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How to Join eSports Teams and Become a Pro Gamer?

The idea of being in an eSports team can be thrilling for some especially when the team is an established one with a big following. The thing is it’s not…

The idea of being in an eSports team can be thrilling for some especially when the team is an established one with a big following.

The thing is it’s not easy to be a part of it. Only the best players will be eligible for that experience.

But don’t worry, there are many other alternatives you can try. Joining a team doesn’t mean you have to be hired by one of the top dogs.

Many pro gamers start their career with smaller teams, but they can still progress because they train relentlessly. Established or not, working with a team still offers many benefits.

A team has the resources to improve you improve skills and provide the opportunity to enter an eSports league.

If you want to know how to to join eSports team, find out down below:

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Make your way to join an eSports team

Getting hired by an eSports team requires effort. If you’re still at an early stage in your career, then it’s important to build a name for yourself.

A team won’t approach a player who doesn’t have good stats because it would be a gamble for them. They’d rather hire someone who has won trophies because that means they’re ready to strengthen the squad.

1. Partake in online tournaments

One good way to get noticed by a team is by increasing your stats, which can be done by taking part in online tournaments. But first, make sure you’re capable enough for the competition because you’ll meet the best talents from around the world.

Getting into an online league isn’t difficult. First, you have to decide which platform to join. Once you find it, read in detail all the requirements.

Don’t forget to check out the selection of games contested. There are probably hundreds in which you can compete on with others. Pick one that you’ve been good at. And then, sign up, wait until there’s a confirmation that you’re accepted.

The last step is to select a match, play, and see the results. Just like events that take place in venues, online leagues also offer some prize money. If you can snatch one of the trophies, you may bring home some cash.

2. Seek local opportunities

If boosting your profile doesn’t seem to work, you should be proactive in looking for opportunities. Keep in mind that established teams usually impose strict criteria on who they will accept to be part of their rosters.

Unless you’re a prolific athlete with years of experience, being realistic will save you from disappointment. Don’t be discouraged, though. There are still other options.

For example, you can find information about local companies that seek new eSports talents. Reach out to them through email and other communication methods.

Be honest with your message, like what you specialize in, what you’re trying to achieve, and so on. Include all the accolades that you’ve earned as they may increase your chances of getting their approval.

3. Use social media

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Social media is a quick way to build online presence. As we know, visibility means a lot especially for landing a job in eSports. If you can’t do that through tournaments, you can do it by creating a strong brand identity.

It’s not instant, though. There’s a lot of work to do to boost your following on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. That being said, never use quick methods like buying followers because these people don’t have a genuine interest in eSports.

Build your following naturally, so that they truly support what you’re doing. When you’re pretty well-known online, a team may try to reach out to you, even if it’s not the most high-profile company.

4. Be a streamer

Streaming and competitive gaming are two different worlds, but both can be huge revenue streams. Being a streamer has nothing to with being a pro player although in some cases, they intersect.

For example, you can start out as a pro gamer and switch to livestreaming later. After all, they are proven to be lucrative careers to pursue. It may also work the other way around. You can become a streamer first, and once you’ve built a strong brand, an eSports team may be tempted to sign you.

Well, companies not only need solid players, but they also need promotion to increase brand visibility.

Employing players that already have a huge base sounds like a good idea. By the way, there are many platforms to broadcast a live stream, like Twitch and Youtube Gaming.

5. Enroll in a state-sponsored training program

Another way to join an eSports team is by enrolling in a state-sponsored program. As eSports is growing, the number of events conducted across the globe also increase.

This can be an opportunity for you to join a team that represents a state or a country. But still, this won’t be an easy feat. You have to compete with other players for a spot in the team.

In other words, your skills will still be the determining factor, so don’t be satisfied quickly. Keep practicing and improving your gaming performance.

What to prepare (to become a Pro Gamer)

1. Game to focus on

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Each game has a unique play style and mechanics. Don’t waste your time to try out all kinds of games. It’s better to be good at one than be the jack of all trades.

One game is challenging enough to master, let alone 2 or more. Even the pro-players direct their attention to one game only. There are many games that are contested at eSports tournaments, such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, CS:GO, Dota 2, and more.

If you’re unsure what to pick, you can base it on what you’ve been loving thus far. If you’re a big fan of League of Legends and always play it in your free time, you can opt to be a pro player for the title.

Or if you’re a hardcore Dota 2 fan, you can also choose it as a way to break into eSports.

2. Quality hardware

Being a pro gamer isn’t just about the willingness to learn and practice. Proper equipment is also necessary. In this case, gaming devices are a must because they’re designed with gaming in mind.

