Best Compact Gaming Keyboards

Best Compact Gaming Keyboards: Reviews and Buying 2022

Choosing a keyboard is a big decision especially to those who spend a lot of time on their laptop. If you’re a gamer, adding a quality keyboard to the battle…

Choosing a keyboard is a big decision especially to those who spend a lot of time on their laptop. If you’re a gamer, adding a quality keyboard to the battle station is a must because it affects comfort.

Imagine if you fail to defeat the opponents because your keyboard fails to register some keys. That would be infuriating, right? Fortunately, newer models have anti-ghosting technology to ensure every keystroke is recognized by the system.

Apparently, quality isn’t just about anti-ghosting and tactile feedback. A good gaming keyboard is one that can increase your gaming skills in one way or another. In this case, size matters as it has an impact on how you operate a keyboard.

A heavy keyboard feels solid, but it’s not the best option for gaming because it may force you to act ‘violently’ at times. Gaming can bring so much excitement that a heavy keyboard can disrupt that. For this reason, decide the size of your keyboard in advance.

Do you want the best compact gaming keyboard or one that resembles a keypad? In a keypad, most of the keys are excluded. Only the ones that matter in gaming are included. Meanwhile, the operation is one-handed, so it’s easy to picture how small it is compared to a traditional QWERTY keyboard.

A full-sized one has about 104 or 105 keys. This makes it useful for typing, not just gaming. It’s true that these keyboards weigh a lot, but compact models are available, too. You just need to find the right one to beef up your arsenal.

The Best Compact Gaming Keyboards

1. RK71 Mechanical Keyboard, 71 Keys Blue Backlit Compact Gaming Keyboard, Wired/Wireless Bluetooth Portable Keyboard

This keyboard connects through Bluetooth, which is quite a standard in modern computers. You shouldn’t have a problem pairing it with your gaming rig. This mechanical keyboard isn’t only designed for computers. You can also connect it to your Smartphone as long as Bluetooth is present.

Interestingly, despite the preferred wireless connection, it also comes with a wire. So in case you have latency issues, just plug in the cable and you’re good to go. As with many other keyboards, it’s backlit with 17 fascinating modes.

There are also 3 rainbow sidelight modes. All these amazing modes only make the keyboard more tempting to buy. Not only does it help you see in low-light conditions, but the range of customizations also makes the backlight pleasant to look at.

There are 71 keys in total. It’s not the most comprehensive as far as keys are concerned, but it should be useful outside of gaming. Another interesting feature is macro recording function. Enable it, you can record a sequence of keys to launch a combo.

2. Rainbow LED Backlit 87 Keys Gaming Keyboard, Compact Keyboard with 12 Multimedia Shortcut Keys

Compact keyboards are practical to carry around. Besides, they don’t take much space. If your desk is already filled with accessories and doesn’t allow for more chunky items, this can be a lifesaver. It delivers great performance despite the small size.

In terms of durability, it shouldn’t disappoint as it utilizes high quality materials. The keycaps are grip coated, making them withstand wear and tear better. Meanwhile, the typing feel is decent. The keyboard boasts tactile feedback, so you can tell what to expect from it.

Are you looking for awesome backlighting? Don’t break a sweat over it. This feature is included just like other compact keyboards do. What we like about the illumination is the subtlety. If it doesn’t satisfy you enough, there is an option to adjust the brightness.

Keep in mind that although a backlight is useful, there is no need to turn it up to maximum because it can hurt your eyes. Adjust it accordingly, so that your eyes don’t feel strained looking at it.

There are 12 shortcut keys for efficiency. To connect it to your computer, it should run one of the following Windows versions, 10/8/7/Vista/XP. Mac OS is also included, anyway.

3. Corsair K63 Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit Red LET, Linear & Quiet

Who’s not going to be spellbound by a Corsair keyboard? The brand name is a guarantee of quality. This product, for instance, would spark your interest the moment you notice the brand in its name. Let’s find out the advantages of this keyboard. First of all, it uses 100% Cherry MX Red switches.

For those wanting a mechanical Corsair keyboard, consider this one. The key switches are promise outstanding performance. The backlight will also leave you in awe.

Mind you, backlights can look quite similar across keyboards, but each product has distinct backlighting options. That’s why you shouldn’t quickly skip this feature and proceed to another. We think the backlight on this product is stunning with all the effects provided.

Back to the design, this keyboard is tenkeyless, which contributes to the weight reduction. A smaller design means there’s more space for other accessories like a mouse.

This keyboard also comes with dedicated multimedia keys. You don’t have to quit the game anytime you want to access multimedia content. The shortcuts line up nicely on top section of the keyboard.

4. PICTEK TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 100% Anti-Ghosting Wired Ergonomic Keyboard

At a glance, this looks like any other keyboard, but it still offers cool features. Let’s start with the double-shot injection keycaps. It’s unfortunate when the letters on a keyboard fade away quickly. That wouldn’t happen to this product thanks to the solid construction.

The backlight is also pleasant to look at especially with the rainbow theme. The user can switch between the bunch of modes provided. It also allows you to adjust the brightness to 5 different levels.

For the record, a backlight is more than just a feature to aid in low-light conditions. When it’s done right, it can also elevate gaming atmosphere. This one has several zones marked by different colors, which will look phenomenal in the dark.

