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[2023] Best Cheap 60 Percent Keyboards

Keyboards can be classified by size. Full-size keyboards are the ones we’re familiar the most because they have the full key configuration. There’s no section missing. A full size keyboard…

Keyboards can be classified by size. Full-size keyboards are the ones we’re familiar the most because they have the full key configuration.

There’s no section missing. A full size keyboard makes a perfect option for day-to-day typing. If you’re writer who uses keys heavily, then this will really help because all letters and numbers have dedicated keys.

The arrow and function keys also have their own sections. While providing the best comfort, they also come with drawbacks. The most noticeable one is that they’re heavy.

Compared to smaller keyboards, full-size keyboards are noticeably bulkier. Not that it’s a bad thing. If there’s much space on your desk for this keyboard, you can go for it.

But if it’s quite limited or you need a keyboard to move around effortlessly, then it’s not the most ideal pick. It becomes more apparent for uses like gaming.

When playing games, we often subconsciously drag the keyboard around due to the overexcitement, which may lead to fatigue. To overcome this issue, choosing a smaller keyboard will really help.

A 60% keyboard is a good alternative. It only has 60% of the keys contained in a full-size keyboard, so it would be a significant weight reduction.

They come in a range of prices. If you’re looking for cheap 60 percent keyboards, here are some of our recommendations:

The Best Cheap 60 Percent Keyboards

1. Smart Duck XS61 60% mechanical keyboard

This keyboard comes at a reasonable price. The high average rating indicates that this product delivers supreme quality.

It’s made of PBT material, offers medium resistance and tactile feedback. While resistance is necessary for gaming, too much can be unpleasant, too.

This keyboard has it in the right amount, so you’d be pleased. As with other 60% keyboards, it has 61 keys in total. With this, you can place it anywhere on the desktop without compromising other gears because it’s very slim.

Another standout feature is the RBG lighting. Each keyboard offers unique customizations and this product comes with an array of effects, such as breathing, interactive, full backlight, static, etc.

It will exhibit a fantastic light show no doubt. The ad also states that this keyboard is splash resistance, which can be helpful especially if you always keep your drinks close.

2. Royal Kludge RK61 Wired Bluetooth Dual Mode Portable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This product is not the cheapest, but there many that cost way more. Let’s see if the features are worth the price. At a glance, it doesn’t have a striking feature on the outside. It looks like other 60% keyboards.

It has 61 keys, come in two colors, black and white. The keyboard is available in brown switch, red switch, and blue switch. The construction is made of ABS, which delivers toughness and durability.

ABS is a common choice for peripherals because it has great properties. As for connection, you can use it wired or wirelessly. Both have pros and cons.

For easy mobility, the wireless mode would be perfect. It connects via Bluetooth 3.0. But if you want to switch to the wired mode, just plug in the cable that comes with the package.

It already adopts anti-ghosting technology, supports up to 6 keys in wireless mode.

3. Lushujun Wireless 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Normally, cheap and quality don’t belong in the same sentence. You can either lower your expectations or up the budget.

This product is moderately priced, which means you can get your hopes up for some decent features. First, you’ll get a customizable RGB lighting with 16 million color combinations.

Second, it offers tactile feedback. Third, they caps are high quality because they are double-shot ABS keycaps. Other features to look forward to are n-key rollover and macro support, both of which help for gaming.

And then, It comes with built-in software to let you reconfigure keys to your liking.

In terms of compatibility, you can use this keyboard with devices running Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

Pairing can be done through the wireless connection, or for more stable transmission, you can opt for the wired mode.

4. Bluefinger 60% Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

What’s better than cheap keyboard?

A keyboard-and-mouse combo with an affordable price tag. This is what you need if you want to save a little bit of money.

For the price, you get a keyboard bundled with a mouse. The keyboard has 61 keys with rainbow backlight. You can switch between the 5 lighting modes to create an immersive gaming experience.

That’s not the only customizable part. The brightness, color, and breathing speed can also be adjusted. Moreover, It’s already anti-ghosting enabled, so you can hold down multiple keys without a problem.

The caps are durable thanks to the double shot injection molding process. That makes them not prone to wear and tear. The rest of the construction is just as sturdy because it’s made of ABS.

Surprisingly, the mouse also delivers. It takes on an ergonomic design, feels comfortable to the grip, and has good build quality. It also comes in 4 adjustable DPI levels.

5. E-Element Z88 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is another product you can add to your wish list. Aside from an affordable price, the keyboard is packed with essential features like 81 keys n-key rollover.

With this, there’s no more hesitation when you need to execute long sequences of keys because all should be read by the system. It utilizes blue mechanical switches that serve accuracy and durability.

The resistance is moderate, so you don’t need to press down hard. The clicking sound is also audible, which will surely boost your gaming experience.

