Best Games Console for 7 Year Old

[2022] Best Games Console for 7 Year Old

Choosing a console for a kid isn’t an easy matter. There are some types of content that he shouldn’t be exposed to at that age. For this reason, please be…

Choosing a console for a kid isn’t an easy matter. There are some types of content that he shouldn’t be exposed to at that age. For this reason, please be more selective with your choice. It’s not solely about the console, but more about the content. Strict parental control should be imposed, so that you can ensure that he can only access what’s appropriate for his age.

Is a pricey console a good idea? Again, it’s not really about the console itself because a console without games is pretty much harmless. It’s the games that come preinstalled or added to the device that matter. In this case, choose only ones that are kid-friendly. Some consoles are known for their diverse games to the point that parental control is necessary.

An expensive console isn’t always the best option for younger kids, but since we’re specifically talking about 7-year-olds, they are old enough to distinguish between right and wrong. However, that doesn’t mean you should leave them unattended while gaming.

Before giving your loved one a console, make sure all the games have earned your approval for safety. You can also accompany him while playing in case he has difficulty with some games since not all are easy.

As we know, games come in different levels of difficulty. For a kid who just got into gaming, he would likely face a lot of problems along the way. What is the best games console for 7 year old?

The ones we include in this review have an age rating of 7 and up. You can give one if he just celebrated his 7th birthday.

The Best Games Consoles for Your Kids in 2022

DigitCont Retro Game Console Mini Game Pocket Game Player with 500 Classic Game

This console looks very familiar judging by the form factor. It makes sense because many consoles especially the ones with retro games sport similar designs. However, there should be some features that set it apart from others.

Let’s start with the game selection. If others have around 200 hundred games, this stands out with its 500 games. They all come pre-installed, meaning you can play them at no cost. It also supports 2-player mode as well as TV output.

To connect it to a TV, just use the AV cable that comes with the package. This can be an option if the display is too small to enjoy the games. With such an extensive catalogue, it will save you from boredom. Your kid especially will be more than happy knowing he wasn’t here when the games were around.

In terms of design, this console is compact. It’s about the size of an adult’s hand. As for the screen, it measures 3-inches diagonally, pretty decent especially compared to 2-inch screens that are still on the market.

HigoKids Handheld Game Console with Built-in 182 Classic Games

Your 7-year old kid can also play this console if he prefers a landscape orientation. There are functional buttons on both sides of the device. Meanwhile, the screen is flanked in between. The number of games comes up short, but more isn’t necessarily better.

For a kid, 182 games are more than enough. It probably takes weeks or even months for him to finish all those game. They are retro-inspired, anyway. These are the games that took the world by storm circa 80s and 90s. Heck, some of them were probably your favorites back in the day.

In terms of size, it doesn’t differ much from other handheld consoles. It’s important to choose a medium-sized console that fits in your kid’s hand. A bigger console may cause hand fatigue, which in turn reduces comfort while gaming.

Another benefit of using this device is it supports connection to TV thanks to the AV cable. It could be difficult to keep him occupied especially if he has endless energy to burn. But with this device, he won’t have the time to act out.

Cool Baby Handheld Game Console with 10000 Games

The first thing that may intrigue you about this console is the huge library. It’s not 200 or 500 hundred, but a whopping 10,000 classic games. Does your child even have the tenacity to explore all these games? Well, there’s no need to play them all. Besides, it’s not a good idea to let him play multiple hours daily.

If you’re overwhelmed by the vast catalogue, focus on some you’re already familiar with. Or you can also find information on the most favorite games from each platform since it has games from different systems, including FC, SFC, CPS1, NEOGEO, GBA, GBC, and more. There are countless games to play, which means more fun for him.

Another awesome feature is the 4.3-inch LCD display. When many are still stuck with 3 inches or smaller, this sticks out with its large display. It comes in a 16:9 display scale. And don’t worry about protection because the screen is designed to be resistance to scratches. Another useful feature that comes in handy is save game.

Many consoles don’t have it despite how important it is. It allows you to save game progress for easy return to the latest save point. This way, you don’t have to start over each time the character dies, which can be frustrating.

JAFATOY Retro Handheld Games Console with 168 Classic Games and AV Cable Play on TV

This versatile console is made for everyone. It contains hundreds of games that will take you back to the era of retro games. In terms of design, there’s nothing new because we’ve seen devices like this many times before. The same goes for the features. A TV cable is part of the package.

If your child demands a bigger display to see the games, just use it to connect to your TV set. Although the display is large enough, nothing beats the experience of gaming on TV. For power, it relies on a 600mAh battery.

It can be recharged, which takes about 6 hours to reach full capacity. Why wait until his birthday or Christmas to give it as a gift? You can buy him now because it’s affordable.

