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Where is The Hobby Shop in Sims Freeplay?

If you’re looking for a game that helps unleash your creative potential, then The Sims is a great game to play. It’s one of the most successful games when we…

If you’re looking for a game that helps unleash your creative potential, then The Sims is a great game to play. It’s one of the most successful games when we factor in sales because it has reached the 200 million milestone already. Before starting your journey with it, please decide which version to play.

There are several installments in the franchise. You can play The Sims 1 to 4, and then there are the also mobile versions, namely The Sims Freeplay and The Sims Mobile. What’s interesting about this game is there are no open-ended missions, no right or wrong, pretty much like playing Minecraft.

Although it lacks a definite objective, it doesn’t mean the game is boring. Conversely, it can bring out your creative side.

What’s this game all about?

The Sims centers around virtual people known as ‘Sims’. You have total control over how these characters build relationships, fulfill wishes, and do other things. In a nutshell, The Sims is all about simulating real life.

Hence, there are no boundaries that would confine your creativity. You can build houses from the scratch or use the premade ones to provide a living space for The Sims.

Where is the hobby shop in Sims Freeplay?

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It’s adjacent to the pet shop, but there’s a specific requirement to meet for it to show up. If you have yet to see the store around, just keep playing until the town has been leveled up. When it levels up high enough that you can access a related item for a profession, the building in question will be visible on the block. You can also use hobbies as an indicator when the store makes an appearance.

The hobby store sells a bunch of items, but surprisingly, they aren’t actually used to level up hobbies. Instead, they’re necessary to level up the characters’ jobs, instead. If you’re curious about the items, there are many available from various categories, like movie camera, mirror, soccer ball, etc. They come in a range of prices, from hundreds to thousands.

What is The Sims Freeplay?

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The Sims Freeplay is a mobile version of the highly successful game The Sims. It’s available for download on popular platforms, including iOS and Android. The game made its debut in December 2011 on iOS, then rolled out on Android in February, 2012. It’s also ported onto the Kindle Fire where the game was released in July, 2013. It’s mostly Freemium, meaning that the app can be downloaded at no cost, but there are in-app purchases that allow you to level up and unlock special features.

The free version is already great, though, so even if you don’t throw money into it, you would still have tons of fun. For the record, Sims can actually make love in this game, but luckily there’s no explicit imagery, so it shouldn’t worry you as a parent. Despite the lack of steamy content, it’s still not advised to let younger kids play it.

They should be at least 15 years old to play safely. If you need guidance on how to play, open the app on your Smartphone, and then take a look at the player info panel. There are some icons you can find there. The first one is level and XPs, which can show how long it takes before you level up. Tap on the icon, it will disclose the remaining experience points required to achieve that. And then, there’s the VIP level measured in VIP points. You can earn points by buying stuff from the store. The more purchases done, the faster the VIP level would increase. You’ll get more benefits in the end.

As for the currency, it appears on top just next to the previous icons. The main currency is called Simoleons. If you need more instantly, you can top up with cash. Just click the money symbol to proceed to the next step. There are also lifestyle points, which work like a currency. We said so because you can use the point to buy items you desire. They can also be used to accelerate actions. The icon is adjacent to Simoleons.

Again, if you need to increase points without waiting, buy them using cash. Another form of payment in this game is social points that you can collect by doing social tasks. You can find them at neighbors’ properties. They are also provided as rewards in community events.

The difference between The Sims Mobile and The Sims Free Play

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There are a few notable differences between the two. Let’s start with the creators. The Sims Mobile is developed by EA and Maxis, while The Sims Freeplay is an EA mobile title. Another difference is the number of families and houses the player can create. In the Freeplay, you can make a lot of them, while in the Mobile version, you can make a total of 4 characters and 1 house.

What about the currency?

Interestingly, both games utilize the same currency Simoleons, but there’s also something that sets them apart. The Sims Freeplay allows you to collect social and lifestyle points. While on the other game, these are replaced with Simcash. Next we can talk about how the characters do as they get older. On The Sims Mobile, there’s a necessity to leave legacies that will be used for future Sims.

By the way, the characters don’t pass away. The Sims Freeplay is a bit different in this respect. You need to finish the quest and dreams first. Once you’ve come to that point, they will pass on, but the good news is you can put it on hold. Are these games available for free? We’d love to tell that both versions are indeed free to play. But if you want to level up and access special features, they also offer in-app purchases just like many other games do.

Another striking contrast between the two is depth. As you get further into the game, you’ll realize that The Sims Mobile has more depth than the other. You can adjust the uniqueness of each feature using the sliders. And take a look at The Sims on the Mobile version, they have similarities with the those in Sims 4. It’s important to know these differences, so that you can get a better picture of what you’re supposed to do with The Sims in both games.

