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Best Long Range FPV Drone: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

FPV is common feature people look for in a drone because it affects safety. FPV simply means First Person View, a feature that allows a drone’s camera system to send…

FPV is common feature people look for in a drone because it affects safety. FPV simply means First Person View, a feature that allows a drone’s camera system to send livestream video footage right to the transmitter. This way, you can see what’s being recorded from up above.

Actually, it’s not just the transmitter that can receive the data. The video feed can also be transmitted to other devices, like a Smartphone or a goggle. One of the fun things about flying a drone is we can directly see what’s the camera is recording, not just enjoying it after photos or videos have been taken.

That’s why regardless of range, many people want this feature on the drone they buy. Fortunately, this has become the norm for drones of any segment, so you shouldn’t worry. If you want to make sure, just read the specs, there should be information if live viewing is supported or not.

Seeing an aerial view real time is not the only purpose of this technology. For some, the advent of FPV has helped those who use their drones for racing. Mind you, FPV doesn’t work the same way in every drone although they follow the same basic principles. The quality of a drone’s camera hugely determines how well it is at avoiding obstacles.

When a system has serious latency issues, the transmission from the receiver to the transmitter takes longer, which in turn increases the chances of the drone crashing into something as you can’t see things in real time. If the delay is shorter, like less than 40 ms, it will be easier to maneuver through obstacles.

So, what is the best long range FPV drone? Please check out the following products.

Best Long Range FPV Drones You Can Buy in 2022

1. DROCON DC-08 5G WiFi FPV Drone, 1080P Full HD Camera, Screwdriver-Free RC Quadcopter for Beginners, Gyroscope, GPS Auto Return, Follow Me, Circle Me, 420M Transmission Outdoor Drone, Geofence Limit

long range fpv drone rtf

You can control this drone from 300 meters away knowing the control range is up to 420m. The GPS Positioning System utilizes 12 satellites, which take security to the next level. Another interesting feature that it has is Intelligent System.

With this, there’s no worry that the drone might fly away. You can focus on the breathtaking panorama the drone is capturing instead of the distance it’s flying. When it’s almost out of the range, the system will quickly send an alert and keep the drone within the geo fence.

By the way, this drone is more than just about control range. It also packs a bunch of features that make it highly functional, like a 1080p full HD camera with 120° FOV. An outstanding camera results in impressive shots and a memorable experience. When it comes to FPV, it’s not just the range that matters, but also the speed in which this product excels at.

Thanks to the 5GHz Wi-Fi technology, you can see the live footage with almost no delay. Other awesome features to check out include GPS Auto Return, Follow Me Mode, and Surround Flight Mode.

2. Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone with 2K FHD Camera Live Video and GPS Return Home, RC Quadcopter for Adults Beginners with Brushless Motor, Follow Me, 5G WiFi Transmission, Modular Battery Advanced Selfie

how to increase fpv video range

With a flight time of 22 minutes and max transmission range of 3280ft, this drone is to count on if you’re looking one that can travel a distance. Even the FPV range is extensive, too, allowing you to see live footage from 1640ft away. Well, Holy Stone is a go-to brand when it comes to quality quadcopters.

This one is no exception. Aside from a wide wireless range, it’s also equipped with a 2k FHD 90°adjustable camera that can provide you with mesmerizing photos and videos. There is also 5G transmission which greatly accelerates data transmission. It’s especially important for real time video viewing.

The drone is also able to lock a position and hover steadily. While not a novelty, this feature allows you to look at the surroundings with superb stability. And if you’re worried about battery, the system can detect when it almost runs out of power, so it will fly back to you. The same happens when the signal is lost. It will go back to where it started.

3. GPS FPV RC Drone with Camera Live Video and GPS Return Home Quadcopter with Adjustable Wide-Angle 720P HD WiFi Camera- Follow Me, Altitude Hold, Intelligent Battery Long Control Range by Super Joy

long range fpv set up drone

If you’re on a shoestring budget yet still want to have a decent drone, please consider this one. The 720p FOV 120°HD FPV camera doesn’t boast the highest resolution, but it has more to offer. It’s worth-noting that resolution isn’t everything. This drone proves that at 720p, it can also take aerial photos with amazing details.

Besides, the affordable price adds to its appeal. You can bring one home for a little over $100. We also have to appreciate the GPS as it does a good job at calculating position. And just like the previous product, there’s a built-in feature that allows the drone to find its way home in the event of a low battery or lost signal.

Have you seen a drone follow its owner from behind? Apparently, this is a unique feature called Follow Me Mode. With this, the drone automatically keeps up with the owner’s movements.

It’s even better because this flyer is powered by not 1, but 2 batteries. This means it can follow you around for longer. The maximum range it can go is 300m, while the max range for live video stream is half of that figure.

