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Best eSports Apps: The Most Popular Ones in 2021 (likely to be so in 2022)

eSports is a fast-growing industry where gamers compete at a professional level and fans watch their faves perform. eSports gives us an opportunity to turn our hobby into a lucrative…

eSports is a fast-growing industry where gamers compete at a professional level and fans watch their faves perform. eSports gives us an opportunity to turn our hobby into a lucrative career. Many people have made a living out of playing video games. You can do that too with practice and determination.

But if you’ve never intended to be a pro gamer, you can still be a spectator. You don’t have to be good at gaming to be one. Just make sure you have a strong internet connection because streaming consumes a lot of bandwith. By the way, there are many places where you can watch your favorite players perform.

Twitch is one of the popular platforms you can try first. It’s a place where pro gamers and fans come together and interact. To get the latest news about eSports events, you can also count on the best eSports apps. These are the type of apps that compile highlights of eSports championships, provide information about forthcoming events, scores, and much more.

In other words, if you need a comprehensive source of eSports news, you should install one of them. There are some that have been rolled out for mobile devices. They are usually compatible with popular operating systems like Android and iOS. If you want to keep up with eSports events taking place across the globe, consider installing the following apps.

The Best eSports Apps in 2021 (likely to hold in 2022)

1. eForce eSports – CS:GO & Dota 2

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With this app, you can search for upcoming games quickly. You no longer have to migrate from one site to another to collect information. All you have to do is download this app and then open it to see the forthcoming events. It’s an all-in-one app for those who want to keep an eye on tournaments featuring Dota 2 and Counter Strike.

Another awesome feature it has to offer is highlight previews. If you think that watching the entire game is time-consuming, the app can show you only the best bits. This way, you won’t miss out on the most important highlights of the game.

Additionally, the app has a clean interface. Anyone should be able to use it without a problem. Once you’re inside, you can go straight to the news, scores, or event section. There’s also a range of controls displayed on top of the page.

You can use them to browse through the events. Unfortunately, it isn’t free of shortcomings. While there’s nothing worth sweating over, the lack of search feature could be annoying at times.

2. Upcomer Esports: Match Schedule, News, & Community

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eSports apps vary in their level of coverage. Some only cover specific tournaments, which may exclude your favorite ones. Others are more comprehensive. Upcomer Esports belongs to the latter. If you need a well-rounded app that encompasses a variety of games, you should definitely check this one out. It allows you to keep up with your favorite teams, players, and championships.

When it comes to features, it’s very comprehensive. There are match schedules to warn you if there are any major events around the corner. You can also do some tweaks in the settings to get notified when these events are about to take place. There are many other great features, including community discussions, highlights, brackets to see how the teams progress towards the final, and much more.

If you want to keep up with the news, there’s also a section for it in the app. What we appreciate the most isn’t just the thorough coverage, but also the number of games supported. The most popular ones like League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2, CS:GO, and Fortnite are all included. There are 13 of them in total.

3. Twitch: Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports

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Who doesn’t know the streaming platform Twitch? The majority of people who like to watch and broadcast streams would know about it. Twitch has released an app for mobile devices. You can go to the Play Store to get it and install on your Smartphone. It can do a lot of things. Aside from watching livestreams, you can also gather information regarding eSports.

No matter what game you are into, Twitch has something for everyone. There’s also a live chat for you to have a conversation with your favorite streamers while watching them play. The games covered are also extensive. Here you can enjoy live feeds of Fifa 18, PUBG, Fortnite, and many others. They span across so many genres, such as FPS, MOBA, MMO RPG, etc.

By the way, Twitch isn’t just for people who like streaming live content. If you want to be a streamer, Twitch can facilitate that, too. After all, many people have made it big through the platform. Some of the biggest personalities in the eSports industry can also be found here. That’s the perks of using this platform. You can get awesome advice from the pro players.

4. Strafe Esports

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As an eSports platform, Strafe stands out in the crowd. The first you’d notice is the broad coverage provided. Since it’s a mobile app, you can explore it at the comfort of your home. There’s no need to attend eSports events to know what’s happening in the industry. Just install this app on your phone and you’ll be provided with real-time information and news.

Another useful feature embedded in the app is eSports tracking and calendar. Basically, you won’t miss any event as long as the title is covered. There are more than 240 events covered in a calendar year. That’s a lot of events to keep track of. To keep you from forgetting favorite leagues, use the app to remind you of important events. Another thing you can do with this app is making a prediction.

How is that possible?

