How to play Mobile Legends on PC

Can I play Mobile Legends on PC?

Yes, you can. However, because Mobile Legends is not officially supported on PC, a workaround will be required. This post will go over how to play Mobile Legends (MLBB) on…

Yes, you can. However, because Mobile Legends is not officially supported on PC, a workaround will be required. This post will go over how to play Mobile Legends (MLBB) on a computer in greater detail.

So, Can I Play Mobile Legends on PC?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most successful fantasy action games, accumulating 30 million+ downloads over 5 years.

As you might know, MLBB was released exclusively for iOS and Android, which explains the word ‘Mobile’ in its name.

Mobile Legends, developed by Shanghai Moonton Technology, made its grand entrance into the gaming world in 2016.

This game belongs in the Multi-Player Online Battle Arena (MOBA) category, a genre of video games focusing mainly on teamwork and coordination to succeed.

The basic premise is you control a character to help the squad fight in the combat zone. There are two competing teams, with each constituting 5 players. To win, one team has to demolish the opponent’s base.

Is it possible to play Mobile Legends on PC knowing it’s originally a mobile game?

Let us clarify that this game can be played on a desktop computer. But you need to meet the minimum system requirements to ensure that it runs smoothly.

It requires an AMD/Intel i5 processor or higher, a minimum of 8GB of RAM, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 or an equivalent.

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4 ways to play Mobile Legends on PC

A. MEmu

MEmu can tackle all problems that often arise from handheld gaming, like unwanted phone calls, low battery life, and mobile data usage.

Playing on a desktop also gives you access to a bigger screen, which offers a more immersive viewing experience.

MEmu prides itself in providing a stable system to play Android games on desktop computers. It has garnered worldwide acclaim for its smooth performance across different PC specifications.

For all the perks, the program is distributed to end-users for no additional costs.

The company made a statement that much of its revenue is generated from advertisements.

MEmu can run a multitude of Android games, not just Mobile Legends. It’s also loaded with features to enhance its functionality, such as key mapping, operation recorder, to name a few.

  1. You can discover the download link on its website. Simply click it, as you land on the homepage, hover over the ‘Download’ button. Click to begin the download process.
  2. Open the file, follow the steps it walks you through until the ‘Quick Install’ button pops up. Click again, wait for the installation to complete, which may take a few minutes.
  3. After that, open the program, head to ‘Settings’ to configure your system performance, so the game can run with no hiccups. You can now select a game to play from the ‘Play Store’ menu.

B. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is essentially a screen mirroring application that works for both Android and iOS.

In terms of support for desktop PCs, it can run on computers running macOS and Windows.

For iOS users, it should be noted that as long as your device has airplay capability, you should be able to use the program. Some of the highlights include a gaming keyboard and a Wi-Fi connection. It’s limited for use on 4 devices at a time, though.

On the brighter side, games aren’t the only type of content you can stream from a mobile device.

You can also do the same for other multimedia files, including songs, images, and videos.

Other than that, ApowerMirror is fortified with extra tools to take its utility up a notch for gamers. Here’s the setup guide if you want to use it.

  1. Head straight to the ApowerMirror website.
  2. Hit the download button to acquire the installer.
  3. Once installed, fire up the program. Don’t forget to plug the Smartphone or tablet into the PC using a microUSB cable.
  4. On the phone, navigate to ‘Settings’, ‘Developer Options’, and then USB Debugging. Toggle it on, this will initiate the app download to your mobile device.
  5. Tap ‘Start Now’ to begin the mirroring process.
  6. Besides a physical connection, there’s also an option to pair via wireless technology. You can do this with the existing WiFi network in your house. All you have to do is connect the PC and to the same network.
  7. Open the ApowerMirror app, and then tap the blue mirror button to scan for nearby devices. Once it detects your computer, select it. That’s all, now you can rain chaos onto the battlefield and control your hero with the keyboard and mouse.

C. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a powerful emulator to assist you with playing Android games on PC.

