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Which RC Car is Best for Beginners in 2022?

Which RC car is best for beginners? RC cars come in a wide range of styles. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Your decision should be based…

Which RC car is best for beginners?

RC cars come in a wide range of styles. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Your decision should be based on where you intend to use the vehicle.

A touring RC makes sense if you want to use it to accelerate on the road because it is designed to run quickly on smooth surfaces.

But, if you want it to climb up slopes or run through muddy fields, a truck would be better because it has more ground clearance and other advantages.

Here are a few to think about.

Which RC Car is Best for Beginners?

1. Remote Control Car RC Car, Double Sided Tires, Crawler, 2.4 GHZ Remote Control

If you just got into RC cars, this would be very fitting because it’s affordable. It has a unique form factor, probably reminds you of a tank. For the price, the build quality is good. The whole thing is made of ABS plastic which ensures good durability. Meanwhile, the tires are made of rubber. They’re texturized to provide more grip onto the road.

The unique design allows it to execute fun tricks. It can move forward and backward without needing to turn it over because both ends are functional. It can even do a full 360-degree flip. Another interesting action it’s capable of doing is double-sided driving. This RC car is indeed a fun toy to play with.

The operation uses a remote controller that transmits data over the 2.4GHz frequency. For the record, it’s not the speediest RC car ever made. The upper limit is around 10 kmh, which is kind of slow. But as an entry-level model, it’s doing perfectly fine. You need to start slow in controlling an RC car.

2. Remote Control Car, 1/18 Scale, Fast 35+ kmh, 4WD, Off-Road with LED Light, All Terrain

Trucks are one of the most common forms of RC vehicles. If you like this form factor, we’d recommend this model. It’s not cheap, but won’t burn a hole in your pocket, either.

What about the specs?

They’re decent. It’s claimed to hit 35 kmh during acceleration, which is impressive especially compared to the previous product. But this kind of speed needs special skills to control. It comes in size 1/18, exactly what a beginner needs. There’s nothing wrong with learning using a larger unit, but not only does it cost more, but it also comes with complex features. Besides, they typically run faster.

This one hits the sweet spot for those who just got started. It’s small, tackles off-road environments very well, and comes equipped with durable wheels. Other than that, the shell is also shockproof, partly because it’s made of quality plastic. Don’t underestimate this material because it can be tough, too.

As for control, it includes a remote that operates on the 2.4 GHz band. You can make it do many things, like jumping, going forward, climbing, etc.

3. SGILE Remote Control Car, 2.4 GHz Remote Controller, 1:16 Scale, 2 Batteries for 50 Mins Play

Always check out the specs before you buy an RC car. They matter if it’s used by a beginner. This unit tops 18 kmh in acceleration, not very fast, but can still give you the excitement.

Since you’re in a learning phase, a speedy car isn’t too important. You should learn about the handling first, and how to move it forward, backward, left, and right properly. Another outstanding feature is 50 minutes of playtime. Though it may be lacking in speed, at least you can play for longer thanks to the durable battery. It packs 2 6v 600mAh which provides ample power for it to run for almost an hour.

The exterior is adorned with PA and ABS. This combination is commonplace for RC cars because it offers many benefits. It’s impact-resistant and lightweight, which in turn affects the car’s ability to move fast.

Another reason to buy it is that it has an easy-to-operate controller. The interface seems intuitive, and the response is also accurate.

4. HAIBOXING RC Cars Hailstorm, 1:18 scale, 4WD Off-Road, 36+ KM/H High Speed, 2.4GHz, Waterproof

It’s okay to stretch your pocket money a little further for a quality RC car. Being a beginner doesn’t mean you have to tighten your purse strings. You can practice with a high-quality RC car.

How do you know this one belongs to that category?

Well, it’s pretty small and has a decent price. Normally, smaller RC units tend to be on the cheaper side because they use less material. So when one is quite costly, there have to be things that compensate for the slim design. This one has many, such as a powerful RC 380 motor, which allows the car to sprint to 36 kmh within seconds. It also boasts well-thought-out independent suspension. Besides, this RC car has a tasteful design and a robust build.