TAPDRA Pandora’s Box 9 with 1500 Retro Classic Video Games

There are two types of console, stationary and portable. Portable consoles usually come with a dedicated screen, while stationary ones need to be connected to a TV set. This product belongs to the latter. A compact console makes a perfect companion while on the go. If you want to play with your kid at home, this can be an option. It has many advantages.

Firstly, it has up to 1500 arcade games. Consoles with hundreds of games are a commonplace. Those with thousands are a bit rare, but they do exist. The more games there are in a console, the more powerful the CPU should be. Don’t worry, this unit can handle all those games because it has a reliable CPU.

For TV output, there are two choices provided, VGA and HDMI. That means you can connect to various devices, including projectors and monitors.

For your information, the game library isn’t only humongous, but also diverse. Whether you want puzzle games, action, fighting, or others, there are a bunch of them ready to play.

Picking Game Console for a 7-Year-Old

1. Age appropriateness

It’s necessary to look at the PEGI rating as it determines the kid-friendliness of a game. It starts with PEGI 3 which marks content in a game as safe.

When a game has this rating, you shouldn’t worry about explicit content since it’s nonexistent. Basically, whatever shown in the game doesn’t warrant a warning. Since it’s suitable for children, it should be safe for adults, too.

As the rating increases, more types of content will be disclosed, which may include violence and steamy scenes.

2. Internet connection

Find out if a console supports internet connection or not. The internet is like a major hub that connects everyone around the globe.

If you think he’s not ready to receive all kinds of information from the internet, it’s probably best to stick with a console that doesn’t have this feature. But if you still want one, tighten up the parental control.

3. Screen time

It’s important to set rules on the amount of time he can spend on his console. An hour a day sounds about right. You can extend the time for weekends.

It’s especially important if your kid is in elementary school. He can have more fun gaming than studying, and it’s not a good look if you allow this habit to continue.

FAQs – Gaming Consoles

Is Nintendo Switch appropriate for 7 year old?

The Nintendo Switch is generally a kid-friendly platform, meaning that everyone can play it safely, but if you want to make sure that your little one only plays games without offensive content, the following titles are highly recommended.

The first one is Mario Odyssey. On this game, Mario is on his journey to save the princess. While it sounds like many other Mario games, there’s tons of fun waiting throughout the game.

And then, you can also try Mario Kart 8, Arms, and Overcooked. Actually, there are many games that kids can try.

Can a 7 year old Play Zelda Breath of the Wild?

There are mixed opinions on who this game is trying to cater to, but many parents seem to agree that it is suited for older kids, like over 10 years old. While the original Zelda is made for everyone, it’s probably not the case with the installments.

In this case, the Breath of the Wild isn’t recommended for young children because it has scenes that may scare them. There’s also mild drinking reference that you may not agree with. Otherwise, this game is pretty tame as far as profanity and x-rated content are concerned.

There’s violence, but it doesn’t look cruel because it doesn’t show blood or terrifying stuff. By the way, Zelda has always been about killing monsters, but it’s also presented in a way that doesn’t invoke fear.

Is Minecraft suitable for a 7 year old?

A 7-year-old should be prepared to deal with mild violence that this game has. Besides, due to the complexity, the game is more suited for older kids.

If he’s too young, he may struggle figuring out how it works. You should start with more simple games, instead. Minecraft reminds us a lot of Legos.

Well, the Creative Mode really captures that atmosphere. It’s an awesome play for kids aged 7 to 10. Meanwhile, the multi-player is appropriate for 10-year-olds and older.

On this mode, he will meet people from around the world, so he should be ready for that kind of interaction.

Is Fortnite bad for kids?

It could be bad because kids are notorious for being easily influenced. Besides, the game is highly addictive. Many people can’t help but spend most of their time playing this game. It can’t be good for someone who needs to manage time between school and playing.

If you’re concerned about the potential side effects, please block voice communications. Fornite is a way to socialize, but doesn’t always turn out good especially for smaller kids. They first have to learn how to evaluate information they get from the internet.

Final Thoughts

It can be confusing to pick the best games console for 7 year old with so many products on the market. Your choices aren’t limited to only popular systems like PlayStation and Nintendo. There are others that can be just as fun.

A 7-year-old still has a lot to learn when it comes to gaming. He probably is yet to have time playing older games with 8-bit and 16-bits graphics. Thankfully, many consoles still have these games included. Or if you want one with intense graphics, buy him a more modern console.

That being said, the console isn’t really a problem. It’s the games that these console play that should be a concern. Please take responsibility by doing research on games you’d let him play because not all are appropriate for him.

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