For example, if you decide to play The Sims Mobile, then you should be focused on building legacies as they directly affect the future relatives. It’s the opposite of The Sims Freeplay which doesn’t really have this element.


Is Sims free to play?

If you refer to the PC versions, then no. Making physical CDs costs money, so it’s unrealistic to expect them to be free. The good thing is you can look for special deals to get them cheaper. Keep in mind that the game packs and stuff packs are often on sale, which means you can make huge savings by buying while they are on promotion.

Some of the prices are even cut in half, allowing you to save even more money. As for the mobile versions, namely The Sims Freeplay and Sims Mobile, they are free. But as usual, they also offer premium in-game content. If you want to level up quickly, you can make in-app purchases with real money.

How do I get Sims Free Play?

All you need is a Smartphone to install the APK. Assuming the Smartphone is running on Android or iOS, installing the game is easy. For Android, you just have to open up the Play Store, type in ‘The Sims Free Play’ on the search box, and then install the game with the correct name and developer. Once it’s installed, launch and start playing. It’s as simple as that.

The same goes for the iOS version. All it takes is an iPhone or an Apple tablet to run the game. Hit the Appstore icon on the screen, locate the game in the inventory, and then install. Once the process is complete, open the app and play. Speaking of the gameplay, this version of The Sims plays like the others. It’s a lifestyle simulation game for the most of part, only the difference is it’s playable on mobile devices.

The simplicity and boundless creativity that the game brings are what makes it addictive. Add it to the fact that it’s created by a company as huge as Electronic Arts, The Sims has everything to make it great, and it shows.

How do you get pregnant in Sims Free Play?

There are two tasks to complete if you want to get a Sim pregnant. The first one is called the Bump-Y Ride Discovery Quest, and the second is called the Two and a Half Sims Quest. After you’ve completed the tasks, you’ll be prompted with 3 different options as you tap on a crib.

They are Pregnancy Event, Pregnancy, and Adding a Baby. If you proceed with Pregnancy Event, you’ll have to do it in 9 days with each day representing a month of pregnancy. There are tasks to do daily, so make sure to complete them before expecting the baby.

That’s because they come with a reward in the form of maternity tokens, which can be used to get maternity clothes and supplies for the baby.

Can I kill a Sim in Sims Freeplay?

Nope, it’s your job to help them achieve the life dreams and build legacies first. But before coming to this level, you need to complete the previous quests. While the option to leave them dying isn’t available instantly, you can move them out of town.

Let’s say you want to stop dealing with a Sim, you can click on the character, and then the switch button. You should see the plumbob hovering on his head shortly after. Take a look at the right side. There should be a red button there.

Click on it, you’ll get a notification for sending him away. Now that the character is gone, the home is free again and you can develop a new Sim.

Can the Sims Freeplay die?

Death comes as a feature in this game. You can access it during a sacrifice of a Sim. Here’s what happens when you choose to let a Sim die. In the final days of a Sim’s life, he will freeze up and followed by the appearance of an exclamation mark on his head. And there’s a spell right below it. A tap on it will take you to two different choices.

First, you can choose the reverse the Sim’s age up to when he just started his senior life. And then, you can also choose to let him pass on, which would leave an orb and XP behind. It can be passed down to another character and benefit from it. Or you can also sell the orb for some money.

Can Sims get drunk?

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Given that Sims don’t drink alcohol, there’s no such thing as being tipsy. Instead of alcohol, they’ll be served drinks like those that we often see at gatherings.

The thing is when you give them more drinks, they’ll become happier. Just like when we drink alcohol, Sims also have some sort of tolerance to juice. Drinking too much can them sick, so be careful.

Is Sims free on the computer?

No, PC versions of the Sims cost money. If you have questions regarding prices of all Sims versions, just visit the official EA site.

You can find information about the Sims games along with their prices there. Every game comes with a specific description, platform support, release date, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you want to play a game that lets you create your own perfect world, then the Sims is the answer. It is a life simulation game, so it depicts what we experience in our daily lives. The platform support is becoming more expansive, too. Besides desktop PCs, now you can play the game on mobile devices and consoles. There are several installments of the franchise, so make sure you know which one to play.

As for the mobile versions, there are two called the Sims Mobile and the Sims Freeplay, both of which have unique features and differences. The Sims is the right medium to explore creativity as it will turn you into a creator. You’re given the absolute freedom to design how your creations aka Sims appear, interact, and live their lives.

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