4. Holy Stone HS120D FPV Drone with Camera for Adults 1080p HD Live Video and GPS Return Home, RC Quadcotper Helicopter for Kids Beginners 18 Min Flight Time Long Range with Follow Me Selfie Functions

drone with long range fpv antenna

Holy Stone is no stranger to quality drones. For those looking for a quadcopter with a reasonable price tag, this is perfect for you. It costs about $145, could be more or less depending on where you buy it. For the price, it delivers a flight duration of up to 18 minutes, good enough since many can barely last 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, the control range is approximately 300m, which means you can operate the drone within this radius. It’s quite reliable for photography because it comes with a 1080p full HD camera. Interestingly, the drone can fly following a trajectory. All you have to do is draw a path on the Smartphone, and then it will fly accordingly.

Of course, as explained in the title, the drone offers a FPV feature which performs exceptionally well for livestream viewing. Not only can you see things clearly, but the no-lag speed makes it easy to assess the surroundings with high accuracy. There are other features to look forward to, like one key takeoff/landing, altitude hold, and headless mode.

5. Potensic D50, GPS Drone with Camera for adults, 1080P HD FPV Live Video Quadcopter for beginner, GPS Return Home, Follow Me, Long Range Control drone , 5G WiFi Transmission, Great Gift-White


Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the span of a few years. It becomes noticeable with the improvement of camera quality and data transmission. To get a drone with cutting-edge technology, it’s a good idea to buy a drone with 5G transmission like this product which allows for seamless data transmission.

The risk of getting in a crash is low when data is transmitted fast. It also has a useful feature, Altitude Hold. It helps the drone maintain a consistent altitude. Therefore, you can focus on the directional control, not how to make it hover steadily in the sky. This gives a sense of stillness during the recording of a video.

Another interesting feature is point of interest. Just select a point on the app, the drone will fly in a clockwise direction encircling that specific point. It can be done within a range of 300m. The FPV already provides a first-person view. But to make it even more authentic, you can activate the VR mode.

6. HUBSAN Zino Pro 4k Drones with Camera and GPS for Adults,4KM 5G WiFi Live Video RC Quadcopter with 3-Aix Adjustable Gimbal, Panorama, Auto Return Home, Image Tracking, 23Mins Flight Time Brushless Motor

What is the range of 5.8 GHz?

Not every feature is accessible in an entry-level drone. Sometimes you have to up your budget and buy a drone with a heftier price tag. This drone sells for $399, easily falls in the mid-range category. By paying this amount, you’ll get a drone with a 4k UHD camera, headless mode, vision auxiliary landing, brushless motor, and other cool features.

The camera not only takes incredible shots, but it also gives the user the flexibility other drones don’t. The lens is removable and the filters allow you to adjust brightness levels with ease. The live video range is also no joke. It’s good enough when a drone can send video footage within a radius of 1 km. This one goes far beyond that. The maximum range it can handle is 4km and that’s with low delay.

What if the battery is running low the drone is far away? Luckily, the drone has a mechanism to better deal with a power shortage state. It will fly back to the starting point when the system notices that the battery is almost depleted.

FAQs – Top Long Range FPV Drones

1. How far can FPV drones go?

Some drones can reach a distance of over 4 km. The DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, for instance, has a maximum flight range of 8km. Of course, not every drone has the capability of flying that far.

Only the premium ones can do that. These drones usually cost thousands of dollars.

2. What do I need for long range FPV?             

The best way to get a long range FPV drone is by buying with it as an built-in feature. While there’s a room for improvement, it may come at the cost of your drone’s safety because it takes proper planning to increase FPV range.

Otherwise, the drone could end up in a collision because you didn’t calculate it correctly.

3. How do I increase the range of my FPV drone?

It’s possible to tweak a drone in order to increase its FPV range. However, it’s a tricky task because a long range FPV drone needs a lot of unique elements.

Besides, they should be put together in a way that boosts efficiency. Starting with the frame, it needs to be larger yet lighter. An ideal frame for a long range drone is one that can hold many supplies like a chunkier battery.

It also needs to be paired with the right radio control equipment. UHF turns out to be the better choice for this job because larger wavelengths are able to get through obstructions. For more information on how to set up a long range FPV drone, you can find some tutorials online.

4. What happens if a drone goes out of range?

It depends on the drone. Some drones are designed to fly within a geo fence. They will send an alert when they’re about to go out of range. The worst scenario is the drone might crash down.

5. How far can a 2.4 GHz drone go?

It can go up to 1.6km or 1 mile, but some modifications can be done to increase that, like upgrading the antenna.

Final Thoughts on Choosing The Right Long Range FPV Drones

How to find the best long range FPV drone?

Finding drones with long ranges isn’t that difficult, the real hurdle would be finding one within your budget. At the end of the day, budget will dictate everything. If you have thousands of dollars to spare, it won’t take long until you get the desired drone.

Hence, the first question you should ask yourself is how much you can afford. The higher the price, the more features one can provide. It’s not unrealistic to expect a low cost drone to reach a long distance, but if this is a high-end drone we’re talking about, the possibilities are endless. Not just the FPV, the control range and the camera system will also be a lot better.

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