Best Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards

Best Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Ergonomic is a word you’ll come across a lot during your search for the best mechanical keyboard. Although you may be familiar with the term already, it’s likely that you…

Ergonomic is a word you’ll come across a lot during your search for the best mechanical keyboard. Although you may be familiar with the term already, it’s likely that you still don’t know the true meaning. An ergonomic design refers to a design that’s tailored to the needs of a user.

Basically, when a keyboard sports this design, it’s made in a way to provide the ultimate comfort. Instead of you trying to fit with the layout of the keyboard, it’s actually the opposite. But does it really work, though?

Many people have reported that this design eases tension throughout their bodies. Remember that typing can put a strain on your body especially the wrists. Being in such a strenuous position for an extended period of time can lead to problems like neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. The latter is serious and needs to be treated immediately.

One of the underlying causes of this condition is typing in an unnatural position. You can tell when the hands aren’t positioned naturally. It will cause tension that leads to hand fatigue. If you’re looking for the best ergonomic mechanical keyboards, there are some to consider.

It doesn’t have to be branded. As long as the keyboard serves its purpose, you can just buy it. Using this type of keyboard can keep muscle strain at bay. Due to the high importance, don’t hesitate to invest in a quality product.

It’s much cheaper to buy an ergonomic keyboard than to pay for hospital visits because there’s a problem in your wrist. By the way, don’t forget to check out these awesome products.

The Best Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards in 2022

1. Kinesis Freestyle Pro Ergonomic Split Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Brown Switches)

Look at that design. You may have never seen keyboards that look like this, but they do exist. If you need an ergonomic keyboard in its finest form, this can be an option. It’s designed to support your work position.

Since the keyboard is split in two sections, you can adjust the angles to the needs. They can be separated up to 20 inches far. The design isn’t the only thing that contributes to the great typing feel. The mechanical switches further elevate that comfort.

As we know, tactile feedback of mechanical switches help us type faster. This keyboard uses Cherry MX brown that has distinct qualities like a low activation force and the ability to endure 50 million strokes. It has more features to offer.

Apart from 9 custom layouts, you’ll also be provided with macro recording and office hotkeys. Setup is easy as you just have to plug the keyboard into the compatible slot.

Just make sure your computer runs one of the newer Windows version, from 7 to 10. Other supported platforms include Chrome, Linux, And Mac OS X. Compatibility isn’t an issue, and we dare say it’s much better than those with only Windows support.

2. Ergonomic Keyboard, Natural Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, X-Bows Ergo USB RGB Backlt MS TKL Sculpt Keyboard

This is another keyboard that has a quirky design. There’s nothing creepy about the curvy key lineup. It’s not added for aesthetic purposes, but rather for comfort. The cross-linear design will make your hands rest comfortably on the keyboard. It follows your arms’ natural angles. Typing can cause fatigue because it puts a strain on the wrists.

To boost comfort while typing, an ergonomic keyboard is the solution. This way, you’ll be able to type for longer without feeling fatigue. Coming with the packing is 1 unit keyboard, a keycap removal tool, and braided Type-C to Type-A cable. In terms of design, it looks quite compact.

Despite the curvy design, the letters actually use the QWERTY arrangement, so there isn’t much of a difference compared to a traditional keyboard. The build quality is also solid. It contains aluminum to increase robustness. Meanwhile, at the bottom there’s rubber feet that keeps it from moving around during use.

The letters are resistant to fading thanks to the double injection. To use the keyboard to its fullest potential, you can download the proprietary software. It’s useful for key remapping and other settings.

3. Eagletec KG010, RGB Mechanical Keyboard, 104 Lighted Keys Natural Ergonomic Aluminum Design

Key switches play a role in keyboard feedback. Since this uses blue mechanical switches, performance shouldn’t be a problem. They are designed to provide a satisfying typing experience and maximum durability. While resistance is necessary, too much of it isn’t good, either.

Thankfully, this keyboard serves the right amount. The keys don’t feel hard to press, but at the same time register with high precision. The click sound is also pretty loud. This is important for gaming keyboard in general.

For those who care about backlighting, this product also has an RGB LED backlight. The user can switch between 5 lighting modes. There’s also an option to turn up or down brightness up to 5 levels.

What about the construction? It’s magnificent. The aluminum and ABS combo should give it an edge in endurance over products that contain only ABS. It’s made to deal with abusive gaming. The keyboard has 104 keys, which means it’s a full-sized version.

Some of you may prefer compact keyboards, but this is just as good. Keep in mind that more keys mean it’s functional not just for gaming. Another awesome feature is water-resistance.

Anti-splash is a common feature in keyboards, just don’t submerge it water because that requires another level of liquid resistance.

4. Velocifire Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, Ergonomic, High Battery Lasting for Copywriters, Typists, Programmer

This is another choice for those wanting an ergonomic mechanical keyboard. It provides a satisfying typing experience. If your job requires you to type fast, this will help. The keystrokes are not only pleasant, but also precise. It utilizes brown switches that produce a low noise output.

