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Best 60% Mechanical Keyboard: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide [2023]

Choosing a keyboard can be a daunting task because there are many products with great specifications in the market. To make it easier, you should know the different types of…

Choosing a keyboard can be a daunting task because there are many products with great specifications in the market.

To make it easier, you should know the different types of keyboards. They can be classified by size, such as full-size, tenkeyless, 75%, 60%, etc.

Keyboards can also be categorized by how the keys are constructed. In this category, there are 2 common varieties, mechanical and membrane keyboards.

Membrane keyboards use a membrane to register keystrokes. It consists of a circuit on which a layer of rubber is placed. The keys are positioned on top of it.

When you press any key, the pressure will be exerted against the layer down to the circuit. The circuit then processes it as a keystroke.

While affordable, membrane keyboards aren’t perfect. Besides having shorter life spans, they also tend to produce smooth sounds. As we know, it’s important for us to feel every key stroke while gaming as it affects accuracy.

That’s where mechanical keyboards can help. Each key in a mechanical keyboard is connected to an individual switch, which results in tactile feedback.

You can feel some kind of resistance as you press a button on mechanical keyboard. This resistance along with the audible sound produced can help gamers recognize key presses.

It can be helpful to execute complex combos. If you wonder if 60% keyboards are available in the mechanical form, the answer is yes.

Here are some of the best 60 mechanical keyboards you can consider.

Best 60 Mechanical Keyboards [2023]

1. 60% Mechanical Keyboard, RGB LED Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard

The color theme on this keyboard is attention-grabbing. If you need a keyboard other than the usual solid black or white, this can be an option.

Beyond the interesting exterior, this keyboard turns out to be a powerful typing machine. It features anti-ghosting technology to avoid typing problems.

Any keys you press on the keyboard will be registered thanks to the advanced feature. The 16.8 million color RGB light also looks breathtaking in the dark especially with all the modes provided.

You can switch between a set of modes like spectrum, rotating , breath, etc. Furthermore, the keyboard has an arched back. This puts your hands at the most comfortable position.

As a result, you can use it for longer. The quality is no joke. Others can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes.

This keyboard extends it 100 million. The best part is it comes with easy setup. All you have to do is plug and play to use it.

2. Womier K66 60% Keyboard

This is another keyboard with an eye-catching design. It uses the Gateron switch which can deliver eSports-level performance.

As expected, anti-ghosting feature is included. It has become a standard addition to many keyboards. All the 66 keys can work simultaneously.

You can press multiple buttons without fear that some may fail to register. Another thing worth-shouting about is the fast data transmission of up to 40GBbs.

You can ensure that data input is processed immediately.

Do you want to alter the way the switches look? It is possible because the switches are swappable.

Freedom in customization is what draws people into mechanical keyboards and luckily, this product provides that option.

Back to the design, the sort of translucent appearance is hard to resist. And it’s not just for show. This sort of design can help boost light transmission.

3. Glorious GMMK Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

From the picture, you can tell that this keyboard is wired, but it is not permanently attached. You can plug it out anytime you want.

It has 61 keys, very typical for a 60% keyboard. You’d also be pleased to find out that it sports a modular design.

Replacing keys with a variety of other switches is easy. Whether you want to use the Cherry switch, Gateron, or Kailh, the keyboard is highly customizable.

The typing feel is good and it’s attributed to the Gateron brown installed under the caps. Design-wise, it looks rather calm with no intricate details.

However, that doesn’t mean the product is lacking in quality. It’s still constructed from aluminum known for its durability. RGB LED backlit is another feature you should check out.

It’s by no means new, but each product still carries unique effects. Get your hands on this product if you want to see how the light looks up close.

There are more features that increase its value, like NKRO and double shot injection keycaps.

4. Z-88 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

60% keyboards come in a range of prices. This one is quite affordable.

To attain the mechanical feel, this keyboard uses the Outemu switch. It has awesome properties, such as good durability and high responsiveness.

Doing long combos is easy because they keys make an audible sound. You can also sense keystrokes through the resistance unleashed by the switches.

The package includes 5 free switches. They can be replacement parts when some of the originals have been damaged or worn out. N-key rollover is present. This along with the anti-ghosting offers accuracy in fast typing. You can hold down multiple keys to execute complex commands.

The cool backlight is another plus, which comes through the sturdy keycaps. The whole thing is also robust because it’s composed of ABS, one of the top materials in the manufacturing industry.

This keyboard can be used in any system running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS X.

5. BOYI 61 Keys Mini Keyboard, 60% Size Mechanical Keyboard

With such a unique color scheme, this will easily stick out around solid-colored keyboards.

But a keyboard is more than just a cute appearance. It should have quality to back it up especially one with a hefty price tag like this product.