Besides games, it can also run apps available on the Play Store.

For those wondering about its legitimacy, the app is backed by a large company, which should give you the reassurance to install it on your computer.

It’s also free, no upfront investment is required to access the features. BlueStacks has an intuitive interface. The home screen welcomes you with the Play Store icon.

Meanwhile, the toolbar stacked on the side provides quick access to other features.

There’s a lot the software can do, such as taking screenshots, turning up / down the volume, and automating processes using macros.

You can do practically anything without leaving the window. If you want to play Mobile Legends, the Play Store icon serves as a shortcut to the vast library of apps. Just click it, and then find the game.

The software pairs smoothly with all peripheral devices. This helps big time when you want to use the webcam and other accessories to upgrade your gaming experience.

  1. To install, you have to download the installer on the official site. Note that there are two variants there, Bluestacks 10, and Bluestacks 5. Please upload version 5, because the other is for the hybrid cloud technology.
  2. After saving the file to the local drive, double-click it to open.
  3. Just follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Most of it is automatic although you still have the lenience to decide on the file directory. Click the ‘Customize Installation’ option in case you want to manually adjust that.
  4. The next critical step is to link your Google account, which is an elementary step before using Google services. Click on ‘Settings’ > ‘Accounts’, and then ‘Add Account’. Input your Google credentials here, and you’re good to go.

D. LDPlayer

This is another solid replacement for the previous emulators. You don’t have to pay a dime to use this program.

It’s also compatible with Mac and Windows devices. On top of that, it’s quite feature-rich despite the zero price tag.

You can use it to load the vast majority of Android games. It also supports key mapping, high FPS, macro use, and multi-instance gaming.

Another plus point is the program is lightweight, meaning it doesn’t hog up on the PC resources. This results in improved overall performance.

  1. The installation isn’t much different from other Android emulators. First get the installer by following this link.
  2. The download button is right there on the homepage. Click it to prompt the download process. Open the file, and wait for the setup process to complete.
  3. There are two practical ways to import games to the library, from the LD Store and Google Play Store. Let’s say you want to add Mobile Legends using the first method, click the ‘LD Store’ thumbnail, and then search for it in the directory. The second method requires signing in to your Google account. To do it, click on the ‘Play Store’ icon inside ‘System Apps’, log in, and then locate the game.

How to play Mobile Legends on a PC without an emulator?

You can use a third-party service like

Emulators have become a surefire way to play Android games on PC, but the minimum system requirements leave some with the short end of the stick.

Luckily, you can dodge the bullet with this program. It lets you play games without worries about PC specifications because it has been optimized to run with limited resources.

You can visit the website here. Find Mobile Legends or another favorite game using the search feature, followed by clicking the ‘Install Game’ button.

Is playing Mobile Legends on PC cheating?

It is in a way because we can’t deny that PCs are more powerful than the average mobile device.

This will give you an advantage over mobile users. Besides, PC gaming allows you to play with a keyboard and a mouse, which is much more convenient and precise than using fingers.

That said, emulators aren’t illegal to use, or else, they would be difficult to come by.

What are Mobile Legends PC requirements?

You can find the answer in the opening paragraph of this article.

Each emulator has its own ideal specs to run apps without a problem. Like for BlueStacks, any pc running it should be equipped with an Intel or AMD processor, 4GB of free RAM, and 5GB of storage space.

The operating system is suggested to be Windows 10, but a newer one is preferred.

The same goes for the graphics side of things. If you want stable and seamless performance, the system should have a new graphics card from a reputable vendor.

Wrap up

Trying to defend your strongholds while destroying the opponent’s base is highly addictive, which is what Mobile Legends is all about.

And you get to engage in intense close combat because the other team is actively trying to infiltrate your space as well.

With all that said, It at its core is a mobile game,

So can I play Mobile Legends on PC?

You’d be glad to hear that it’s actually possible with an emulator. We’ve included some in this article. Just install one and have a good time.

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