How to win PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds mobile

How to Win PUBG Mobile in 2021? (still useful in 2022)

When it comes to the battle royale scene, PUBG is one of the most prominent titles. Although the PC version is highly popular, it has made its way to mobile…

When it comes to the battle royale scene, PUBG is one of the most prominent titles.

Although the PC version is highly popular, it has made its way to mobile devices, too.

You can install it on your Android Smartphone. Just look it up on the Play Store if you haven’t already.

In this game, you’re pitted against 99 players. The last one who manages to survive will be crowned as the winner.

To be the last man standing is not easy. You need to come up with a plan and know what to do when threats are coming your way.

This game will teach you to be a fast thinker. Failure in making a quick decision may cause you to lose the game.

As you progress further, the area shrinks and you have to collect supplies to beef up the arsenal.

They are necessary to defeat the enemies and help you stay longer in the arena.

How to win PUBG mobile?

Apparently, experience is the best teacher. If you started out as a player of the PC version, it will take time to get used to the controls, not to mention that you should also find a strategy to rise above the competition.

The objective is the same. You’ll be loaded onto an island and once your feet are on the ground, you can start collecting ammo and other items.

As the map continues to get smaller, eventually you can no longer hide from the enemies.

The only way to win the fight is by confronting and knocking them out of the game.

How to Win Close Combat in PUBG Mobile?

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Close-range combat is probably the most intense action in the game.

In 1v1 encounters, you must shoot them down quickly before they do it first. There are some tips that might help, such as:

1. Get a headshot

First, you can try to aim at the head. This is better done with a sniper that has a scope.

But if it’s not present, you can aim at the chest. This leads to the recoil moving up slightly, which then increases your chances of a precise headshot.

For a close-range encounter, shoot just below the head as it may help compensate the recoil.

There’s no exact rule you have to follow because the impact could be different depending on the gun.

A sniper, for instance, the aim needs to be above the head.

The best way to learn is by practicing with the same weapon over and over again.

The reason why headshots give you the upper hand is because they deal serious damage to opponents.

If you think you’re bad at it, just remember that practice makes perfect.

2. Use lethal weapons

Choosing the right weapon for every situation is important as each one has characteristics that make them ideal in certain settings.

For close combat, you can choose one of these guns; Groza, AKM, and Uzi. They deal good amounts of damage especially for close-range attacks.

Whenever you spot an enemy nearby, switch the gun quickly. Always carry weapons that you know how to use correctly.

A lethal weapon means nothing if you keep missing the target.

Avoid using frag grenade because there’s no time to cook it. Besides, the enemy can easily turn the tide if you’re busy with this weapon.

Molotov is probably the better alternative especially if they accidentally run through the burning area.

How to Win Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile

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To win PUBG feels so rewarding because that means you’ve outlived all the players that parachuted down onto the island.

The thing is to have the chicken dinner is not an easy feat especially if you’re new to this.

Just don’t be discouraged, though. Each player has a chance to get that. Here are some useful tips:

1. Loot accordingly

Focus on items that will give you the most benefits.

Once you’ve had enough guns, grenades, and first aid kits, there’s no need to look for more.

Start taking down the enemies to make the game progress faster.

If you keep collecting stuff, you won’t have enough time to plan a strategy to defeat them.

One of the most important skills is know what to do in close-range encounters.

After all, the main objective of the game is to knock down other players and be the last to survive.

2. Fight and flight

The fight and flight response constantly comes into play.

If you think it would be strategic to hide, then find a place to stay out of sight.

There are many hiding spots in the area, such as rooftops. However, some will no longer be accessible as the map shrinks in size.

But there are other options, like bushes and trees.

That said, these are favorite places of other players, too, so make sure there is none in close proximity before you hide.

3. Stock up on healing items

It’s also important to monitor your health bar.

Taking damage from an attack can reduce your health meter.

If it’s depleted, then it’s game over.

On top of the health bar is the booster bar that can be replenished with specific items. There are 3 main items to refill the health bar, namely med kits, first aid kits, and bandages.

Meanwhile, to top up the booster bar, you’d need any of these; adrenaline shots, painkillers, and energy drinks.

4. Don’t leave the door open

Right after entering a building, close the door right away. You wouldn’t want to raise other players’ suspicions.

An open door pretty much signals that someone just entered or exited.

If you forget this, someone can sneak from behind and surprise you with bullets.

To avoid this mess, make sure to not leave any traces.

How to Win Zombie Mode in PUBG?

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There’s a lot going on in this mode that makes the combat feels so intense.

Besides facing other players, you also have to shoot down the tough zombies.

Here are some tips that may help you win:

1. Land on a populated area

The idea is if you land on a populated area, chances are you can clear the space more quickly because other players help kill the zombies as well.

