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Gaming Glasses Clear vs Yellow: Which Should I Choose?

Are you still conflicted between clear vs yellow gaming glasses? If so, ask yourself the level of blue light protection you need and if color distortion is a problem to…

Are you still conflicted between clear vs yellow gaming glasses?

If so, ask yourself the level of blue light protection you need and if color distortion is a problem to you. Both glasses can shield your eyes against blue light exposure, but they have pros and cons.

Clear glasses are in no way bad. They still work if you’re in need of blue light protection. After all, quality isn’t just determined by lens tint. The features of a product also contribute to its quality.

For this reason, read the specs before you decide to purchase gaming glasses as they can tell you how powerful they are to combat the effect of blue light.

Example of Yellow Gaming Glasses – Source

Have you heard of BLPF or Blue Light Filtration Factor?

To better understand the level of protection a pair of glasses has, find out the BPLF. The higher number usually indicates more thorough protection. Speaking of lens tints, the multiple colors available serve different purposes.

For example, grey lenses are suitable for people who have sensitive eyes. They also look flattering since grey is one of the neutral shades.

Meanwhile, yellow glasses are what gamers often wear. They can also come in handy for night driving, the reason being – this light tames down glare efficiently.

Besides, yellow adds contrast, which further boosts viewing clarity. If you’re bothered by the glare of high beams, it’s a good idea to put on these glasses while driving at night.

There are also copper and brown lenses, which would be terrific for outdoor use especially under the scorching sun.

They can reduce eye strain especially in people who are sensitive to light.

How They Differ

1. Blue light protection

Example of Yellow Gaming Glasses – Source

Light exposure is something we deal with on a regular basis. Just because it’s around us doesn’t mean it will always be good for health. It can also be detrimental especially blue light.

Gaming glasses regardless of the tint are made to keep your eyes safe from this light spectrum.

Visible light accounts for a small range of light waves. Colors that make up the range include red, blue, green, and yellow. Of all these colors, why has blue raised a concern?

Blue light is part of visible light. It has garnered attention because this light is believed to have serious impact on eye health.

Prolonged exposure to blue light is a risk factor for macular degeneration. What’s worse is this light is everywhere in our everyday lives. Smartphones, tablets, televisions, the screens of these devices all produce blue light.

When your eyes see too much of it, it can lead to problems like eye strain and headaches. Some people also report blurred vision following exposure. The higher the intensity, the quicker the fatigue will kick in.

2. Function

Blue light glasses function in different ways. Glasses with a yellow tint can help filter out visible blue light. They work by eliminating the fog of scattered light, which leads to more clarity of seen image.

Yellow adds contrast to shapes, so it’s easier to see things clearly even in dim environments. And then, there are also glasses that offer the same protection but with transparent lenses.

These lenses use coatings to block blue light. While effective, reports suggest that they don’t work as good as colored lenses.

One of the reasons why these glasses remain popular despite the shortcomings is they don’t distort colors. Those who work in certain fields like photography and video editing will benefit from these glasses because colors mean a lot to them.

But for gaming or jobs don’t require clear lenses, yellow glasses would make an excellent pick.

3. Benefits

Clear and yellow glasses provide similar benefits. A yellow tint is a common trait of gaming glasses. It increases contrast, which results in a sharper view of the screen. Yellow glasses also ease the eyes especially when the brightness levels are too high.

But in case colored glasses aren’t your cup of tea, the clear ones can still get the job done.

Is it necessary to wear these glasses before gaming?

The answer lies in the duration of game time. If you play just one or two hours daily, blue light might just mildly affect your vision.

But if you play a lot longer, you will experience symptoms like ache in or around the eyes.

Basically, the body is trying to warn you that you’ve played for too long and it’s time to stop. If this happens frequently, better invest in gaming glasses before the symptoms progress to a serious condition.

Gaming-induced headaches are a thing. They usually occur after staring at the screen for an extended period of time.

