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Computer Vision Syndrome Glasses: Picking The Right Ones in 2021

Computer Vision Syndrome is a condition that affects people who spend a lot of their time on digital screens. It’s also referred to as digital eye strain. Digital screens produce…

Computer Vision Syndrome is a condition that affects people who spend a lot of their time on digital screens. It’s also referred to as digital eye strain. Digital screens produce glare and blue light that can tire the eyes out when the exposure lasts a long time.

So if you like to play games or have a job that require you to stay on your laptop multiple hours daily, please take care your eyes better.

Don’t take eye health for granted because damage caused by blue light can be irreversible when it has reached an advanced stage.

Computer Vision Syndrome Causes

While it’s linked to blue light, CVS is not a specific condition. Anything that puts a strain on the eye can be considered as the cause. This syndrome occurs when the eyes move repetitively which leads to tiredness. But, what does it have to do with digital screens?

It turns out that many aspects of a digital screen can contribute to eye fatigue from its brightness to contrast. Your eyes work harder looking at a screen than text on a piece of paper for example.

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Staring at a brightly-lit screen for an extended period of time can lead to the feeling of sand getting stuck in your eyes. It’s the way your body signals that you have to stop working on your laptop right away.

Improper posture is another cause. It’s important to sit comfortably on your office chair. The screen needs to be positioned below eye level, so it doesn’t put a strain on your neck.

And then, using wrong prescription glasses can also trigger similar discomfort. The problem is likely to persist until you get the right prescription.

Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms

How do you know you have this problem?

There are several classic symptoms of CVS, such as eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision. Proper diagnosis is necessary because the aforementioned symptoms are also related to other conditions.

Take rest if the symptoms appear following a long gaming session (especially without wearing a proper gaming glasses) or after you’ve stared at a screen for hours. If they don’t improve within days, it’s a good idea to have a comprehensive eye exam to find out if it’s CVS or another.

Other common symptoms include neck and shoulder pain, dry eyes, and irritation.

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment

Treatment will depend on the symptoms. If you experience a horrible headache, you may need to take medications to alleviate the pain. If you feel dryness in the eyes, your doctor may prescribe eye drops to get rid of the discomfort.

Although treatment works, prevention is still cheaper than cure. There are some preventive measures you can take to lower the risk of digital eye strain.

Don’t lean too close to the monitor.

Whenever you’re on your laptop or any device, keep a distance between your face and the screen. Your eyes should be at least 20 inches away from the display.

It’s also important to position the screen below your eye level. It helps reduce tension in the neck. During the onset of an eye strain, the discomfort can travel to nearby areas.

Lower the screen brightness. Do you like staring at a bright screen?

Well, it’s understandable because high brightness makes colors look popping. But we’re sure you know that it also puts a strain on your eyes compared to when the display is dimmer.

Don’t compromise eye health just for the fun of looking at a bright screen.

Always blink.

This may sound trivial, but helps a lot in the prevention of eye fatigue. Blinking is good for eye health for a number of reasons.

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It removes debris that accumulates on the ocular surface. The fresh tears that wash over the surface also have a good impact on the cornea.

Wear computer glasses.

As the name suggests, computer glasses are designed for people who work a lot with computers. Gamers, graphic designers, and video editors are some examples of people who need to wear these glasses on a regular basis.

They come with features that help ease eye strain, such as anti-glare coating and slight magnification. Anti glare coatings are useful to remove reflection buildup on the lens. The outcome is improved visibility and a clearer image.

It’s worth-noting that blue light glasses differ slightly from computer glasses although they’re often used interchangeably. Blue light glasses are focused on blue light filtration.

They can also feature anti-glare coatings, anyway. high quality blue light glasses should be effective enough to prevent eye strain.

Meanwhile, slight magnification on computer glasses allows the Ciliary Muscles to remain relaxed when we’re trying to see an object within arm’s length.

Look away from the screen.

Do this in every 15 to 20 minutes. It doesn’t have to be a long rest although it doesn’t hurt, either.

All you have to do is take your eyes away from the screen to look out the window. Hold on for like 20 seconds before returning to the screen.

Pay regular visits to your optometrist.

If you’re concerned about your vision, then make an appointment with your doctor regularly.

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Regular checkups can reveal the current state of your vision. It becomes more important when you deal with headaches and eye strain often.

In case there’s a problem to your eyes, the doctor can detect it as soon as possible.

FAQs – Best Glasses for Computer Vision Syndrome in 2021

1. Is computer vision syndrome permanent?

It’s usually not permanent. The symptoms that follow digital eye strain are temporary, such as headaches, pain in or around the eyes, blurry vision. Healing should start as soon as you put down your gadget.

Since the main cause of eye strain is exposure to a brightly-lit display, then the best solution is to stop looking at it for a while.

If the symptoms don’t improve within a few days, the underlying cause could be something different. Get yourself checked to examine the problem.

2. Should I get glasses if i stare at a computer all day?

It’s the right thing to do. The time spent on your laptop should tell the urgency of getting a pair of computer glasses. If you just stare at it a few hours a day, then it might have little to no impact on your vision.

If it’s much longer, then computer glasses would be a necessity. You can make a decision based on symptoms you experience. If headaches come and go after using digital devices, chances are you are sensitive to high brightness.

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Don’t wait any longer. Go get a pair of glasses right eye to protect your vision. Some computer glasses can block dangerous blue wavelengths from reaching the retina.

Many people have reported improved experience with these glasses. In other words, they don’t suffer from eye strain as frequent as before.

But, what about the yellowish color?

Blue light glasses are synonymous with a yellow tint. However, you should know that not all glasses come in this tint. Some are totally clear, but remain functional at the same time.

The ability of glasses to prevent blue light exposure doesn’t lie only in its color, but also in the protective coatings on their lenses. These lenses are responsible for blocking those harmful wavelengths.

3. Is there a difference between reading glasses and computer glasses?

They couldn’t be any more different. Reading glasses are glasses to help you read. Not everyone has good vision. Those with problems like trouble seeing far or near would need to wear reading glasses.

There are several conditions that require the use of reading glasses, such as hyperopia, astigmatism, and myopia. Computer glasses, on the other hand, are originally intended to treat eye strain due to prolonged used of gadgets.

However, they can also double as reading glasses with some modifications. Just tell the eyeglass store if you want to make prescription glasses.

Final Thoughts on Computer Protection Glasses

Suffering from digital eye strain is highly unpleasant. It makes it hard to stay focused on the screen because anytime we look at it, the discomfort will come back or even intensify.

On a positive note, this condition is very much treatable. All it takes is self control.

If you already notice symptoms associated with this condition, then it’s time to take a rest. Don’t force yourself to work or play video games because it will get worse. Before it happens, limiting screen time actually helps.

Even if your job requires you to be on your laptop most of the time, don’t forget to take occasional breaks. Another way to avoid eye strain is by wearing computer vision syndrome glasses. They have AR coatings to reduce glare emitted from digital screens.

Keep in mind that not all coatings are created equal. If you need a pair of glasses that provide maximum protection against screen glare, then invest in a quality product. You should also consider the tint.

Computer glasses can come with clear or colored lenses. Yellow tint in particular works extremely great in low light conditions. It adds contrast to shapes, which further boosts eye comfort while looking at a screen.

Are these glasses expensive?

Some are reasonably priced. You can get one for about $50. Just don’t go for a cheap option if you’re concerned about quality.

Besides, the purpose of these glasses is for protection in addition to correction, so it’s understandable that they come with decent price tags.

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