Valentines Gifts for Geeky Boyfriend

2023 Valentines Gifts for Geeky Boyfriend [#5 is Our Favorite]

Today, the word geek is used to call people who have a deep interest in a particular subject, like those who are obsessed with the trendiest and coolest stuff. So,…

Today, the word geek is used to call people who have a deep interest in a particular subject, like those who are obsessed with the trendiest and coolest stuff.

So, when someone calls you a geek, it’s probably not too bad after all, especially when you know it’s not ill-intentioned.

Are you a geek, or do you have a geeky boyfriend?

If so, these Valentines Gifts for geeky boyfriend may excite him.

Unique Valentines Gifts for Geeky Boyfriend 2023

1. ROVE Aurora Sky Galaxy Projector

Lighting can do wonders in uplifting the atmosphere in a room.

You can buy this for your boyfriend if there are no decorative lights there.

It looks fantastic, especially in the dark, because it emits an aurora borealis effect and other awesome patterns.

It also comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Imagine hearing relaxing music in the background as you’re being entertained by the light show.

Having said that, the most important aspect is still the light, given that it’s essentially a projector.

Fortunately, it’s designed to spoil our eyes with its fascinating effects.

2. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy for Stress and Anxiety Relief

This toy is suitable for people with nervous energy.

Fidgets toys are also used to help improve focus and attention.

They come in all shapes and sizes. As you can see, this one takes on the shape of a cube.

Don’t worry about buying him one for this Valentine’s Day, even if he has some already.

There are no age restrictions as to who can use it.

Children and adults alike can play with the toy.

In terms of durability, it’s made of ABS and stainless steel.

This combination translates well to its endurance and impact resistance.

All in all, it’s better to direct nervousness to something like this than bite the nails.

3. Vogek 50W 10A 5-Port USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices

Charging multiple devices at once is no longer an issue with a charging station.

All you have to do is stuck up devices on this dock; they will recharge shortly after.

It holds up to 5 Smartphones at a time. It’s also large enough to accommodate tablets.

One of the perks of having a charging dock is you can keep the tabletop uncluttered.

Each port can supply 2A of current.

What makes it more impressive is the fact that it can recognize devices.

Through auto identification, every device will be charged following its requirements.

To top it off, it also has safety measures to avoid overcharging and over-current.

4. Ecobee Smart Thermostat Voice Control

This is another nice gift for your geeky boyfriend.

Please install it in the room he visited the most.

The bedroom sounds about right because that’s the place where most people unwind and relax.

As a result, it needs to be kept at a good temperature.

As the name suggests, this is a smart device that responds automatically to somebody’s presence.

It helps conserve the energy as it can be activated only when the owner around.

It also comes with a proprietary app to help control the device remotely.

This feature would come in handy when he is away from home.

5. 3D Screen Magnifier for Smartphone

Want to feel a cinema-like experience from the comfort of your own home?

This screen magnifier can make it happen.

To use it, make sure the magnifier faces you directly while the Smartphone sits right behind it.

It has a curved shape for an immersive panoramic view.

Of course, it’s not supposed to match the experience of watching in a movie theater.

It’s still a good accessory regardless.

The whole thing is made OF abs and acrylic, which means the quality should be decent.

As for compatibility, the title pretty much gives it away.

Whether it’s an iPhone or an Android device, it’s easy to slide it in.

6. Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker

One of this speaker’s major selling points is the True Stereophonic technology, which is responsible for the multi-directional sound.

The output feels so much bigger than its compact body.

It’s also surprisingly durable for the size and can deliver up to 20 hours of music time.

The quick charging further adds to its appeal.

Every 20 minutes of charging gives another 5 hours of playtime.

Design-wise, it goes down the minimalist route.

However, the understated design doesn’t reflect its true potential.

Despite the small size, this speaker feels rock solid.

Besides, it is also a powerhouse as far as audio is concerned, boasting IPX7 water resistance and other incredible features like Bluetooth 5.0.

7. CanMixs Smart Watch with Fitness Tracker for Android Phones

This Smartwatch is more than just a timepiece.

It’s also loaded with features that boost its functionality.

The front houses a 1.54″ colorful display with touch function.

It also has a unique mechanism of lighting up as the user is lifting his wrist.

Overall, it’s is well-built and tough, especially with the metal band.

If you prefer a more laid back appearance, a TPU strap is included in the package.

There are more features to check out. Apart from Bluetooth 5.0, it can also be a fitness tracker.

There’s a variety of modes provided, such as climbing, yoga, cycling, running.

If you want your boyfriend to keep track of his health, this device will help a lot. It also features a GPS for easy route tracking.

8. Wireless WiFi Booster Range Extender, 1200Mbps Dual Band 2.4 & 5Ghz

The internet has become a basic need that we can find it in nearly every household.

It could be hardwired or transmitted via a Wi-Fi network.

To expand the coverage, a Wi-Fi extender is necessary.

If your boyfriend plays games online like his life depends on it, consider buying him this.

It offers simultaneous dual-band speeds.

The 5G network is useful for gaming thanks to the speedy transmission, while the 2.4G network is suitable for web browsing.

In addition, it also features 4 antennas for stronger signal penetration.

On another note, the compatibility is outstanding. It’s claimed to work with a large number of routers.