Blue light is the root of the problem. By wearing gaming glasses, you’ll find yourself better at viewing bright screens. Eye fatigue may also attack less frequently than before.

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Things to Look For When Choosing a Blue Light Blocking Glasses

1. The amount of blue light blocked

When it comes to gaming glasses, the amount of light they can block matters. Some blue light blocking glasses have more coatings that allow them to alter how light is reflected.

Example of Clear Gaming Glasses – Source

They filter wavelengths that are considered the most damaging to the eye, namely 380 nm – 450 nm. This information is normally included in the product page, so don’t miss it.

2. Anti glare

When anti glare is present, it helps reduce eye strain caused by excessive light. This is also beneficial for seeing in low-light conditions.

Although gaming glasses are geared towards gamers, the way they work make them useful for different applications. For example, you can use the same exact glasses to deal with headlights of oncoming vehicles.

3. Lens material

Some lenses are heavier and have lower refractive indexes. High-index lenses offer numerous benefits. They can appear slimmer and carry less weight.

Example of Clear Gaming Glasses – Source

The weight of glasses feels insignificant when we hold them by hand, but they can cause serious discomfort when put on the face. For this reason, don’t hesitate to invest in a better lens material.

FAQs – Clear vs Yellow Gaming Glasses

1. How harmful is bluelight?

Blue light may contribute to the development of problems like macular damage and cataracts. It can also cause short-term problems, like digital eye strain.

Unlike UV rays that our eyes are very good at filtering out, blue light can pass through these organs with more ease. Without protection, it could end up in the deeper part of the eye, including the retina. This is why blue light glasses are necessary.

They have specific coating on the lens that blocks harmful wavelengths. Prolonged exposure to blue light has shown to cause damage to certain cells in the retina. When the damage is too severe and irreversible, vision loss may occur.

Many gaming eyewear are focused on this feature. Although this technology is effective for increasing contrast, many people wear them to ensure their eyes don’t get affected much by blue light.

2. Do gaming glasses really work?

The research on the efficacy of blue light glasses is ongoing, so the best way to find out is by reading reviews from people who have used them. It turns out that many people are happy with the results.

Many said that they could stare at a digital screen for longer after wearing these special computer glasses. If you often experience eye strain while playing video games, it shows that blue light and glare have taken a toll on your vision. Besides getting a proper rest, you can also put on gaming glasses.

They are designed with the latest technology to reduce the side effects of blue light. Some also offer a slight magnification. This feature is often found in prescription glasses, but if you want it on your regular glasses, then find a pair that includes it.

3. Why do streamers wear yellow glasses?

Those yellow glasses are actually blue light glasses with a yellow tint. Not all blue light glasses are transparent. The clear ones are desired because they don’t change color perception while still providing protection against blue light.

Yellow glasses can offer this protection, only the difference is the amber tone helps extend the protection and heighten contrast, so it’s easier to see especially in low-light conditions.

For your information, yellow glasses aren’t just useful for computer gaming. They can also be used for other purposes, one of which is night driving. Lights of oncoming cars at night can be blinding especially when they’re projected right into your eyes.

To avoid that, wearing yellow glasses can help soften the glare. As a result, you don’t have to cover your eyes each time a car is approaching.

4. What do yellow glasses do for gaming?

Yellow glasses are popular with gamers as they add contrast to objects, so it’s easier to differentiate colors. Gaming eyewear (glasses) don’t have to be yellow, but many come with this tint because it’s effective for filtering the upper spectrum of blue light.

Although colors tend to be distorted while passing through a yellow lens, gamers don’t find this a big deal. It’s actually the exact opposite.

Apart from providing extra protection against blue light, technology behind this eyewear will make it easier to recognize the enemies. This is especially important when you play fast-paced games because every second matters.