When it comes to typing, the keyboard delivers tactile feedback. This is important for gaming as you can feel a small bump with each key press. It also makes a crisp sound. If the tactile feedback wasn’t enough to give a sense of touch, the audible sound will confirm the keystrokes.

Furthermore, the 87 keys are conflict free. It’s useful for tasks that require hitting keys quickly. There are also shortcuts to take you to various apps, including calculator and email.

On top of that, it includes multimedia controls. They are in no way a novelty, but every keyboard that has them would be excellent for gaming.

5. B930 TKL Tenkeyless Optical Switch Gaming Keyboard by Bloody Gaming, Fastest Keyboard Switches in Gaming

Looks like this keyboard has a decent price, but is it worth the money? According to the description, this keyboard sounds spectacular with its advanced features. It has something called Light Strike Technology with optical detection that takes key responsiveness to the next level. It’s claimed to have near zero latency.

The keys are also conflict free, making it possible to type fast with all strokes being registered. Besides, the keycaps are designed in such a way to prevent finger fatigue. It’s a common problem associated with prolonged used of a keyboard.

The tenkey pad is left out, but that’s for your convenience. It makes the keyboard much lighter and more compact. The design is well thought out from key arrangement to positioning.

To put it simply, the keyboard keeps your hands at a comfortable state, so it doesn’t trigger problems like shoulder or neck strain. In terms of build quality, this product checks all the boxes. It’s made of heavy duty materials like anodized aluminum.

It also doesn’t pick up smudges easily. On top of that, it can endure up to 100 million key strokes. The backlighting is equally impressive. There are 3 RGB animations included. If you need more, just download the software for countless customizations.

Choosing The Best Compact Gaming Keyboard

1. Design

A compact keyboard doesn’t have a space for extravagant features. However, you can still choose one with a nice design. There are many factors to consider, such as the material.

It can be made of reinforced plastic adorned with metal elements for incomparable sturdiness. Metal makes a gaming keyboard better at withstanding the abuse of gaming.

2. Type

Keyboards come in mechanical and membrane varieties. For the best tactile feedback, a mechanical keyboard should be your priority. It has a sense of touch that gives you certainty in pressing the keys.

That’s not to say that membrane keyboards can’t give you the same feeling. You can feel every stroke, but it’s usually smoother, which is not that suitable for gaming that needs every stroke to feel firm and audible.

3. Anti-ghosting

Gaming requires typing long sequences of keys to execute effects. Hence, you need to make sure every stroke is registered. Otherwise, it will end up with failure in the execution.

Fortunately, newer keyboards have this feature already, so you won’t miss any commands to reach the highest levels possible.

FAQs – Compact Gaming Keyboard

1. Is a compact keyboard better for gaming?

Compact keyboards are made for easy operation and storage. For gaming, a smaller keyboard makes a good choice for a number of reasons. The fewer number of keys means you can jump between keys more quickly.

A smaller keyboard is also more lightweight, so it’s easier to move it around without causing fatigue to your wrists and hands. Just because they are small doesn’t mean they are inferior in quality. Compact keyboards can be as strong and splash-proof as larger models.

2. What is the smallest gaming keyboard?

Mini keyboards are about the same size. You can try RK61 60% RGB if you need a small gaming keyboard with tactile feedback. If you need more options, you can opt for DROP ALT Mechanical Keyboard or Ducky One 2.

There’s more to see, actually. Just add in 60% to your search queries to discover plenty of mini keyboards.

3. Is Corsair better than Razer?

They are both the epitome of quality. Corsair keyboards are known for being rich in features. They also provide options for gaming and professional typing.

In terms of typing experience, they can be so quiet especially the membrane ones. Meanwhile, Razer keyboards also have gorgeous aesthetics. Their keyboards are designed to withstand aggressive gaming.

Razer is no stranger to heavy-duty gaming devices, so buying a keyboard from them is a great decision. All in all, Corsair and Razer are great in their own way.

4. What keyboard does Ninja use?

Assuming he hasn’t changed his keyboard, he might still be using the Ducky One 2.

It’s one of the most practical mini gaming keyboards ever made. You can give it a try because it has many awesome features for gaming.

5. What keyboard does Bugha use?

It’s the Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard is often mentioned among other quality keyboards for its tactility and overall performance.

It makes a good companion for gaming thanks to the tenkeyless design and numerous RGB lighting options.

Final Thoughts on Compact (Small) Gaming Keyboards

Finding the best compact gaming keyboard can be time-consuming. That’s because these peripherals aren’t produced only by big players, but also smaller companies. We believe you won’t get lost in the sea of choices if you know what to look for.

For example, if you want a keypad, you can narrow down the search to this category. Or if you want a QWERTY keyboard albeit a compact one, you can opt for a tenkeyless design. By the way, well known brands are appealing when you have a big budget to begin with.

But if it’s the opposite, you can choose a mid-level model in the lineup or look up another brand that’s less popular. Lesser known brands may not be as established, but don’t underestimate their ability in producing quality keyboards.

At the end of the day, quality is all that matters. If a product can impress you despite not being backed by a large enterprise, there’s no reason to ignore it.

It’s absolutely worth-buying especially when it sells for a fraction of the price of a branded keyboard with similar features.

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