Mechanical keyboards, for instance, offer tactile feedback that can help you feel every key stroke. This lowers the chances of mistyping because gaming often requires hitting multiple keys quickly.

Gaming keyboards also come with extra features that are not present in regular keyboards. Besides, they are designed ergonomically to prevent side effects resulted from prolonged use like hand fatigue.

High quality should apply to the gaming mouse and headset as well. A quality mouse matters as it determines how responsive it is relative the pointer’s movement. It’s true that high-end gaming mice are a bit pricey, but they are value for money.

Gaming mice are designed specifically for gaming, so they pack features that will benefit you as an aspiring gamer, like adjustable DPI levels, ambidextrous design, reconfigurable buttons, etc.

3. Time

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To be a great player, practice is the utmost importance. Pro gamers can train for hours up to 10 hours a day. Basically, you must allot your time to training because without it, you won’t be able to catch up with other players.

The amount of time one can spend on practice proves that eSports should be taken seriously just like traditional sports. There are many things to learn during that period.

First, you must learn the mechanics until they get stuck in your head. This is why focusing on one game is crucial. Each game has its own mechanics, so to go from one to another can lead to confusion.

Once you’re memorized the mechanics, the next step is to find the right strategy and watch how others play the game. Playing at home and a tournament is totally different.

There’s an adrenaline rush that will affect your decision-making ability when you perform at an international stage, so be prepared.

FAQs – Applying / Joining eSports Organizations

How to join eSports team PUBG

To get noticed by an eSports team that employs PUBG rosters, you have to be great at playing this game. One good way is by pushing up your rank.

PUBG is a one-last-man-standing type of game, which means you’ll be the winner if you can be the last person to survive. Hence, your performance highly depends on how long you last on the arena.

If you have a good showing throughout the game pertaining to assists, kills, downs, etc, then it shows you’re very competent at that.

And if you survive the combat very well to the point that you win the game repeatedly, it can also increase your value as a potential team member.

How to join eSports team Fortnite

Whether or not you’ll be in a team, it all comes down to your ability. If you’ve got the skills, then sooner or later, you’d be able to enter a team. That’s because every organization wants to hire the best players.

Therefore, the most sensible thing to do is keep getting better at the game you’re focused on. Since this is Fortnite we’re talking about, you should show good performance at any event you partake in.

Start with online events that don’t require strict requirements to join.

How to join eSports PUBG mobile

There are two ways to join an eSports team. The first one is to wait until you’re approached, and the second one is to approach one yourself.

Which one would be more ideal to you? For an established player with a big following, the first option isn’t out of reach. The bigger the brand, the more the teams are vying to get you.

The thing is to get there isn’t an instant process. You have to go through blood, sweat, and tears.

Unless you’re in that position, you should make the first move. Join a PUBG community and look for opportunities.

How do you get noticed by eSports team?

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The most effective way to get noticed by eSports teams is by joining local tournaments. Of course, you aren’t supposed to just show up there. You should also bring out your best performance, so that you can win a trophy.

There’s no problem with local events. They can be a stepping stone for you to get to more prestigious events. On another note, don’t be too picky with the team you want to join.

Even if it’s a startup or a newly made team, it can still be a good opportunity to build your resume.

How do I get a job in eSports?

Try to search for vacancies in different teams and organizations. Keep in mind that pro gamers aren’t the only job available in eSports.

There are many other alternatives. You can be a shoutcaster, journalist, PR executive, or another. But then again, it should go hand-in-hand with your passion.

If you’re more into the competitive aspect rather than the work behind the scene, then it’s okay to join a team.

Just don’t be half-hearted about it. Be committed to what you want to achieve.

Final Thoughts: Finding your Dream eSports Team

eSports has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, so it’s understandable that many see it as a promising career path. It’s a fast-growing industry that keeps getting bigger each year, as evidenced by the large number of sponsors that have contributed to its development.

If you said that you aspired to be a famous gamer, you might get a side-eye from people. But today, it’s completely different. eSports has become undeniably huge and created some viable careers. Some of the biggest earners in the world of gaming come from eSports.

Gaming is not only good for your pocket if you can become a prominent player and secure victory, but it’s also good for the brain. It has a positive impact on brain connectivity and helps train your manual dexterity.

Now the question is, is it easy to be a professional gamer?

Well, it depends on the support system and your determination. Besides practice, it’s also important to be a part of an eSports team.

We’ve provided tips on how to join an eSports team. Basically, it’s a long process.

You can’t expect to play for a big team overnight. It should start with training, competing in tournaments, boosting stats, and improving visibility.

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