9. Tactical Pen, Multi-Tool with LED Flashlight

What if several tools are put together into one?

That would form this fantastic kit. It’s called the tactical pen, which is handier than your typical ballpoint pen.

It can project light, turn into a glass breaker, a screwdriver, and more.

This multifunctional pen should interest your geeky boyfriend because he can do a lot with it.

Physically it’s robust as it contains aircraft-grade aluminum.

This material is also good at shielding against rust.

Ask him to keep it close by because it can be useful in emergency situations.

Don’t worry about storage. It has a metal clip to help it sit firmly in the pocket.

10. Gresus Magnetic Levitation Floating World Map Globe

This is another cool gadget we’d recommend for your geeky boyfriend.

While it looks like a decorative piece, it can also be a learning tool as well.

Just look at the floating globe. It shows continents and countries in beautiful colors.

How does it manage to be suspended in midair?

Well, there’s a magnetic system to ensure that it stays afloat.

You can rotate it by swiping to the side.

Another attractive element of this toy is the multi-color lights, which look lively when viewed in the dark.

11. SIMREX X900 Drone with 1080P HD Camera

Drones have gained significant market traction in recent years.

They’re everywhere now because many companies come up with their line of drones.

These aerial vehicles come in several types; the one shown here is a quadcopter.

This unit is tempting, not just because of the reasonable price.

It actually punches above the price point with its long list of features.

Besides altitude hold and headless security mode, it also offers direct control via iOS and Android.

And the image suggests that it sports a foldable design.

It measures 130×90×45mm in this form, which allows for easy storage.

As for the flight duration, the drone can stay in the air for up to 15 minutes on one charge.

12. Cordless Handheld Muscle Massager Gun

You got it wrong if you thought this was a microphone. It’s actually a handheld massager.

The tip that resembles a grill on a mic is the part that directly touches the skin.

As we know, gaming can cause muscle fatigue; prolonged sitting is partly to blame.

If your boyfriend sits on his laptop all the time, this can reduce muscle tightness.

The vibration power can be adjusted in 20 levels, with 1800/min being the lowest and 3200 /min being the highest.

The device operates on a 2500mAh battery, which delivers over 6 hours of uninterrupted use.

13. Desk Table Clock Model Making Kits

The desk isn’t just a space to organize gaming stuff.

If a plain-looking desktop doesn’t sit right with you, then spruce it up with this stylish clock. It comes in pre-assembled sections.

You need to put them together to form the full clock like shown in the picture.

The pieces are made of quality plywood, all have gone through a precise cutting process to ensure a perfect fit.

If you’re worried about assembly, please read the instructions carefully.

It usually takes about an hour to build it. By the way, the package doesn’t include a battery.

You need to buy it separately to make the clockwork.

14. Fanatek Camera Lens Coffee Mug

A quirky item for Valentine’s Day sounds like a mess waiting to happen.

He’ll probably feel exhilarated only to be let down later.

Well, you can always tell in advance that it’s not a pricey gift to keep his expectations low.

This item isn’t quirky, just very unexpected.

This lens-looking item is actually a mug.

It features thermal insulation, so anything you pour in will maintain its temperature for longer.

It’s ideal for tea, coffee, and other beverages.

The mug can hold about 12.5oz of liquid, slightly less with tightened lid.

15. LORYERGO Laptop Lap Desk

The best thing about a laptop is its portability. It can be used anywhere, on the desk, bed, or the floor.

Some also put it on their lap, although this can be uncomfortable, especially with the constant heat generated.

This lap desk can overcome the issue. Unlike other desks, it’s designed to fit the lap.

It’s also slightly angled up for better comfort if you want to put it on the desktop.

The surface provides an area of 21.5″ x 14.5″. It suits a laptop with screens up to 17 inches.

There are 2 additional slots on top for other gadgets that you have.

How to choose a valentines gift for a geeky boyfriend

1. Look up online

Online shopping has become a lifestyle in recent years.

It keeps on growing in popularity now that the pandemic has forced many stores to shut their doors.

It has many benefits. First, it requires less energy, and it also allows us to compare products more thoroughly.

2. Wait for sales

If you want to save on a gadget, you can wait for companies to roll out their annual deals.

These are common during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

There are probably some on a smaller scale offered outside the shopping events.

3. Write down a list

This is especially important if you plan on visiting brick-and-mortar stores.

By preparing a list, you can stick to it instead of buying whatever piques your interest.

Try to restrain yourself from impulse purchases.

You need to get the gift first; others can follow later.

4. Read reviews

It’s hard to know the true quality of a product just by looking at pictures.

The real thing can be completely different.

Reviews turn out to be the better measure of quality because they come from people who’ve had first-hand experience with the product.

For this reason, focus on items that have good ratings.

Final Thoughts

The word ‘Geeky’ is actually used to show someone that something special in him makes him different.

Back then, you probably got the impression that it’s used to brand someone as ‘uncool.’

But today, it’s totally different.

It’s often used to call people who are invested in a subject.

Like when you’re obsessed with tech and always seeking updates on upcoming releases, don’t be surprised if friends call you that.

If your boyfriend is in the same boat, we’ve rounded u some awesome Valentine’s Gifts for a geeky boyfriend.

Please scroll back up to read them again.

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