5. Are yellow lenses bad for your eyes?

Nope, it’s the other way around. Yellow glasses are made to protect your vision. In case you have symptoms of digital eye strain like pain and headaches, yellow glasses might ease them.

Besides, they can help you recover faster by stopping more blue light from entering your eyes.

6. Are yellow lenses good for night driving?

Yes, yellow glasses are indeed suitable for night driving. This tint increases contrast, providing good visual clarity in dim environments. Besides, headlights can be harsh on the eyes.

Given that these glasses are made to reduce glare, the light of oncoming vehicles will no longer bother you. There are many other benefits of these glasses. Besides the aforementioned ones, they can also be useful for night fishing and attending evening events.

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7. How can I protect my eyes while gaming?

Reducing screen brightness can help, but if this isn’t an option, consider buying gaming glasses. As the name suggests, these glasses are designed to reduce the effect of blue light emitted of gaming devices.

Blue light contributes to the damage of light sensitive cells in the retina. Prolonged exposure to it has long-term consequences, like macular degeneration, cataracts, and retinal damage.

8. Do clear gaming glasses work?

No matter what the tint is, gaming glasses are designed with the same purpose to protect Gamers’ eyes that usually spend hours in front of a computer.

Clear glasses have protective coatings that make them effective against blue wavelengths. Clear gaming glasses are also referred to as computer glasses. Some people also call them gaming glasses.

All these types of glasses have the same purpose, which is it to protect your vision from blue light, so that you don’t quickly develop eye fatigue. The time you spend on a laptop or any other device should influence your decision in choosing glasses.

While clear glasses work, yellow-tinted ones are believed to be slightly better especially in how they increase image sharpness.

If you are keen to know whether Gaming Glasses or so-called Anti Blue Light Glasses do works, check out this youtube video from Doctor Eye Health.

9. Do yellow tinted glasses reduce eye strain?

If you want to make the most of blue light glasses, yellow-tinted lenses are the way to go. Not only do they reduce strain on the eyes, but they also aid in inducing sleep.

For those unaware, extreme exposure to blue light can disrupt melatonin release in the body, which eventually messes with your sleep cycle. That’s why we’re encouraged to put down the Smartphone before going to bed as it may cause insomnia.

Yellow glasses help by filtering out visible blue light, so its effect on the body can be minimized. As a result, you can sleep better.

10. Can you go blind from playing video games?

It seems like an irrational fear, but prolonged video game sessions do impact our eyes. Digital eye strain is a common problem associated with excessive gaming. It usually triggers symptoms like headaches and dryness in the eyes.

Low screen contrast combined with too much glare is why it happens. It’s necessary to rest the eyes every once in a while. By the way, this doesn’t apply to just gaming.

Any activity that involves staring at a screen for a long time can tire your eyes out. To avoid this, installing proper lighting in the room helps as well as wearing gaming glasses.

11. Is it bad to wear blue light glasses all day?

The main purpose of blue light glasses is to block this light spectrum.

If you aren’t doing something that puts you at risk of blue light overexposure, then we don’t think it’s necessary to wear them. They’re especially useful when you use your gadgets since devices are major sources of blue light.

Outside this setting, they aren’t that important. While it’s true that blue light exists in nature, it usually doesn’t have a serious impact on health because we’ve adapted to it.

Clear Glasses vs Yellow Glasses Conclusion

When it comes to clear vs. yellow gaming glasses, the yellow tint is considered a desirable trait by many, but it doesn’t automatically place it ahead of clear lenses. There are reasons why both remain extremely popular.

Yellow-tinted glasses provide protection and comfort like no other, but these come at the cost of true color perception. Those who work as animation creators or graphic designers will be bothered by the level of distortion these colored glasses cause.

They’d rather use clear glasses even if it means some sacrifices have to be made. Meanwhile, people who don’t care much about color reproduction would take maximum blue light protection any day.

Hence, the yellow-ish tint on the lens isn’t a problem to them especially when it translates to a great gaming experience.

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