By the way, the package includes 5 extra switches. In case some become unresponsive all of a suddden, you can replace them real quick.

The backlit looks splendid especially factoring in the low price. On another note, there’s no problem with the construction. It looks and feels solid because it’s made of quality ABS.

And the color also looks nice, nothing over the top. Despite the limited number of keys, access to browser, calculator, and others is still available via shortcuts.

6. LexonElec MK68 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you prefer keyboards with light colors, this may pique your interest. It has 68 keys in total, more than some 60% keyboards, but still compact enough for a gaming station.

The backlit can put on a great light show since it’s customizable with 18 cool effects. As for the switches, they are the mechanical type and blue colored.

Besides offering tactile feedback, they also produce a loud clicky sound, which are important to ensure precise typing. The anti-ghosting feature would come in handy for pro players because hitting multiple keys is a common occurrence in gaming.

There’s more to see, like console IC chip, ABS frame, Type-C USB, and more.

Picking the best cheap 60 percent keyboard for Gamers

1. Up the budget

Everyone has their own definition of cheap. For some, a $50 keyboard is cheap, but for others it’s not.

The thing is you can almost guarantee to get better quality by paying more. For this reason, if you want a ‘cheap’ keyboard with decent quality, don’t be too stingy.

There are many good products that cost around $40 – $60. Lower than that, chances are you’d compromise quality.

2. Check out the features

60% keyboards may be similar in looks, but they still have differentiating features.

Please learn all features of a product before making a purchase. These lean keyboards are comparable to the full-size counterparts in terms of features.

You can also find RGB lighting, macro support, and customization software in them. Just make sure whatever look for is included, so that you won’t feel disappointed later.

3. See ratings and reviews

Reviews are a good way to measure customer satisfaction. When a product receives mostly positive reviews, that means buyers are happy.

It could be because the quality is good or it matches the price. Even if a keyboard isn’t from a major brand, if it has a high rating and great reviews, there’s no reason to remove it from consideration.

Reviews have become a prime source of information for buyers. That’s why it’s easy to find them on e-Commerce sites.

If you want to buy from a marketplace like Amazon, each product has a review section. Read through them to have a better idea of the quality of the product.

FAQs – Best Value 60 Keyboard

What is a 60% gaming keyboard?

The percentage actually refers to the number of keys the keyboard has in comparison to a full-size one.

In other words, a 60% keyboard is a keyboard that has 60% of the keys a full-size keyboard does.

Being smaller means some sections should be omitted from the arrangement, like the navigation section, the F row keys, and number pad.

Although they don’t have dedicated keys, they are still accessible by pressing key combinations.

What is the best 60 percent keyboard?

There are many great contenders, so it’s hard to pick one.

However, of all 60% keyboards ever made, you’d see the following ones often featured in reviews; the Dierya DK63, Anne Pro 2, Ducky One 2 Mini.

There are others, but you should check out these ones first because they are already exceptional.

Is a 60% keyboard worth it?

It depends on how you’re going to use a keyboard. If you’re a writer, a full-sized keyboard will help you more than a compact one.

In this case, a 60% one is probably not worth it. But if you are a gamer who expect a high level of mobility and portability from your gaming gears, then a 60% keyboard is a good option.

It’s much lighter, so it doesn’t put stress on your wrists and hands.

Why are 60 keyboards so popular?

People like them for a number of reasons. First, they are small, which allows for easy storage. Besides, they don’t take much space on the desktop.

If you’re dealing with a cluttered gaming station, getting rid of unnecessary items can help.

A full-size keyboard albeit useful looks rather bulky for a gaming station. Hence, a 60% model would make a good replacement. Being small also makes it easy to carry around as you can fit it in the backpack without a problem.

The customization provided is another reason why people love these keyboards. They are available in standard layouts, so they are compatible with all kinds of keysets.

How many switches do you need for a 60 keyboard?

The average 60 percent keyboard has 61 keys. Thus, there should be 61 switches in the whole unit. There are some that you can find, like the arrow cluster keys and F row keys.

You can access them by pressing keyboard combinations. For this reason, it’s important to read the product description, so that you know how to activate those functions.

Final Thoughts on Affordable 60% Keyboards

In choosing a keyboard, it’s a good idea to base it on your needs.

Like if you need all keys present and have their dedicated sections, then you can do no wrong with a full-size keyboard as it’s the most complete one.

But if you have another request, then opt for another model. 60% keyboards aren’t for everyone simply because they are too different from regular ones. They are more suited for those who want to make the most of the space or advance in gaming.

The latter in particular, size does matter. As said earlier, a slight reduction can help extend your game time because it keeps you from fatigue much longer.

Gaming also requires high mobility of the keyboard. And since a large keyboard makes it hard to do that, a smaller one would make more sense.

We’ve provided some quality cheap 60 percent keyboards on this article. Just scroll back up to find out.

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