You can compare their rankings, so you can have a picture of who has the biggest shot at winning the upcoming matchups. For those wondering about the covered titles, Rocket League, Overwatch, and Starcraft 2 are all included. Of course, the biggest ones like League of Legends and CS:GO also make the list.

5. ESL Event

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As with the previous apps, this one can also help you stay informed on the ESL stadium events. It covers a number of games, like LoL, Starcraft, Dota 2, Hearthstone, etc. There are many things you can find on the app, like tournament brackets and results. You can also discover future events as well as team rosters.

There are many things to talk about when it comes to eSports. By having a one-stop application on your phone, you don’t have to visit multiple sites to get comprehensive coverage of events. You just need to launch this one app and read all the essential information there. Despite the decent features, the app has a few drawbacks.

For example, the tracking is focused only on ESL. It also doesn’t have a search feature which is very crucial given that there are many events held annually. ESL is a major event in the eSports industry, so even if the app restricts its coverage to it, we wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing. Each app serves a specific purpose after all.

6. Flank Esports

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Up next on this list is Flank eSports. It’s not necessary to install multiple eSports apps especially when they overlap in the information contained. Read reviews and make a comparison before you visit the Play Store or the App Store. This way, you know which one that you should pick.

This app can be an alternative to aforementioned ones if none met your expectations or you simply want to explore a new app rather than the common choices. In terms of functionality, Flank eSports isn’t that different from other tournament-oriented apps.

It also displays the latest news and info about tournaments. For now, LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, and Overwatch have been included. It will add more in the future as stated on the description page.

7. Esports King: Esports Manager Simulation

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This is a different kind of app compared to the previous ones, but it’s still related to eports. This is a simulation app, which lets you play the role of an eSports manager.

If being a real manager sounds too good to be true, why not use this app to live out your dream even if it’s just in a virtual world?

The premise of this game is simple. You’ll be a professional eSports manager. And because of that, you’ll also be handed over tasks associated with the job, like creating a team, managing, and guiding it to success.

It’s like you can be a pro manager without dealing with the pain and struggle which are inescapable if you do it in real life. In the simulation, you’re in charge of everything. It starts with finding talents, putting them together as a team, and then training them so that they can deliver the best performance at worldwide leagues.

FAQs – The Most Popular Esports App

What is the number 1 eSport?

In terms of viewership, League of Legends takes the cake. The peak viewership of the game kind of puts others to shame. It broke the record with 3.9 million viewers. The average viewership is also considerably higher than others.

In terms of prize payouts, though, Counter Strike:Global Offensive is deserving of that title. The prize pool for 2020 has surpassed $20 million, while LoL sits at $9 million.

Which country is the best at eSports?

The United States is on top of the list. Players from this country have accumulated more than $38 million in prize money. China comes second with a total amount of $18 million.

And then there’s South Korea trailing behind with over $16 million in prize money. Earning is a good way to measure a player’s ability. The more money one has earned, the more matches he has worn.

How do I get into mobile eSports?

First, you must know how the competition works on the platform. The eSports that most of us know usually involves the use of a desktop PC. Fortunately, mobile eSports has now become a reality.

The most important thing is clearly your device. Since the game would be run on your device, it should have decent specs to load it. You should find out how to participate at that kind of tournament. Make sure you meet the criteria and comply with the rules.

What is the score eSport app?

Live scoring is one of the features commonly found in an eSports app.

Not all apps are the same, but since scores are an integral part of an eSports match, this information should be available in most apps. Besides Live scoring, these apps also provide other types of coverage.

What is Strafe eSport?

Strafe eSport is one of the recommended eSports apps. We’ve explained about it on the rundown above. Scroll back up if you want to read it again. In a nutshell, Strafe is aimed to provide real-time statistics to eSports lovers.

There’s no need to attend an event if you want to know what happens throughout the game. Just install this app your mobile device, it will come up with information pertaining to the tournament. Strafe is available for both Android and iOS.

That means if you’re an Android user, you don’t have to switch to an iPhone because the app has been released for the Play Store. Lastly, Strafe covers people’s favorite titles, like Counter Strike, League of Legends, Call of Duty, to name a few.

Final Thoughts – Competitive Gaming Apps

The best eSports apps summarize everything that happens in eSports. As we know, an eSports championship isn’t just about who comes out on top and steals the trophy.

There’s a long process for a team to make it to the final round. This whole process is what an eSports app tries to present in an entertaining way.

Sure, you can go to Youtube and Twitch to see what your favorite gamers are doing or see if they’re about to participate at upcoming events.

An eSports app is more than that. It has a variety of sections to keep you occupied throughout the game. It provides news, calendar, matches, brackets, and even allows you to make a prediction based on the previous games.

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