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[2023] Best Keyboard and Mouse for PS4 Fortnite: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a big fan of Fornite, you may wonder if it’s possible to play it on the PS4 with a mouse and a keyboard. For some, it’s hard to…

If you’re a big fan of Fornite, you may wonder if it’s possible to play it on the PS4 with a mouse and a keyboard.

For some, it’s hard to adapt to a new habit of using a controller especially when you’ve been playing it on your PC most of the time.

Fortunately, that’s a possibility. There’s no denying that the PS4 controller has outstanding quality, but for this game in particular, you may still want to do it with your mouse and keyboard. Some keyboards are sold in a bundle with a mouse.

If you want to making savings, buying a set is a good idea. Pay attention to compatibility.

While various keyboards could work with the PS4, you’d want to make sure that a product is designed for the console. You can find it in the description or by reading reviews. There are 3 USB ports on a PS4.

To connect the mouse and keyboard, a USB hub can help. Plug them into the slots and then connect the other end of the cable to your PS4.

Don’t forget to turn on the console and sign in to your account beforehand. Once the keyboard is connected, hit the arrow buttons on the keyboard.

If it triggers a reaction on the screen, then it means the pairing is successful.

You can proceed to the next step, which is loading Fornite to further test the in-game functions.

If you don’t own the best keyboard and mouse for PS4, yet, please consider these options.

The Best Keyboard and Mouse for PS4 Fortnite [2023]

1. RGB 87 Keys Gaming Keyboard and Backlit Mouse Combo

There’s a lot we can talk about this keyboard. The design is rather generic, but many keyboards sport similar styles, so this isn’t really surprising.

It has 87 keys with a backlight shining through the keys. The letters are made to last, which is important because excessive use can lead early color fading.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with this product albeit the affordable price. Another essential feature is 19 n-key rollover.

It’s necessary especially for gaming because we often need to hold down multiple keys all at once.

The backlight is lit, and it’s easy to access with key combinations.

For example, to change the light breathing mode, you can hit the Fn+home buttons. Or to turn up the brightness level, just hit Fn+Pgup simultaneously.

What about the mouse? It’s made of plastic with 6 buttons in total. It also comes with a backlit that changes on its own.

Meanwhile, the cursor’s sensitivity is adjustable. You can switch between these levels with ease; 800/1200/1600/2000.

2. RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo – CHONCHOW

This is another PS4 compatible keyboard you can consider. It also boasts 19 conflict-free keys.

This aspect of a keyboard is something you should always ponder. The higher the number, the most powerful it is for gaming. Since it’s full-sized with 104 keys, you can use it for work.

The backlight looks fantastic. It emits light in gradual colors, which will elevate your gaming experience. You can adjust how the light displays through the modes provided.

The brightness is another adjustable element. In case it looks too flashy, you can turn it down, so that it’s easier on the eyes.

The mouse that comes with the package has an ergonomic design. It’s aimed to keep the friction between the wrist and table at a minimum.

For added comfort, it includes a mouse pad to rest your palm on. Overall, the keyboard offers an awesome typing experience thanks to the u-radius key layout.

In terms of compatibility, the PS4 isn’t the only supported system. There are more pairing options, like with PC, PS3, and Xbox One.

3. FENIFOX Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Many keyboards don’t try to stand out in the crowd with quirky designs but rather advanced features.

This one tries to grab attention with its futuristic design. Apparently, it’s not the only selling point of this keyboard.

The chassis contains aluminum alloy to make it more resistant to abusive treatment. Furthermore, the design is also ergonomic, meaning that it’s approached to provide the ultimate comfort to the user.

The palm rest also compliments its stylish design. Look at the back, there’s a phone holder in that area. You can tuck your phone in if there’s no space left on the desktop.

The mouse is also terrific. It amazes with its incredible breathing backlit. There’s an option to control sensitivity with the adjustable DPI levels.

For the record, this keyboard is wired. So to use it, you need to plug it into the correct port on the console.

4. RGB Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo Wired

The first impression is often the last one, which is why many keyboards try to impress with an interesting design.

This one has that traditional appeal, but with a dash of modern aesthetics. The sturdy metal surrounding the keyboard reinforces that.

If you’re concerned about build quality, this won’t leave you disappointed.

The metallic accent lends its luxury appeal to the unit. Not just that, the detailing in some parts also makes it look fancy.

Enough with the praise of the look, let’s see observe other aspects as well.

First, it supports the PS4 and other systems, including the Switch, Xbox One, and PC. Compatibility is something to look out for because you wouldn’t want to deal with pairing problems.

Another highlight is the spill resistance.

Are you a tea or coffee drinker? Well, this will put your mind at ease.

The mouse doesn’t come up short in quality. Just like the keyboard, it’s also made to last, has 4 adjustable DPI levels.

If you’re accustomed to a certain level of pointer’s sensitivity, you can adjust it with this feature.

