PUBG iphone wallpaper

PUBG Iphone Wallpaper

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or also known as PUBG is one of the most popular video games in recent years. The battle royale game brings players together in a battlefield and force…

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or also known as PUBG is one of the most popular video games in recent years.

The battle royale game brings players together in a battlefield and force them to fight each other until there’s one left, and the last man standing will come out as the winner.

While the area starts out vast, it gradually shrinks in size, forcing all these players to meet and fight for their lives.

The premise isn’t exactly new, but we can’t deny that it’s still a fun game to play because you’re provided with a bunch of weapons to increase your competitive edge over the others.

There are several maps on which the battles occur, but there’s one main place called the Erangel. It’s an island monitored by a military occupation where they conducted research on biological experiments.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Iphone Wallpaper

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Is it easy to find PUBG iPhone wallpapers?

Given the popularity, it should be. This game has infected gamers across the globe with its addictive gameplay. There are many good reasons why it has reached the heights in the industry especially in its genre.

PUGB taps into our innate sense of competition by pitting you against human players. In this game, a total of 100 players are loaded onto an island. As you’re parachuting down, you can see what the island look like from an overhead view.

Once you’re on land, you can start the exploration. All players have a fair share of weapons in the beginning. But as you get further into the game, you’ll start seeing new weapons that you can scavenge to beef up your arsenal.

PUBG has good graphics and what makes it even more engaging is it plays in a first-person view.

It feels as if you’re in the battlefield trying to protect yourself from the enemies. It will surely get your adrenaline pumping because anyone can come from any direction.

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Speaking of PUBG iPhone wallpaper, you may know that iconic pose of a guy holding a gun in his white shirt and jeans while wearing a black helmet. It’s like the most popular image associated with the game, which makes sense because he’s featured on the official cover.

If you want to know what cover we’re talking about, go to PUBG’S download page on Play Store or App Store. You’d see that character on the cover.

Speaking of PUBG, what makes it so irresistible?

There are many factors, like the variety of items you can pick up as the game progresses. The opportunity to equip your character with different items makes the game exciting to play. Besides, there are many strategies to choose from.

If you have the confidence, you can directly challenge other players the moment your set your feet on the island. But if you need to wait until the population shrinks, you can choose to hide while powering up your weaponry.

Another appeal of the game is the length. The game doesn’t end quickly if you know how implement the right strategy. But it’s not easy if you deal with skilled players. Things can be very unpredictable with human players because they all have different capabilities.

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When it comes to PUBG wallpapers, the fight scenes or the landscapes aren’t the only things that make awesome pictures. You can also collect images with vehicles in them.

They aren’t just accessories to spice up the scenery. Conversely, the vehicles are functional that you can use them to stay out of the enemies’ reach. Anytime you feel threatened by their presence, you can drive away with a jeep or something. There are many choices available, including jeeps, motorbikes, boats, and dune buggies.

Many say that it’s among the most unforgettable moments in the game. By the way, these vehicles are not only drivable, but also destroyable. If you no longer need them, just fire shots at them. This way, none can steal and use them to their advantage.

Believe it or not, a vehicle can also turn into an effective weapon.

How so?

Try to shoot two or three tires out. This physical damage won’t be visible and others might think that it’s an abandoned car.

Hence, they’ll try to jump into it, but fail to drive because the tires have deflated. It’s the right time to blow it up or shoot when they least expect it.

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Another thing interesting about the game is the selection of maps. You can use them to search for PUBG iPhone wallpapers. The Erangel has been mentioned before. It has open fields and cinderblock buildings occupying the area.

The second one is the desert map known as Miramar, which draws inspiration from areas in Mexico and Central America. It’s quite different from the Erangel. On this map, the city areas appear to be dense with rural areas around. It also has a unique topography, which may have an impact on your strategy.

There’s another called Sanhok. This map is half the size of other maps, so the battle would be more intense. The area is filled with buildings that resemble ancient ruins.

Due to the smaller space, you need to do the right strategy as the game progresses more quickly towards the end.

If you’ve been to Thailand or watched videos about tourism in that country, this map will instantly take you back there due to the resemblance.

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Final Thoughts – PUBG Iphone Backgrounds

Do you consider yourself a fan?

If so, playing isn’t the only way to appreciate the game. You can also collect still images taken from the gameplay and use them as backgrounds on your iPhone.

If you need more than just screen captures, go to the internet to find creative wallpapers that pay homage to the game. PUBG is immensely popular, so it shouldn’t be hard to find some.

Having said that, a picture is a picture. A PUBG wallpaper may leave you in awe especially when it’s tastefully done. But if you want to feel an adrenaline rush, you should play the game.

Many said they had increased heart rate while playing the game. It makes sense because it’s a like a simulation in which you’re pitted against other human players.

You’re literally forced to ‘kill’ others. While it’s not actual killing, the idea gives us chills especially with the realistic graphics.

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