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The Best Anti Glare Glasses for 2021

Anti glare glasses come with a unique ability to reduce glare, which in turn increases visibility. You can use them while working on your laptop or during night driving to…

Anti glare glasses come with a unique ability to reduce glare, which in turn increases visibility. You can use them while working on your laptop or during night driving to block blinding lights of oncoming cars. Anti glare glasses have become a fast-growing trend because they offer many benefits. Some of these glasses not only help you steer clear of excessive light, but they also help filter blue light that puts a strain on the eyes.

Of course, these special lenses cost more than regular lenses, but they’re still a worthy investment. Compared to traditional lenses, they are superior in many ways. First, they appear slimmer while still maintaining the ability to block harmful wavelengths. Second, they come with coatings that allow them to resist smudges and scratches better.

These are common problems with conventional glasses. To avoid them, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of anti-glare lenses because they take comfort to a whole new level. The longer you sit in front of your computer, the more you need these special glasses. As we know, digital screens produce blue light that can stress the eyes. Prolonged exposure will lead to eye fatigue which often manifests as blurred vision and dryness.

Rest is the best way to deal with it, but even so, the problem will keep coming back if your job requires you to stay on your laptop for hours a day. The better solution is probably the best anti glare glasses. This way, your eyes can handle blue light emitted from the screen and delay the onset of eye fatigue.

Top 5 Anti Glare Glasses for 2021

1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses with Anti-Glare, Cut UV400 Transparent Lens, Computer Reading Glasses

Looking for eyewear you can keep on comfortably all day long? This is what you need. These glasses have a lightweight frame, so they don’t put much weight on the nose and ears. It’s easy to feel pain when the frame is on the heavier side. These glasses also come with protective coatings to deflect the UV rays before they damage your vision.

The best part is these glasses are highly resistance to scratches. One of the things people look for in glasses is scratch resistance which this product excels at. It’s also equipped with anti glare for maximum screen clarity.

Blue light filtration is excellent thanks to the multiple layer coating applied on both sides of the lens. Speaking of the design, these glasses look stylish. They sure will flatter your looks considering the frame is quite simple in appearance.

2. Blue Light Blocking Glasses Anti Glare 0.00 Power

Gamma Ray Optics is no stranger to quality glasses. This product, for instance, is effective for reducing digital eye strain that results from prolonged exposure to blue light. The design is simple yet tasteful.

And don’t worry about carrying them around because these glasses come with a case and cleaning cloth. We all have difference tolerance to blue light. Some are more sensitive that they can easily experience eye fatigue after staring at a screen for a relatively short time. There are many activities that put us through blue light exposure, like web surfing, playing video games, editing, etc.

Although these glasses have anti glare power, they are also terrific for cutting down on blue light. Thus, wearing them will lead to reduced eye strain. The lens provides UV400 protection, so it will benefit those spending much time with gadgets. The frame material is lightweight, but don’t mistake it for being fragile.

Despite the lack of weight, the frame still delivers when it comes to durability. This product is ideal for anyone who’s in need for reading glasses as they offer several magnification levels.

3. The Original Anti Glare Night Driving Glasses – TAC Polarized – HD Night Vision – Clarity Lenses – Safety Glasses

Anti glare glasses don’t just ease your eyes while looking at the screen. They can be equally useful for night driving. Glare from oncoming high beams can impair our ability to drive at night. That’s when these glasses can come to the rescue. They have a unique mechanism to combat super bright headlights, so they don’t look as bright after being filtered through.

These stylish glasses measure 66 mm x 36 mm. There are a few features worth-shouting about. The first one is photochromic properties, which means the lens will adjust shade according to the surrounding light. They are also polarized. This further enhances viewing clarity especially when used in bright environments.

Now you don’t have to cover your eyes during the day because the lens will do it for you. Just enjoy the fun summer time without worrying about sun exposure. The nose pads remind us of reading glasses.

Well, if you’re looking for glasses that fit over reading glasses, this is probably not the right product for you. They have their own nose pads, which can be overwhelming then put over prescription glasses. But in terms of functionality, they do great. They make a perfect companion for night driving because headlight beams can be blinding.

4. Rnow Vintage, Anti-Reflective, Anti-Glare, Blue Tinted Lens Computer Gaming Eyeglasses

The first you’ll notice from these glasses is the crystal-clear lens. Blue light glasses are available in several lens tints. Clear lenses offer extraordinary clarity. They don’t cause color distortion as much as other shades do, but in terms of blue light protection, they lag behind other varieties.

If you need this protection but not to the point where in interferes with your comfort at seeing colors, then this can be an option. Just like the previous products, this is also equipped with anti-glare technology. Besides, the lens is designed scratch-resistant. This is a feature that most of us expect from modern glasses.

The UV400 protection is present, which is one of the reasons why you should buy these glasses. The anti-reflective coating also adds to its appeal. With this, people can see your eyes instead of the reflection on the lens. In case the glasses leave you dissatisfied after purchase, just take advantage of the money back guarantee.

