Best Games Console for 5 Year Old

Best Games Console for 5-Year-Old: Reviews and Buying Guide [2022]

Being a parent is a major responsibility. There are many things you should do to ensure that he develops to his optimum potential. Should you include gaming in the teaching…

Being a parent is a major responsibility. There are many things you should do to ensure that he develops to his optimum potential. Should you include gaming in the teaching process?

Some parents for one reason or another choose gadgets to stop their children from whining. It’s not a good way to take advantage of this technology. While playing video games is fun, negativity can also arise from it especially because some games have content that kids shouldn’t be exposed to yet.

For this reason, you need to be careful in choosing a console for him. Learn to classify games by age rating. Why? There could be violence and other types of x-rated content in games that are developed for adult gamers. Sure, he can play them, but not when he’s still 5. You can let him access those games when he’s a lot older.

Before shopping for the best games console for a 5-year old, ask yourself if it is even necessary. Many people choose to give their kids a tablet instead of a console because many games are available across platforms. However, there are still differences between the two to some extent.

For example, a console comes equipped with buttons, which could help especially if on-screen controls are difficult to use. A console can also work without an internet connection, which can keep him from potentially accessing inappropriate content online.

There is a reason why consoles remain highly popular although Smartphones have become a main source of entertainment nowadays.

The Best Game Consoles Suitable for 5 Year Olds in 2022

LeapFrog RockIt Twist Handheld Learning Game System

For those wanting a console for kids aged 4 to 8, this can be an option. The console is square in shape with rounded corners. It’s quite compact to carry around.

By the way, this console is rather simple in its gameplay. Don’t expect it to work like a modern console with slots for ROMs because it’s not all that. This console is suitable for a 5-year old because it doesn’t have an intricate way of playing. Basically, the user just needs to hatch and grow virtual pets.

There are several tasks that you can finish to help the character grow big and strong. Does it sound familiar? Well, this may remind you of handheld devices that hit a few years ago.

Moreover, it’s not to be mistaken for an emulator because it’s different. To control the character, you can use the buttons that pop up all around the screen.

Despite the simplicity, this is a decent game for a little one who needs a lot to learn. It’s good for his cognitive skills as it includes many interesting games. Batteries are included in the package and they can be recharged.

Tiny Arcade Frogger Miniature Arcade Game, Multicolor

To you, arcade games may feel nostalgic especially if you grew up with them. But your child, probably doesn’t even know what Frogger is because he wasn’t born when it burst onto the scene.

Well, it’s the right time to introduce him to all these games. Retro games despite the blocky graphics still have interesting gameplays. Kids will eat them up for sure. If your kid is 5 years old, chances are he hasn’t a lot of experience with 8-bit or older games. As a result, he will have the best time playing them.

Unlike the previous product, this comes in an arcade design. It’s like a miniature of a full-size arcade cabinet. It provides a similar experience, but not quite like the real machine. Well, the display is much smaller, 1.5 inches to be exact. Besides, the controls are also too tiny to give the best hand feel. But for a kid whose hands are much smaller in comparison, this console will be playable to him.

The whole unit measures 3.75 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches. Do you need coins to play? Nope, it’s a mini arcade, so coin slots are nowhere to be found. It’s readily playable right out of the box. The display is decent thanks to the high resolution. The buttons also feature a backlight, which boosts its aesthetics.

FAMILY POCKET Handheld Game Player for Kids

The front of this console looks striking with its sandy appearance. But this console is more than just a pretty face. It can also be a great choice for gaming. First of all, take a look at the build quality.

It’s designed ergonomically to give the best comfort in hand. It also features a 2.5-inch display, which will boost your gaming experience. Many handheld consoles have smaller displays, so this is a plus. As far as quality is concerned, it’s an HD screen, we’re sure you know what to expect.

What about the game collection?

With a total of 260 classic games, there’s a lot that your kid can play. Those titles are from different genres, such as fighting, adventure, puzzle, and more. Gaming is a good way to improve cognitive function, but you should do it with the right games.

They should be easy to understand and appropriate for his age. This is also a good way to build a stronger bond with your child. The whole thing is made of ABS, one of the most resilient materials for consoles. Furthermore, it’s lightweight, meaning it won’t cause hand fatigue.

Beico Handheld Games for Kids with Built in 218 Classic Video Games

Despite looking less sparkly than the previous console, it adopts a modern design. The metal gray color lends an industrial look to the device.

It includes over 200 preloaded games. Many consoles have similar numbers, so to see this figure is not really a surprise. These games will take you back down memory lane.

