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Top Female Gaming Youtubers in 2022?

Gaming has long been associated with males, but that’s not relevant to recent stats because female games are starting to increase in number. One of the newest reports suggests that…

Gaming has long been associated with males, but that’s not relevant to recent stats because female games are starting to increase in number. One of the newest reports suggests that there are roughly 46% of female gamers in the United States. While it doesn’t represent statistics around the world, it strongly shows that men aren’t the only ones that love games although they still seem to dominate.

Who doesn’t love games, though?

Games have become increasingly diverse in recent years. Now women have plenty of games designed to cater the female audience. There are also games that have a universal appeal, meaning that people of both sexes can play. The boys’ fascination with games can be traced back as far as the 80s.

Boys used to be the majority when it comes to technology and games in particular. Regardless of the age, women did play games, but boys outnumbered them by a considerable margin. It was assumed to be the starting point of the notion that video games are for boys. It only took off from there.

You know that targeting the whole audience isn’t the most appropriate way to market a product, right?

Since games were played mostly by boys, the games that came up after that were also designed to cater to them. That’s why action games, adventure, and others ruled the world back then. To this day, these games are still played heavily and they have evolved to adapt to the current technology.

As games are becoming more diverse, so are the options for females. Now there are plenty of games for just about anyone. Some of female gamers have personal Youtube accounts. If you want to know female gaming Youtubers, here are some to check out.

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Female Gaming Youtubers You Should Follow in 2022


This female gamer has collected about 457k subscribers to date. According to the profile page, she created this account in March, 2010, which means it has been going on for a long time.

The whole channel covers a variety of content, including games and dubbing clips, but they are primarily games. It may take time to get used to the channel considering the videos are written in Thai.

Speaking of the games, she has played quite, but the most popular ones on the channel turn out to be Identity V. Nearly all of the most viewed videos are her playing this game, so it’s fair to say that she loves it a lot.


If you’re a fan of Fortnite, you should definitely follow this girl on Youtube because she seems to be a hardcore fan. Just look at the newest videos. Almost all contain gameplay of this game. The channel is not all about games, though.

She also adds some personal videos in between. The channel itself is relatively new, created on May 13, 2017. 3 years aren’t a short time of being a Youtuber given how rapidly channels have grown in the past few years.

While the channel goes by the name of Loeya, her real name is Olivia. As of late, she has gained around 258k subscribers, pretty good actually considering the channel has amassed over 9 million views.

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She’s often touted as the queen of FIFA, which is not an exaggeration because that’s the game she plays a lot. The channel has reached over 1.4 million subscribers. That’s not really surprising due to the fact that it has been up for like 8 years.

It was first created in March, 2012. That’s a lot of time to collect subscribers. Well, it’s not the only factor that comes into play for sure. Without entertaining content, anyone would struggle to have that amount of subs.

As for views, she also collected millions, 268 million to be exact. If you love yourself some FIFA, what are you waiting for?

Go subscribe to her Youtube channel.


With a total of 5.2 million subscribers, LDShadowLady easily becomes one of the most subscribed female gaming Youtubers. What we find interesting is her page centers around Minecraft. It’s not common to see Youtubers that review only games they like. In this case, this girl seems so drawn into this strategy game.

As you can see, her latest videos are all Minecraft. And if you check out her profile page, that doesn’t come as a surprise. She wrote a tagline ‘Minecraft is Love. Minecraft is Life’, which could very well indicate the passion she has for this game.

Joining in January, 2010, the channel has grown tremendously ever since. Not just the total subscribers, she also has gained a whopping 2.4 billion views.


As with many gamers, Kori also looks to be a niche gamer. At least that’s the impression you’ll get from her new videos.

What is her favorite game?

That’s Roblox, a sandbox-style game that has gained a loyal base just like Minecraft. The most interesting part of the game is that it allows the users to create games for others to play. There are many worlds made and you’re free to roam around them.

Back to Kori, her channel has actually grown so big as evidenced by the 1.29 million subscribers. It will keep growing for sure.

Her most popular upload that has been watched over 15 million times is also about Roblox. That shows that she indeed lives for the game.


This is another female gaming Youtuber we’d recommend especially if you’re into Battle Royale games. This game will remind you a lot of PUBG.

It starts with 50 players landing on an island and you have to fight each other. The one who could survive till the end is the winner. You can also arm up yourself with weapons found along the way.

By the way, this channel is pretty big, too. She has over 1.6 million subscribers. Besides, she updates quite regularly, like a couple of times a week. If you subscribe to her, at least the wait won’t be too long in between videos.


Tiffany Garcia is the person behind this Youtube channel. She’s one of the most subscribed female gamers on Youtube with 6.74 million subscribers. And she is no stranger to Youtube.

The channel has been up for over a decade, first started in 2010. To this day, it has earned over 2.8 billion views. Interestingly, the most popular videos on the channel aren’t her playing video games.

Instead, those are animated videos with durations of less than 3 minutes. When it comes to games, they are quite diverse, but she seems to be into games with adorable characters like Animals Crossing: New Horizons.


The name of the channel pretty much gives it away. There’s the word gaming in it, so the owner has to have some admiration to video games.

Well, it turns out to be true. She doesn’t just adore games, but also play them. Her recent videos are all games-related. In terms of subscribers, she does decently.

If others have collected millions, she has about 340k subs. Go visit the channel if you’re interested in the games she plays. She also includes her social media pages on that account.


She is another female gamer that has fascination with Minecraft, which can be seen from her recent uploads. Even the information she posted on her bio also tells that she loves it a lot.

Well, she is like millions of others who are drawn into this game.

Why is Minecraft addictive, though?

It could be combination of several factors, but the freedom given to the players to build stuff they want is one of the biggest aspects of this game. Besides, it has the resources to help you with that.

By the way, this account has earned over 2 millions subs, which is an achievement in itself. She also has collected more than 877 million views.


Jess is the person behind this channel. She enjoys games a lot and she said it herself on the bio. She said she played games every day. For the record, the channel had a name change once.

When it was first started, the account was named Challenge Accepted Inc, and that was run by a few people. However, as time went by, some of the members decided to leave, which left only jess. That’s when the channel was renamed to what we know today.

Her stats are nothing short of amazing. She has over 5.9 subs and over 3.8 billion views.

Final Thoughts

Being a gamer and being a Youtuber are two different things. But many gamers now set up their accounts because Youtube can be as lucrative as being a pro gamer. It’s easy to find Youtube channels run by famous gamers. And they aren’t just males, but also females.

Youtube is like a haven for content creators. And you are rewarded for that. The more fans you have, the more you can earn from your account. As we know, popular gamers already have a loyal fanbase.

So, when they create an account, their fans will quickly subscribe to it. As a result, it will grow rapidly. But there are also youtubers that collect fans slowly but steadily.

If you want to know some female gaming Youtubers, go read the previous list.

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