The product can be returned within the specified time period. The design is quite simplistic, but there’s nothing wrong with this approach. In fact, the versatile design should flatter most face shapes.

5. Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Anti Glare UV Filter Retro Round Ultra Lightweight Computer Gaming Glasses – LI1632

These glasses have a pretty design that easily sticks out among other stylish designs. But design isn’t the only thing that these glasses have. They also boast features that give them a competitive edge over other blue light glasses.

First, they are able to filter blue light. That’s one of the features they put emphasis on. And then, these glasses also feature UV glare reduction, especially beneficial for inducing sleep. It’s unbearable working under overly bright lights. The good news is we can do something about it.

These glasses are what you need to adapt to high light conditions and minimize the side effects. By wearing them, you won’t suffer from eye fatigue too soon. There are a few ways the body alerts you that blue light overexposure is happening. For example, you will feel pain in or around the eyes.

Blurry vision may also follow, which shows that you’ve overworked your eyes. To alleviate the symptoms, rest is necessary. However, to stop it from recurring, you’d need equipment like anti glare glasses. This product, for instance, incorporates HEV-adsorb technology to ensure high-energy blue light doesn’t pass through the lens easily.

By the way, the lens is colorless. Lens tints have become a concern for many because they affect how we see colors. If you feel more comfortable with clear lenses, add this to your wish list.

Picking The Right Anti Glare Glasses in 2021

1. Polarized

Polarized lenses improve visibility by preventing glare from hitting you in the eye. As a result, whatever seen though the lenses will be less flashy.

This makes them ideal for night driving or walking around on cloudy days. It’s safer to drive at night when you can focus on the traffic, not being distracted by oncoming high beams.

2. Comfortable frame

While frame isn’t the most important aspect of blue light glasses, it has an impact on appearance. In other words, it helps you in another way.

A good frame isn’t just one that looks stylish, but one that fits your face shape. It needs to be light enough to not burden your nose and ears.

3. Oversized design

If you already wear corrective lenses, oversized anti glare glasses would be a good complementary accessory.

These large glasses should fit over your reading glasses, so no modifications are needed. You just have to put them over your eyewear to benefit from the anti glare properties.

FAQs – Anti Glare Glasses

1. Do anti glare glasses really work?

Yes, and this becomes apparent when you try them yourself. They affect the way your eyes deal with blue light. For instance, if you used to sit comfortably on your laptop for let’s say 5 hours max, with these glasses you may be able to extend it.

Basically, these glasses work by filtering blue light that tends to tense the eyes which leads to exhaustion. Visit your optometrist in case you quickly develop eye strain because an AR coating on your lens may solve the issue.

2. What is the difference between anti glare and anti reflective glasses?

Many people use both terms interchangeably, but there are still differences if we talk about how they actually work. Anti glare works mostly on external sources of reflection. It uses diffusion to limit the coherence of an image being reflected off a surface.

The dispersion will result in clarity of the object. Meanwhile, anti reflection coatings work on internal and external factors. When a lens has this type of coating, high brightness won’t cause the view behind the lens to appear washed out.

3. How can I tell if my glasses have anti glare?

You can find out by holding them in a position where they reflect light. If the glare doesn’t look like the light reflecting, e.g. pinkish or greenish in color, then it could indicate there’s some type of coating on it. The reflection will also look dull, not as strong as when it hits regular glasses.

Another way to find out is by seeing high beams through them. If you’re blinded by the sight, then they’re non-prescription glasses. Anti glare technology should keep you from experiencing such discomfort.

4. How much does anti glare coating cost?

It costs somewhere between $50 and $100, but can be more depending on the lens. If you don’t want to spend extra money on this feature, find glasses that have this by default.

Many blue light glasses claim to have anti glare technology. You can invest in them, so there’s no need to modify your current glasses.

5. Does anti glare block blue light?

As said before, these features can come together in one pair of glasses. Just read the specs to find out if a product has the ability to block blue light and glare.

Fortunately, many products cover both. Not only do they block the eye-straining blue light, but they also improve visibility in bright light environments.

Final Thoughts on Top Anti Glare Glasses

It’s not easy to find the best anti glare glasses. Many products are claimed to be the best. Well, we can’t blame them because manufactures often go out of their way to boost quality of their products and provide the best experience to buyers. If you’re looking for glasses to assist you in night driving, then there are a few things to take into consideration.

The first one is quality. Brand aside, quality is still the most crucial parameter that determines if a product is worth-buying or not. Even if one isn’t from a well-known manufacturer, as long as it meets high quality standards, there’s no reason to completely ignore it.

The level of anti glare is another factor you can consider. Some products might do better in this area, but they are usually the ones that cost more. It’s also important to read the specs thoroughly, so that you know if the glasses suit your needs or not.

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