We know how hard it is to fight a bunch of enemies especially when you have to take them down all by yourself.

2. Be in close proximity of team members

There’s a reason why you join a team. You’re all meant to protect each other.

Night is the time when zombies become very aggressive.

A 1-on-1 fight is probably not a problem, but if there are many trying to catch you, you will be overwhelmed for sure.

At least with a team, you can kill more efficiently.

3. Pick up the right items

Again, weapons play a vital role in keeping you safe from the zombies.

There are many that you can use to kill, but not all are spawned at the same rate.

Knives and shotguns are among the best options because they are easy to come by.

The flamethrowers, on the other hand, while effective are difficult to get.

For close-range encounters, you can rely on the shotgun. Even a knife can help to deal damage to these enemies.

Another essential weapon is the zombie bomb, which can kill hordes of zombies quickly.

Please inspect houses to locate them. Beside weapons, healing items are also necessary.

There’s one special item called the zombie vaccine, which acts as a health elixir.

It works better than bandages and other healing kits.

4. Take advantage of the timer

The PUBG mobile zombie mode provide players with a day and night timer.

It’s important to keep an eye on the cycle as the number of zombies change throughout these periods.

The day is the longest and turns out to be the best time to collect items. You can keep doing it until the night sets in.

At night, you should be cautious because zombies are getting more dangerous.

How to Get Squads Wins Title in PUBG?

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The get the title, you should earn multiple wins in the classic squad mode.

This will be a trigger for others in the squad to snatch the title as well.

To increase your chances of winning, there are a few things to do, such as:

1. Maintain good communication

Always communicate with team members on what to do next.

This is a squad mode after all.

Playing as a team offers many benefits. Not only is it easier to take down enemies, but you can also learn from teammates.

Use the voice chat feature to communicate, so that you can keep track of the progress.

It’s also critical to stay close to each other. Being in a team isn’t solely about killing enemies en masse, but also how to protect each other.

The best way to ensure safety is by staying close. This way, you’re ready to help if someone is in danger.

2. Orchestrate an attack on enemies

The perks of working with a team is when you outnumber others in the field, it’s easy to defeat them.

Of course, everyone in the team should figure out their role, so that they know what to do while engaging with opponents.

Ganging up on others doesn’t sound like fair play, but others play as teams, too.

Additionally, always be vigilant after you’ve cleared an area because some are probably hiding somewhere.

How to Win PUBG Mobile FAQs

1. How can I improve my PUBG mobile skills?

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One of the most essential skills is aiming.

It’s also among the hardest to master, but with a good amount of practice, we’re sure you can do that.

To start with, you can turn on the aim assist.

As the name suggests, this is an assistive feature that allows players to line up the crosshairs with a target, so it doesn’t move away.

Adjusting the crosshair color will also help. Since dark colors are easier to notice on a light background, it’s advised to switch to dark-colored crosshairs.

But if you’re a pro, lighter shades wouldn’t be a problem.

In fact, they’re probably not needed anymore. And then, learn to aim using the thumbs as they are more precise than the gyroscope.

It’s not to say that the gyroscope is bad, but for a close-range attack, thumbs will help you more than the gyroscope.

2. What is the easiest way to win the PUBG game?

There are a few things that can help you survive longer.

First, avoid dangerous spots to land like big towns. While they have more items to pick up, more players will also flock in these areas.

The game will be intense from the get go if you go down this path.

Unless you’re already great at aiming and well-prepared for close-range combat, this may do more harm than good.

It’s okay to land on a secluded area if it brings you closer to victory.

Second, give essential items the highest priority.

Healing items, assault rifles, and protective gear are some of the things you should always carry.

And in case you take a hit from an unknown source, find a place to hide, but make sure to run in a zig-zag pattern to make it harder for the enemy to lock the target.

3. How do you win PUBG every time?

This is not something you can predict because many players in PUBG are humans.

Those pitted against you in a battle are likely different from the ones you’ve played with before.

Thus, every battle is unpredictable.

If most players have moderate skills, then you may have a greater chance to secure victory.

But if they’re pro players who’ve trained much longer than you have, it will be a challenge to take them down.

Final Thoughts on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Mobile Version)

How to win PUBG mobile? Everyone has a different strategy to win the game.

Some prefer to loot and hide first, while others go on a rampage right out of the gate because they think they have enough skills to outdo the others in close-range combat.

Whatever the case might be, the goal is to last longer as much as possible in the battlefield.

Whether you want it to go fast or slow, it’s all up to you. Just make sure you have all the basic skills, like aiming, knowing the benefits of items, and understanding the map.

Mastering the map is paramount because it affects every decision you make.

Once you’re familiar with the map, you’ll know where to go in the event of unprovoked attacks.

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