But since it’s for your child, he’ll get to see what you went through in childhood. Knowing how difficult retro games are to find nowadays, these consoles really come to the rescue.

It’s not just for kids, though. Anyone who wants to feel the excitement of playing older games can have one, too.

A battery is provided and it’s rechargeable via a USB cable. And if you need to play during a trip, just bring 3 AAA batteries. They can be a replacement for the lithium battery.

Price-wise, we have to say it’s quite decent, but since the quality matches the price, it’s still value for money. Besides, the supplier also offers a 60-day return policy in case something happens during use.

My Arcade DGUNL-3212, Portable Handheld with Data East Classics

Many consoles have similar form factors. What usually sets them apart is colors. This one has a dark vibe thanks to the black color scheme, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary inside. It’s like any other handheld console.

It features retro games in 8-bit quality. There are 220 of them and some are titles that you may have been familiar with, like Heavy Barrel. Since it’s portable, you can take it for traveling. Just bring it along with 4 AAA batteries because that’s where the power comes from.

Don’t worry about quality because it’s made by a reputable manufacturer. Just make sure your child loves the design. If he isn’t into it, there are similar products in the lineup, so check them out.

Picking Game Console for a 5-Year Old in 2021

1. Parental supervision

High-end consoles often come with settings for parental supervision. This feature isn’t present in every console, but when it’s included, you can put it to good use. It’s easier to censor content when this comes as a built-in feature. All you have to do is do some tweaks on the settings and you’re good to go.

Once the settings have been saved, he can only use the console the way you intended it to. This is especially beneficial if you don’t have much time to stay by his side while gaming.

What options are available? Aside from preventing in-game purchases, it can also turn off internet access altogether.

2. Design

The design here isn’t just about the appearance of a console, but also how it’s supposed to be used. There are consoles that are meant for home use. There are also portable consoles that are suitable for playing on the go.

These compact models are also known as handheld devices. What sets them apart from stationary consoles is they come with a built-in screen, so there’s no need to connect to a TV set prior to using it.

Which one is better? Not everything is about competition, anyway. It should be tailored to his needs. If he needs the convenience of playing anywhere, a portable device is an answer. If he wants to play on a larger display, then a stationary console is a perfect choice.

3. Gaming options

Find out if a console supports multiplayer mode or it only allows 1 player to play at a time. High-end consoles also have entertainment options, which means they can do more than just play games.

These additions may not be necessary if you plan on restricting content on the console. Besides, popular consoles are known for their high price tags. They don’t appeal to everyone, especially budget-conscious buyers.

If you’re on a shoestring budget, a simple console can be good, too.

FAQs – Gaming Consoles

What is the best first games console?

If this is referring to the first generation of consoles, then the Coleco Telstar Series and Color TV-Game Series could be the top picks since they rank high in sales compared to others released during that time period.

However, these consoles are difficult to find these days. Even the super popular ones like the NES and SNES are also not as ubiquitous as they were in their prime. If it wasn’t for rereleases, most of us would struggle to play on these consoles.

Older consoles have specific demographics. Just because they’re old doesn’t mean they don’t have loyal fans. Some of these consoles were genuinely loved by gamers all around the world. That’s also the reason why rereleases have always been awaited by fans.

What is the best interactive game console?

The Nintendo Switch is definitely up there. It offers a bunch of games for fitness enthusiasts. For the record, fitness games are usually safe for children. Besides, they can boost general health.

If you want to buy a console to involve him in fitness training, this is a good option. Just make sure to keep only the games that suit his age.

Can a 5 year old play Mario Odyssey?

Super Mario is widely acknowledged as the game that saved the gaming industry from total collapse. It’s also a household name among other classic titles.

In general, the franchise is considered safe, meaning anyone can play it, including children. So if your little one is interested in playing the Odyssey or another installment, you can invite him to play with you.

What about games console for 4 year old, any recommendation?

The consoles in this review are appropriate for kids aged 5 and up. Your 4-year old should also be able to play them just fine because they have retro games that are typically kid-friendly.

But in case you’re concerned about the content, you can check out the titles manually.

Final Thoughts

Speaking of the best games console for 5 year old, you don’t have to give him one if he’s not ready, yet. Remember to take responsibility for how the device should be used.

Why is a console not mandatory? Well, he can learn from anywhere and it doesn’t have to be gadgets. But if you believe that gaming provides benefits, there are many choices out there. Please find one that’s suited for his age. Some consoles are friendly enough that they have no age restriction.

Basically, anyone can play them safely. Learning can be fun, and a console can help you with that. However, it’s also important to set some limits on game time. That’s because gaming has been proven to be addictive, which may interfere with his life.

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