as a follow-up to the original Game Boy. Design-wise, it’s closer to the original than to the Advance model. Many emulators sold today take on the same form factor, which really shows the impact it has on handheld consoles in general. It’s not just the design that has a nostalgic feel to it. The games that come with it will also take you back to when this console was played by everyone.

The GBC is all around a great device. In terms of performance, there’s some difference over the original version, which allows it to handle more complex games. Although the graphics were nowhere near today’s standards, they were decent for that period. If you’re a fan, isn’t exciting to see retro games on modern consoles like the PSP? Emulation makes it possible. This is the process of imitating a software program on another platform.

In other words, you can play GBC games although they weren’t originally released for this console. However, finding one is the real challenge. While there are quite a lot of emulators created by hobby developers, not all are made for the PSP. In fact, only a select few are compatible with this platform and we’ll add them to this list. What’s the best GBC emulator for PSP? Let’s find out below.

The Best GBC Emulators for PSP in 2022

1. GeMP

There isn’t much information available for this emulator, but it’s indeed for Game Boy Color. If you want to know how well it plays GBC games, you can give it a try. It follows the same steps as installing another emulator. First, you’d need to install custom firmware on your PSP.

This is to prepare the device for this emulator. Next, you have to download the emulator from any site, preferably a trustworthy one. Just look through the whole website before hitting the download button. Make sure the site has been up for quite a while. You can also analyze its reputation by checking out the domain authority or something like that. This is to reduce the risk of infection on the files.

>>Download GeMP Here<<

Avoid getting your emulator from an unknown third-party source unless you want to risk your data and privacy. After installation, ROMs will be necessary to play games. They should be stored in specific folders so that your PSP’s memory stick can detect them.

2. GBC.emu

Some of the emulators aren’t free, but they are not expensive, either. If you don’t mind spending a few dollars on an emulator to play your favorite retro games, then we suggest you install this one. It supports Android. All you need is a device running this operating system.

Download the program, install it, and make use of all the premium features. In terms of compatibility, it does a great job at running most of the games. Cheat codes are also supported. And in case you don’t own an Android Smartphone, we’d love to tell you that it’s designed for PC as well. It’s not rare for an emulator to have cross-platform support. In fact, it’s commonplace.

This emulator allows you to play both in portrait and landscape modes. Anytime you need to play in a different orientation, just rotate the device. The game will follow, so you don’t have to tilt your head, instead. It also works with a number of controllers, including Wiimote and MOGA controllers.

3. Nostalgia.GBC

While it’s not the first people think of when they want to emulate GBC games, none can deny its quality. Popularity doesn’t always go hand in hand with quality. And if you’re looking for an emulator for this specific console, Nostalgia. GBC is a terrific choice. Some features are available for both free and paid users, but to use them to the fullest, upgrading is the way to go.

What are the best features? In addition to high game compatibility, it also has a rewind feature. With this, you can go a few seconds back during the gameplay. It’s an interesting feature nonetheless. The free version is already good, but you should get used to the ads popping up on the screen every now and then.

4. John GBC

One of the things people look for in an emulator is game controller support. This emulator is reliable with its wide controller support. It works with MOGA, Bluetooth HID controllers, and Wiimotes.

What’s so great about it? Well, it’s easier to play using a controller especially for those who’ve always preferred to play this way. Besides, a controller allows for easier and more accurate inputs, which really help improve the gaming experience. If you want to monitor memory usage, unfortunately, this feature doesn’t exist. That would be a nice addition, especially for heavier games.

As for the internet connection, the emulator doesn’t need that. It’s fully functional offline and there’s no need to worry about pop-up ads.

5. Pizza Boy

With so many choices, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Hence, it’s necessary to set specific criteria, so that you can find the most appropriate software. Pizza Boy is arguably one of the best systems for GBC emulation. The bad news is it’s mainly for Android. To run this software, you need an Android Smartphone or any device running this OS. Here are some of the highlights.

First of all, it is ad-free. This may sound trivial, but many emulators are ad-supported especially the free versions. It’s totally understandable, though. Developers probably need the funding to improve the quality of their work, so please don’t complain when an emulator has pop-up ads.

Another great thing about it is OpenGL & OpenSL libraries to ensure the most optimum performance. If you want to play with a controller, some controllers are supported. Furthermore, it also comes with a feature to save game progress.

FAQs – Emulator for GBC

Are PSP emulators and emulators for PSP the same?

These terms sound interchangeable, but they have totally different meanings. A PSP emulator is an emulator that supports PSP games. So if you want to play PSP games on a device that’s not a PSP, then a PSP emulator is what you’re looking for. Meanwhile, an emulator for PSP refers to an emulator for another console that you can run on your PSP.

Let’s say you want to play NES games on your PSP, then you should be searching for an NES emulator for PSP. The same goes when you want to play GBC games, all you need is a GBC emulator for PSP, not a PSP emulator.

What are some PSP emulators?

PPSSPP and PSPlay are two examples. They are designed to play PSP games on other platforms. Before downloading a PSP emulator, make sure it supports the platform it will be loaded onto.

If it’s Windows, rest assured that it’s Windows compatible. If it’s Android, please find out if it’s made for the OS. Otherwise, it won’t work.

What games were released on GBC?

The GBC has some amazing games to play, such as Pokémon Gold and Silver, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Wario Land 3, Resident Evil Gaiden, and much more.

Some of the games brought new gameplay mechanics to the table, making them more exciting to play.

How to get a GBC emulator on the PSP?

The process is almost the same as installing a GBA emulator. Just make sure the device has custom firmware installed.

You should also find a compatible emulator, one that runs properly on this platform. Another important element is ROMs which you’d need to play games.

Final Thoughts

The PSP can get you hooked with all the amazing games it has, but many don’t realize that the handheld device can also play games from older consoles. If you want to turn your modern PSP into a retro game machine, all you need is an emulator. This is the type of software that mimics the way an original system works.

Since we’re talking about the best GBC emulators for PSP, then you should find one that’s compatible. The PSP is more than capable of handling GBC games. Well, older games had less sophisticated graphics, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. Before adding an emulator, you must first install custom firmware.

It takes just a few minutes to complete the process. Each emulator has its own features and compatibility. Learn about them before searching around. It’s worth noting that some programs are premium, which means you must pay to unlock all of the features. The free ones aren’t bad per se.

They are just less complete in terms of features, but even the premium ones aren’t that costly. We think it’s a good idea to invest in an emulator especially when it has high-end features that are otherwise inaccessible on the free version.

Is GBC worth emulating? All the models in the Game Boy lineup have awesome selections of games, so the answer is yes. For further information about games that have become staples on this console, you can find it on the internet. There are hundreds of titles, so it can be confusing without proper guidance.

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