5. USB Charging Light Keyboard & Mouse Kit For PS4

It’s perfectly reasonable to equate price with quality, but that doesn’t stop people from buying cheap goods.

If you’re not too bothered about quality and just want to get your hands on a low-priced keyboard, this can be an option.

The ad states that it’s brand new and high quality. The latter, though, maybe you should take it with a grain of salt. The only way to find out the real quality is by using it yourself.

Now, let’s check out the features. It comes in a suspended design for maximum comfort while playing.

Some products offer this in the form of rear legs. Whatever it is, this design does help improve typing comfort.

The LED light looks nice on this one. You can control it using scroll lock.

As for the housing, it’s constructed using ABS. If this is not your introduction to the material, you should know what to expect. Overall, the keyboard is durable and has water resistant properties.

The mouse is pleasingly responsive and fits nicely in the grip. Besides, it also has an ergonomic design, so prolonged use shouldn’t be an issue.

6. ZERODATE J40 Wired Keyboard Set Keyboard Mouse

This is another set that tries to steal the show with its unique design.

The mouse has an interesting print all over it. The keyboard also has a similar vibe. Normally, keycaps are square-shaped, but this one has round-plated keys.

Well, if you’re a sucker for quirky designs, you’d fall for it instantly.

But let’s see if it can go far beyond a pretty design. It captures a retro vibe due to the steapmunk design. The backlit is stunning and appears in popping colors.

If you don’t need it, you can turn it off at anytime. It also provides access to multimedia through Fn key combinations.

The construction is rigid since it has a metal panel combined with ABS.

In the meantime, the mouse has 7 buttons with breathing backlight. It’s not just easy on the eyes, but also in your hand because it’s designed ergonomically.

Picking a keyboard and mouse for PS4 Fortnite

1. Adjustable DPI

In choosing a mouse, sensitivity is a factor you should always take into account as it affects how responsive the mouse is relative to the pointer’s movement.

Not everyone is comfortable with a specific setting. With adjustable dpi, YOU can switch to a level that feels the nicest for aiming.

The range of DPI can be found in the product description.

2. Tactile feedback

Can you use a membrane keyboard to play Fortnite?

Yes, but it may come up short in performance compared to a mechanical keyboard. Both types are great in their own, but tactile feedback takes gaming experience to the next level.

With mechanical switches, you can feel every key press more precisely.

And that’s not the only thing it’s good at. With low travel time and audible sound, expect it to improve your performance even further.

3. Form factor

There are many things that define a form factor, but one that’s crucial is how it’s contoured to fit the user’s hands.

There’s a term called ergonomic. When a mouse or keyboard sports an ergonomic design, it’s made for your best comfort because the hand will be at a relaxed state during use.

This will lead to longer game time since fatigue won’t kick in too soon.

FAQs – PS4 Keyboard and Mouse (Fortnite)

Can I play Fortnite with mouse and keyboard on PS4?

Yes, you can play Fornite with both peripherals.

Basically, you have to plug your mouse and keyboard into a hub, and then connect it to the USB port on the console.

This will initiate the pairing process. Once successful, you’ll be able to navigate through menus and control in-game actions with them.

What is the best keyboard and mouse for PS4?

You can start with the products included in this review.

If you need more options, consider the following ones; the Corsair – Pro Wired Gaming Bundle, Redragon S101-BA Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, and Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo.

What is the best keyboard and mouse for Fortnite?

Many of the products already mentioned are great for playing Fortnite.

Besides, they also have broad compatibility, meaning that you can use them not only with the PS4, but other systems as well.

You can learn about this in the product page.

Which games are compatible with keyboard and mouse on PS4?

There are some that belong to this list, such as Overwatch, Final Fantasy XIV, and War Thunder.

There’s more, but the support is limited to keyboard only. Neverwinter is one of the examples.

What is the best wireless keyboard and mouse for PS4?

You can try the Logitech Wireless Combo MK360.

Logitech has been making quality products since forever. Hence, you can trust this brand for quality gaming peripherals.

If you need a wireless keyboard to use on the PS4, this would make a good pick thanks to the long battery life and slim design.

Final Thoughts on PS4 Fortnite Keyboard and Mouse

It becomes evident that the role of a mouse-keyboard combo is hard to be replaced by a controller.

No matter how developed a console is, it still offers a different experience than playing with PC peripherals.

Since Fortnite gives its users the opportunity to play with a mouse and a keyboard, why not take the chance?

This would help a lot if you’ve been accustomed to using both to play Fortnite.

Installation should be easy. The bigger challenge would be to find items that are compatible. Keep in mind that keyboards are diverse. But to avoid pairing problems, you’d want a keyboard that supports the console.

We’ve provided some of the best keyboard and mouse for PS4.

You can buy a set and test on your PS4. For the mouse specifically, it’s instrumental to adjust the DPI. You may even go all the way to the highest setting in the mouse.

Adjust accordingly, once it feels right, you can stop right there. It’s also necessary to do some adjustment in the game settings.

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