Driving feels nice and smooth because it has full ball bearings. In case you want the fun to continue right through the night, it also has LED lights installed. It provides illumination when there isn’t much light around.

Other notable features include a dual top switch and water resistance. The waterproof electronic system is especially important when you drive it through muddy and wet covered roads. This 4WD RC car is an all-terrain vehicle, so it can be used anywhere.

5. RC Car 1:18 Scale, 2.4GHz Radio, 25+ MPH, 4WD, All Terrain Off Road, with Two Rechargeable Batteries for 40+ Min Play

This is another terrific RC car for beginners. The 4WD design ensures that it gets enough power to speed up on the road. It’s also made of a quality shell. For a car its size, it’s incredibly fast, tops a speed of 40 kmh.

When we look at the 380 motor that powers this unit, it wouldn’t surprise you anymore. Besides, it’s quite thin, which means it has less obstruction while running. Another highlight is the long battery life.

You can use it for up to 40 minutes. There are 2 batteries, and each is responsible for 20 min of operation. For the record, the batteries are rechargeable, so don’t worry if they run out of power.

The remote controls the car within a distance of 26ft. It includes all the basic features, such as steering and throttle controls.

Speaking of build quality, this unit should last long because it combines PVC and nylon for the body. The wheels are also supported by metal springs, which help them absorb the constant bumps.

6. EACHINE EC10 RC Stunt Car, Double Sided 360° Rotation and Flip, 4WD, Remote Control with Two Batteries

This is the brand you’re probably familiar with already. To start with, this RC car is quite affordable. Besides, it’s also a stunner in the looks department. Look at the solid black exterior and interesting design. It easily stands out among other RCs even more expensive ones.

Having said that, the specs are nothing to write home about. Since we’re focused on cars for beginners, they don’t really matter. For learning purposes, you’d want a unit that you can afford to break because it’s likely that you will crash it constantly.

The good news is this one is not too fast, runs only up to 15 km per hour. With such a design, this car can move around seamlessly. It can even do a double side tipping bucket.

ABS is chosen as the material to construct the compact vehicle, which is a good move because it’s non-toxic and tough. The operation uses a controller which has a maximum range of 50 feet long.


What is a good RC car to start with?

There are several types of RC cars, all with different advantages, and disadvantages. Hence, it’s hard to point out which one you should start with.

The most common types are touring cars, buggies, and trucks.

They all have recognizable traits, which make them superior for specific environments. Please learn about the characteristics to better understand what spaces they’re suitable to be used in.

What’s better RC nitro or electric?

If you’re thirsty for power, a nitro RC would be the one. But if that doesn’t matter since it’s your first experience with these toys, you can opt for an electric car. Besides, this variant is ubiquitous.

Most of the models you come across are likely this type. There are many other benefits they have to offer. Apart from lower noise outputs, they also don’t need costly upkeep.

How fast do RC cars go?

Some can run at speeds of over 100 kmh. Some can even top the 160 kmh mark.

However, commercial toy cars rarely have this capability though you can still find some that run up to 80 kmh. The information is usually specified in the description, so please read it.

What is the most expensive RC car?

Traxxas has some of the most expensive RC cars, but the one that takes the crown is the Traxxas X-Maxx 8S 1:5 4WD TQi RTR Rock ‘n Roll which costs around $1,352. Others that deserve a spot on this list are the Tamiya XB Hornet Black, Hummer H1 Green Camouflage, and Kyosho Lazer.

Who makes the best model car kits?

Some say it’s Tamiya for several good reasons.

First, it maintains strict control over the quality of its products. Second, the fit is exemplary, which goes back to the first point.

And then, RC enthusiasts also find them very detailed.

This is good because someone who wants to figure out the mechanism of an RC car would want to know every little thing needed to make it work.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to choose your first RC car. But if you don’t want to stress over it, you can choose a cheap one. Keep in mind that many problems may arise from your first attempt at using the car.

It could crash into objects multiple times, which will do damage to the shell and internal components. All units mentioned above are quite affordable.

So, which RC car is best for beginners? Take your time to read the specs, so that you can find the right one.

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