Well, the price is justified because it uses Cherry MX switch, which is considered a great brand for switches. It also uses USB Type-C for connection.

Now take a look at the key caps. Thanks to the PBT thermal sublimation, the keyboard has keys that not only last long, but are also resistant to abrasive factors.

On top of that, it’s designed water proof, so if you always keep drinks close, this will put your mind at ease. Another excellent feature of the product is 3-layer download mode.

It comes with several modes to choose from, including Mac OS and user mode. Other substantial features like anti-ghosting and RGB backlit are also included.

6. GK64 60% Mechanical Keyboard

Macro support has become a staple in gaming keyboards. Larger keyboards can have macro keys in a dedicated cluster.

A 60% keyboard might be too small for that, but it can still be added. This product, for instance, has macro support. It saves macros using built-in software.

It also comes with function keys that you can customize to your liking. Meanwhile, the RGB backlit looks lively as it’s pulsing to the rhythm.

The Gateron switch is the default component of this keyboard. If you need another one, however, it’s actually swappable.

There’s no need to solder or something because installation is simpler than that.

For gaming, the arrow key cluster would be helpful. It’s positioned at the bottom right corner.

What to look for in a 60 mechanical keyboard

1. Type of switches

Of course, the most prominent feature of a mechanical keyboard is the switch. Switches come in different brands and colors.

Each one has unique characteristics. You need to know what type of switch a keyboard places under the caps. This is to ensure that the feedback lives up to your expectations.

Different switches have different levels of resistance and loudness. Cherry MX is among the popular brands, but even this one is also available in several colors.

Read carefully what kind of feedback a switch delivers before buying. The info can be found in the product description.

2. Hot-swappable

During your search for a keyboard, you may come across products with the word ‘hot-swappable’ in the title.

For those unaware, hot-swappable is used when the circuit board of a keyboard comes with special sockets that allow you to pop switches in and out without the need for soldering.

This makes replacing components easier. If you want to make the most of the keyboard in terms of customization, choose one with this feature.

3. Programmability

This is important especially for a keyboard that reduces keys to only 61. Being smaller shouldn’t prevent a keyboard from being fully functional.

Many keyboards with smaller chassis have keys that perform multiple actions. There are various customizations that a keyboard can do. For example, you can change its layout.

You also use some buttons to save macros and execute other commands. Each keyboard is different in how the keys are programmed, so get to know more about this aspect.

FAQs – Best Gaming Keyboards

What is a 60 percent mechanical keyboard?

It’s an ordinary 60% keyboard with mechanical switches. These keyboards are actually very common these days.

Given that compact keyboards are intended for gaming and tactile feedback plays a big role in improving the gaming experience, both features are often put together.

Are 60 keyboards better?

Different types of keyboards serve different purposes, so they aren’t really comparable. 60% keyboards may edge out full-size ones in terms of portability, but the latter has its own advantages.

For gaming, however, smaller keyboards are arguably better.

Why? They are more lightweight, so you can move them around without stretching your hands too much.

They also make good space savers. By using a 60% keyboard, there’s more room for other peripherals.

Are mechanical keyboards better for your fingers?

Mechanical keyboards have something called actuation point. When you depress on a mechanical switch, you don’t have to push all the way down.

You just have to press it down to the actuation point and it will instantly register the keystroke.

It makes typing more precise and responsive. In terms of impact on the fingers, it can help reduce fatigue.

Why are mechanical keyboards so expensive?

It’s mainly because the production costs are higher than regular keyboards.

So to make a profit, they should be sold at higher prices, too. Those who want budget keyboards usually go for membrane ones because they are more affordable.

But for the best experience, you can do no wrong with a mechanical keyboard because it many pluses.

How many years does a mechanical keyboard last?

The durability of a keyboard is usually measured in keystrokes. This information can be found in the description of a product.

If the ad states that a keyboard can last up to 50 million key presses, then it means it that will start to wear out as it gets closer to this mark.

It’s much longer than the lifespan of membrane keyboards, which is around 5 million keystrokes.

Final Thoughts

Tactile feedback and compact design make a perfect combo for a gaming keyboard. A light keyboard can help prevent fatigue, while tactile feedback helps provide the best gaming experience.

The good news is this combination is common, and the best 60 mechanical keyboards above are some examples. They not only come in a 60% arrangement, but also utilize mechanical switches.

Mechanical keyboards are open to customizations since the caps are removable. In case you need to refresh it with a new theme, you can do it by changing up the style.

In terms of durability, these keyboards are also on another level. Compared to membrane keyboards, the mechanical ones are more long-lasting.

They can endure about 50 million keystrokes before starting to show signs of wear and tear.

They are not only for gamers, though. While it’s true that the characteristics are advantageous for gaming, they are good for regular use as well.

If you’re concerned about the loud sound, there are some switches that are less noisy.

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