If you’ve never been a fan of noisy keyboards, you’ve stumbled upon the right product. The tactile feedback further increases its value. Well, it comes as no surprise given that it’s mechanical. Tactile feedback is destined to be present since it’s one of the key features. For the record, this keyboard is wireless.

The battery lasts long enough before you need to recharge it. One full charge nets around 150 hours of use, but make sure to turn off the backlight to get close to that figure.

On another note, it’s charging while typing, so you don’t have to wait until it reaches full capacity. In terms of OS support, it works with some Windows versions like XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Linux devices are compatible, too.

5. Mistel BAROCCO MD770, Split Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switch

This product reminds us of the split keyboard above. The only difference is the left and right sections aren’t the same size. It’s slightly larger on the right, but this shouldn’t be a big deal because the keys are evenly distributed on both sides. The keyboard makes use of brown switches.

There are some advantages they have, like tactile feedback and gentle typing. Who said tactile keys have to resist presses hard? The subtlety on this keyboard makes it suitable for copywriting. Your fingers won’t hurt because you only need to press lightly.

For gaming it’s good, but for regular typing it’s excellent. What’s the purpose of a split keyboard? It allows you to position the keyboard to your comfort level. In other words, this design is good for keeping the wrists at a natural state.

The keycaps aren’t susceptible to fading, while the backlight offers multiple customizations. It also has macro support, so that you can assign commands to the keys and remap them with ease.

Picking The Best Ergonomic Keyboard

1. Style

Decide on what style you want. As with products included in this review, ergonomic keyboards can be contoured or split. Contoured keyboards have unique shapes that may look strange at first.

The curve on these keyboards serves a purpose, which is to keep your wrists in a neutral position. To be quite honest, split keyboards aren’t less weird especially with the cord flanking both sections. However, you should know that it’s also meant to keep the wrists relaxed.

2. Wired or wireless

Ergonomic keyboards come in wired and wireless versions. A wireless keyboard provides more comfort and flexibility as you can place it far from the monitor.

Meanwhile, the cord on a wire keyboard can limit its movement, but it has other benefits like no latency issues and clutter-free. There’s a reason why they’re preferred for gaming.

3. Wrist rest

Although ergonomic keyboards are already built with comfort in mind, a wrist rest pad can take it to the next level. Wrist rest is the detachable part at the bottom of a keyboard.

Not every model has this, but when there’s one, it will make the keyboard look slightly bigger. You can remove the extension if you don’t need it, though.

FAQs – Best Mechanical Keyboard

1. Are mechanical keyboards better for your hands?

It depends on what you mean with better. If you refer to typing feel, then it is. Typing on a mechanical keyboard feels more satisfying if that makes sense. Each key is connected to an individual switch unlike a membrane keyboard where all the keys are put on a huge sheet of rubber.

The kind of experience a mechanical keyboard provides is called tactile feedback which feels little resistance while pressing a key. Just press down until the actuation point. After that point, the key will register and you can proceed to other letters.

2. Are mechanical keyboards better for RSI?

RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury. This is the type of injury that affects the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. The causes are often related to poor typing habits.

Perhaps, you like to hit the keys forcefully albeit not necessary. Or maybe you like to type in bad positions. This can cause tension which triggers damage to the said areas.

But, how does choosing a specific type of keyboard help in this scenario? The answer for a mechanical keyboard lies in its design. A mechanical keyboard is designed to make a loud clicking sound and have an actuation point that doesn’t require you to press all the way down.

The audible sound helps give confirmation that you have pressed a key, while the actuation point helps prevent you from overworking your fingers.

3. What are the five symptoms of RSI?

This condition may bring on symptoms like pain, swelling, stiffness, tenderness, and sensitivity to heat or cold. All these symptoms can start out mild and then increase in intensity with time.

Although treatment helps, the symptoms can make it hard to continue working with your fingers. It takes time for the muscles to recover. The best you can do during this period is rest and get the necessary treatment.

4. What are the steps that you will take to avoid RSI while working with the keyboard and mouse?

There are some preventive measures you can take. First, type in a neutral position. This is what ergonomic keyboards are trying to accomplish. They help position your wrists at their most relaxed state.

Choosing a mechanical keyboard also helps for reasons that have been stated before. Additionally, don’t position the keyboard too high like above elbow level. When it’s too high, it will cause a strain. As for the mouse, you can avoid tension by using a better mouse pad.

You may have seen pads with a small bump at the bottom. That bump acts like wrist rest on a keyboard. Both are designed to reduce strain. These specially-designed pads aren’t expensive, so why not get one for yourself?

Final Thoughts on Buying Mechanical Keyboards

The best ergonomic mechanical keyboards come in various form factors. Some have curvy designs, while others are divided into two. There are also angled keyboards with the front having a different height than the back.

Despite all the differences, these designs have the same goal, which is to reduce wrist strain. Too much strain is bad because it can cause problems like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Before it happens, you can invest in an ergonomic keyboard. Ergonomic and mechanical are two different things. Mechanical switches will increase comfort significantly. When a keyboard combines the two, you’ll get the most benefits.

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