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Gaming Room Wall Decor Ideas

Setting up a game room shouldn’t just be an afterthought if it’s been lingering in your head for a while. We know it’s not easy to come up with that…

Setting up a game room shouldn’t just be an afterthought if it’s been lingering in your head for a while.

We know it’s not easy to come up with that decision because it requires investment and time.

That being the case, it’s still worth the effort because a game room (even just a small one) would be a shelter where you feel safe and free to express yourself.

Now look around; the walls probably need some touch up.

If so, here are some gaming room wall decor ideas for you.

Gaming Room Wall Decor Ideas

1. Choose a nice color palette

Revamping a game room can be as easy as changing the paint color. The walls are prominent, so any subtle change to them can make or break the whole interior.

If you don’t want to take a risk, go with a neutral shade like gray or white. For adventurous spirits, there are endless hues in the color spectrum to explore.

Blue, coral, marigold, and beige are some cool wall colors you can consider for the gaming room. Avoid choosing a palette for the sole reason that it’s trendy at the moment.

It should be something you resonate with, because guess what, it’s your private space after all.

The painting work is not particularly daunting. But if you keep switching colors out of dissatisfaction, then it may end up being tedious.

Take time to ponder what color suits the interior and aligns with your taste.

2. Bring aesthetic appeal with lights

Manufacturers try to add style by introducing multicolored lights to their products, such as PCs, keyboards, mice, speakers, etc.

You can use this approach to decorate the game room. Bear in mind that lights are more than just decorative pieces. They also provide sufficient illumination, which helps prevent eye strain.

There are dozens of light fixtures you can install in the room. Tailor them to your space and needs.

For the walls, light panels make a good choice because they have fierce visuals that transform a plain wall into an alluring spectacle.

Light panels come in various shapes. Some take geometric shapes, making them easy to set up in customizable arrangements. You can expand the size by adding more panels to the formation.

There are other lights that you can use to set the tone for the room, such as wall sconces and neon lights. Each one is unique and brings a different ambience to the space.

3. Enlarge the perceived space with an infinity mirror

A mirror can overcome space problems you’re dealing with. While it doesn’t increase the dimensions of a room, it does that by creating the illusion of a bigger space.

This one is a bit different, but can achieve a similar effect. It’s comprised of two mirrors flanking an LED strip.

This setup is what creates the long-tunnel effect. The difference in opacity between both mirrors also contributes to that.

One is reflective, while the other one is designed to be semi-reflective. Such a combination produces reflections that extend into the infinite.

You can either hang this decorative item from the wall or display it on your gaming station. It will become a focal point either way thanks to its interesting appearance.

4. Hang video game posters

Video game posters can also spruce up lifeless walls. They often draw inspiration from consoles, characters, and other facets of the video game industry.

There are countless designs you’ll come across while shopping around. These amazing art pieces can contain motivational or amusing quotes.

That aside, don’t forget to take measurements before you enhance the wall with a poster. You’d want it to fit the area nicely.

Posters come in framed and non-framed variants. Non-framed ones offer a sense of continuity, but eye-catching frames are also awesome to enhance the aesthetics.

Decorating with posters is hassle-free, anyway. They’re already ornate, so there’s no need to prep the wall before you attach one to it.

Just make sure the surface is clean to allow the adhesive to stick better.

While it can be mounted using nails or tacks, the previous method is better if you prefer not to leave pinholes on the wall.

5. Install gaming wall decals

Wall decals are another inexpensive way to revamp your gaming sanctuary. It’s time to put your creativity to work by selecting decals that best complement your game room.

One of the newest trends is glow-in-the-dark decals, which produce a strong glow when the lights are out.

Needless to say, these luminous decorations will add an amazing touch to the room. They usually contain a unique substance that emits light after absorbing energy from another source.

Although the photoluminescent nature adds to the cool factor, you should also consider durability as well as the adhesive’s stickiness.

Quality wall decals retain color for extended periods of time. By the way, decals aren’t exactly a new decorative element, but many haven’t had the chance to use them to jazz up their personal space.

Decals bring personality to any room they occupy. And since these items come in a myriad of shapes, you can decorate the room however your imagination dictates.

6. Captivate everyone with canvas artwork

Canvas art will never fall out of style. You can add dimension to your game room walls with some canvas paintings.

The way you set up the room is a direct reflection of your personality. If you’re into video games, people can tell just by seeing a game-themed painting in your room.

There are several varieties, such as handmade paintings and prints. The former has an artistic depth to them because each piece tells a different story.

Mass-produced prints aren’t inferior, but they lack the exclusivity that their handmade counterparts have to offer. They’re more like reproductions of pieces of art.

In terms of visuals, both can stun. On another note, canvas proves to be a great base fabric for acrylic paint and prints.

Not only that, it also delivers longevity. It takes years before a canvas print shows signs of fading, especially if you don’t disregard routine upkeep.

7. DIY game controller wall clock

Time flies fast when you spend time playing video games.

A timepiece is needed to remind you of the passage of time. Instead of an ordinary clock, one that sports a game design would be appropriate.

This one, for instance, looks gorgeous. It will be a natural fit for any setting because the color is versatile. It has some individual pieces that you have to stick on the wall.

Clocks that adopt this style are typically large, so you’d need to provide a sizable area for the components.

…Not going to lie, installation can be tricky, especially when trying to hang it level.

Well, it’s a DIY clock, which means it requires a basic skill level to set up.

Just take your time because the effort put into the assembly will pay off once you see it securely placed on the wall.

8. Wall mounted floating shelves

No matter what you use to accentuate the room, it will never look presentable when there’s clutter around.

Storage pieces are designed to kick the mess to the curb, so why not take advantage of them?

CDs scattered around on the floor are not a pleasant sight. Utilizing the vertical space is a good idea if there’s no more floor space left for another cabinet or drawer.

Floating shelves not only help organize accessories, but they also lend the walls some flair and elegance, just like in the picture.

Who would’ve thought that these attractive things are actually piles of CDs?

They easily pass as wall decor from a distance. Floating shelves can be mounted on any bare space in the room.

Besides CDs, you can also arrange books and collectibles on them.

Don’t worry about installation. Some products come fully assembled, so you can bolt them to the wall straight away.

Best Game Room Decor Ideas FAQs

What is a gaming room?

That should be self-explanatory. A “gaming room” is a room created specifically for playing video games.

It does not need to be a separate space. If they share the same space, you can call your bedroom a game room.

What do you put on a gaming wall?

You can put anything on it, but the thing with decorating game room walls is that the decorative pieces look better when they don’t disrupt the flow.

They should create a sense of uniformity with their furnishings.

What is the best game room décor store?

Game room decorations can be found at various retailers.

To be honest, we’re not sure if a store that specializes in selling game furnishings would be the best pick since larger stores may have more comprehensive collections.

To shop for game decor online, typing relevant keywords into Google will bring you to suppliers of such items.

Video Game Room Decoration Conclusion

The walls are a real part of a room, so we can’t ignore how much they affect the whole space.

You shouldn’t have a hard time decorating the walls because there are so many beautiful things out there.

Your job is to choose ones that go well with the color of the walls and the rest of the room.

In this article, we’ve included some gaming room wall décor ideas that we hope will complement your game room style.

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